Chapter 24 – Coming From West-Resisting City, Going To ‘Western Paradise’ To Take Demon Race Heads

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After seeing off Fang Thirteen, I immediately felt a sense of comfort.

As expected, compared to ‘for a gentleman, 10 years to take revenge isn’t too long’, solving the hatred as soon as possible made me feel more comforted.

Once Fang Thirteen left, the pressure on West-Resisting City instantly weakened by a lot. Even though I found out from Aleya’s words that Li Neng on our east sent out some people to show off their military strength, their army was worse than Fang Thirteen’s army by at least two levels and was something Felita could effortlessly defend against.

With this being the way things were, I needed to think about what my next step was going to be.

As of now, the resources I have on hand are as follows.

Firstly, there were the two fighter personnel: Aleya and Felita. Aleya’s strength was still about the same as I last time I checked while Felita improved slightly. However, this sort of improvement is very unstable; during the time I came back, she was in a state of extreme fear, to the point that it crippled her fighting power. Therefore, I temporarily didn’t intend for her to liberate her Demon power.

Then, there’s West-Resisting City. Compared to the time before I went to Yun Hai, West-Resisting City has made a certain amount of progress. Once Moon is able to bring some old hands to create a thermal power generator, West-Resisting City will officially enter the Industrial Age. Agricultural production has also recovered to a decent level, so the lower tax policy has achieved initial results and a great amount of wilderness has been reclaimed for cultivation.

In addition to this, the demon cultivation industry has already achieved some initial results. Not only has it produced quite some number of uncommon materials, it has also produced a rare species like the colorless slime. The two Charm Demons have also come in very handy, so I feel like I’ve basically profited.

The army expanded from 81 people to 163 people. Although I’ve divided 23 people to be part of Bai Huang’s patrol members, that still leaves the remaining 140 people for the official army.

The only problem is that the gold coins in the treasury have decreased. The original 2,500 gold coins are now about 1,500 gold coins remaining, but this was an inevitable result. The money was handed over to Moon for “her” discretion, so it will most likely disappear faster than the naked eye can see. Thinking about it just makes my flesh hurt.

Apart from these resources, there were two new groups.

The first is naturally Moon and his assistants that I purchased and brought over from Yun Hai. With Moon at the head, these people now basically constitute West-Resisting City’s internal affairs system. The work they do consists of some common affairs, discussing next step countermeasures, contacting and monitoring various projects, constructions, and so on. If I were to rate Moon like I did to Aleya and Felita, then Moon’s rating would be SSR, the same level as Aleya.

Of course, this is only for now. After all, Felita is currently West-Resisting City’s most treasured person. It wouldn’t be a boast to say that the city is protected as long as she’s present. I was the one who taught Aleya her swordsmanship and Moon’s work was something that I could already pretty much do (though I would be very tired). It was only Felita’s role that couldn’t be replaced.

Afterwards, there’s Bai Huang and Heji’s patrol system. Its main duty was to keep the law and order of West-Resisting City as well as maintain fairness and justice; basically things that comrade Little Huang most liked doing. The evaluation I held for Bai Huang was N, not essential. It would be better if she wasn’t present since not only did she stand me up, she’s also outright threatened me. Sooner or later, I’ll find myself an opportunity to retaliate. However, even if Bai Huang isn’t of much use, Heji is actually quite the capable young man. This could be seen from his swordsmanship as well as how accomplished he is in his conversational skills, so I’m taking this situation as ‘buy one Heji, get one Little Huang free’.

Nowadays, my job is much easier.

The moment Fang Thirteen and her army left was the moment when the threat towards the city became much smaller. Although the state of West-Resisting City’s people is still very tense, I didn’t feel so tense because most of the work could be handed over to Moon.

This happens to be the reason why I like it here.

There are plenty of people who have far-reaching ambitions after they reincarnate, continue to work hard in the other world, and shine like a star, but why bother? Work is something that never has an end, business is something that will never finish, the sea of learning has no horizon, only the shore when you look back. If the work you’re doing can be done by your subordinate, then why do it yourself. If the subordinate can’t do it, then find a new subordinate that can. These two sentences are the core substance of the way of the slacker.

The only thing is, the current West-Resisting City is too weak. If I laze around and eat every day, then I’m afraid there will come a day where all the food is done. That’s why I plan on doing something, and this something is what I talked about before; bringing Aleya to the Demon Race Territory to kill.

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There’s no point in doing something that isn’t profitable, so since I’ve decided on this, there are three main points of profit.

The first is tempering Aleya’s swordsmanship. After all, she trains in a swordsmanship meant for killing people. Once the swordsmanship reaches a certain level, real combat becomes much more effective than training. As for the people that are near West-Resisting City, well, Aleya is no match for Fang Thirteen’s army, she can’t exactly fight Yun Hai’s people, and as long as Li Neng doesn’t take the initiative to send his army over to die, it’s not like she can climb over their city wall and besiege the city. That leaves the Demon Race as the most suitable training item. There’s a saying, ‘the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea’. Us West-Resisting City dwellers live off of some absolutely useless things, it’s only the Demon Race that can give us some warmth.

The second reason in, up to date, Felita still lacks a good magic staff. The sword Aleya uses is my dad’s former sword, the “Roaming Dragon”, and its rarity is naturally outstanding. In comparison, Felita appears a little pathetic. I was thinking of buying a staff for her in Yun Hai, but it ended up that I couldn’t even afford it. The reality of it hurts me deep inside.

In the end, sorcerers are too rare to come by and that is what determines how highly priced their weapons are. The rarer something is, the more expensive it will be. There are many Overlords that have an expensive magic staff in their private stash with the purpose of attracting an outstanding sorcerer. In contrast, Felita is the model of being treated shittily. She has no request for a good weapon or decent equipment yet is still hell-bent on protecting West-Resisting City and me. If I don’t reciprocate, then it would be too inexcusable. During this journey westward with Aleya, I planned on hunting some Demons on the same level as Gobulang and collecting their materials for creating a staff. In the worst case scenario, the level of the staff would be blue.

Reason number three is related to that colorless slime.

During this period of time, I’ve observed it a few times and feel like this fellow’s meals should improve in quality, but West-Resisting City is too poor, how could there be so many precious materials for it to eat. So far, it’s eaten at least several gold coins in materials yet still hasn’t shown any change from the outside and inside. It’s like a material grinder, a bottomless black hole. It just so happens that I plan on going somewhere with Aleya this time. The things that we can take along with us are limited and there will probably be tons of low-level Demons being lost along the way. It would be a pity to just throw all those materials away. Might as well bring this slime along with us since, on one hand, it is able to eat those inconvenient-to-take-along-materials. On the other hand……

I have other uses for it.


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