Chapter 23 – Little Bai Huang Waging War Against Lady Thirteen

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Heji took out a longsword from his back and I also took out something from the back: sliced watermelon.

There were roughly two types of guards. One was like our Yunyang Convoy which would protect the Overlord’s children until they were at an age to select some servants that could fight to form their own guard. The other was like Yun Hai Convoy where the Overlord would allocate a portion of his personal guard to protect his children.

Heji is a part of the Yun Hai Convoy and is under the jurisdiction of the Overlord of Yun Hai. Strictly speaking, he’s only responsible for keeping Bai Huang safe. However, it seems like he’s very loyal to Bai Huang since he hasn’t refused Bai Huang’s request to act and beat someone up.

He drew a silvery-white sparkling longsword from its sheath. The sword wasn’t as sharp as Aleya’s current sword “Roaming Dragon” and the craftsmanship was lower by a grade. However, when Heji gripped the sword, it seemed as if it had gained a soul. After he drew the sword slightly, the silverly-white light burst forth. Heji suddenly acted, his body flying through the skyline, the sword fiercely hacking downwards, and for an instant, it seemed as if a meteor was falling right into the formation.

Fang Thirteen didn’t move. The battle formation’s surrounding cavalry neatly lifted up the longspears in their hands while the infantry inside inserted their lances and swords into the ground. The battle formation faintly trembled and an invisible yet clearly felt power rapidly passed through from the triangular formation into the surrounding circular calvary. It could be seen that every longspear in the cavalry began glowing and the spear tips sparkled with a cold awn, the shining white light converging like a sea wave.

The two powers collided with a loud rumble, the streams of lights passing quickly, like fireworks on a midsummer night.

I bit into the watermelon and took the lead to applaude:

“Nice fight! Wonderful!”

Aleya stood by my side, the two of us appearing like sweethearts leisurely watching a foreign drama at home……

Although, that was only from my perspective. Aleya, on the other hand, kept one hand on the hilt of her sword with a nervous expression, fearing that a hidden arrow would appear from nowhere to claim my life.

Bai Huang was slightly amazed. It wasn’t just her, even Heji’s face exposed a trace of incredulity.

This move of his had used at least 70% of his total strength, but such a momentous sword hadn’t destroyed the entire army.

Though, Fang Thirteen’s hair was messy and she was gasping for breath.

I stroked my chin and glanced at Fang Thirteen. So it turns out it was like this. She appeared to be sitting inside the army formation and didn’t explicitly boss people around, but she was most likely the key to launching the formation, so that is the reason why she’s situated in the eye of the formation at all times. The one resisting Heji’s sword naturally wasn’t her, but rather the centralized power of the entire army. However, Fang Thirteen’s role in doing so was absolutely crucial.

No wonder I heard that strategists don’t live long.

Just as Heji prepared himself to act again, Fang Thirteen suddenly opened her mouth:

“Bai Huang……since you have such a capable subordinate under you, then I will tentatively recognize your identity. With that being so, I won’t investigate that slash your subordinate sent over and attribute it to your ‘bossy young lady’ temperament and not having seen the world. But if you send out another slash, then your action will be viewed as declaring war on Zhao Chen. Yun Hai is a place that does business with each and every family and practically has no enemies to date, much less any clear-cut hostile targets. Are you sure you want to smash your family’s reputation to the ground just in order to protect this West-Resisting City?”

Well, ****.

I stopped eating the watermelon at this moment and knew that it was over.

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Although Bai Huang usually appeared foolish and empty-headed, she absolutely wasn’t a hot-headed idiot. This could be seen from her standing me up for her brother. In her heart, family interests and relatives interests occupied the greater part. This was by no means a shortcoming since she wasn’t like me, where I was born in Yunyang yet felt not even a speck of belonging or care to the place. In Bai Huang’s case, she received plenty of affection in Yun Hai and even her relatives were so good to her. If she still betrayed their expectations, then I would instead despise her.

The only thing I didn’t expect was how fast Fang Thirteen responded. If Bai Huang stopped Heji at this time, it meant that she was explicitly drawing a dividing line to me and my ‘using powerful connections to deter people’ tactic would fail. If she didn’t stop him, this act would be equal to declaring war on Zhao Chen and wasn’t something that Bai Huang was capable of deciding.

But no matter what she chose, it wouldn’t affect my plan B. I gave a meaningful glance to the Charm and Devil duo behind Bai Huang and the two people slightly nodded in response. They fixed their gaze in Fang Lita’s direction. When Fang Lita’s line of sight shifts from Heji to Bai Huang, it will inevitably cross with the two Charm Demons line of sights behind her.

In that short split-second, I clearly saw a red light flash past Fang Lita’s eyes.


Heji didn’t continue moving, instead waiting for Bai Huang’s instructions.

Bai Huang stared at Fang Thirteen, then said after a few seconds of watching:

“You’re quite good. Bringing so few people yet able to make such a large, noise movement and your mouth is also a very powerful weapon. It’s no wonder my brother wanted to attract you over. But Fang Thirteen, you’re rather too conceited and think too highly of me, Bai Huang. I am merely a daughter of the Overlord of Yun Hai similar to how you’re simply a daughter of the Overlord of Zhao Chen. Me making Heji beat you up isn’t because I want to declare to you, but rather because of that ******* by your side who dared to scold me. At the end of the day, it is your Zhao Chen’s fault. Heji, go and beat……”

Without waiting for Bai Huang to finish her words, Fang Thirteen softly ordered:

“A’ta, apologize.”

Fang Lita tightly gripped his fist, his unwillingness showing on his face. But ultimately, he still turned his head and discontentedly apologized:

“Sorry. I didn’t know you were Bai Huang just now.”

The words Bai Huang wanted to stay were stuck in her throat. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Fang Thirteen. She was still closed-eye but her brows had smoothened out. She then spoke with a tranquil expression:

“Is this enough, Bai Huang? Or do you want to persist in being rude and unreasonable to the end so that everyone can see how lacking in education Yun Hai’s pride is?”

Bai Huang sneered:

“Let’s go, Heji.”

After she said that, she turned around and yelled at Fang Thirteen:

“To tell you the truth, it was my brother’s intention for me to come to West-Resisting City. Yun Hai has no plans to declare war on Zhao Chen, but this great aunt is living in this city. You guys shouldn’t frequently set off firecrackers otherwise if this great aunt’s mind turns weak due to the noise, then your Zhao Chen will have to bear the blame!”

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I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Fang Thirteen had nothing to say in response. She bit her lips and calmly pondered.

After a short moment, her face of worry turned into a faint sigh.

She pressed both her hands on the wheelchair’s tired and slowly turned the wheelchair around, slowly moving back and forth doing so, while simultaneously commanding in a low voice:

“Retreat. Return to Zhao Chen.”

That voice held an indescribable sense of desolation and despair. Although it was only for a moment, my heart trembled in response to hearing it.


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