Chapter 22 – Tigress And Paper Tiger

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

At present time, the one walking forth is West-Resisting City’s delegation.

As everyone can see, the front-most walking man is West-Resisting City’s City Lord Li De, he’s full of vigor, a man of temperament, someone with high fighting spirit, tall and handsome, a person with steady steps, a……I’m unable to bullshit any further.

As soon as I climbed atop the city wall, I was given a fright. Apart from the city wall in Felita’s surroundings that could be considered “smooth”, every other place was riddled with holes. Finding an area to even stand on wasn’t easy, so I walked on the rickety, swaying flagstone over to Felita’s side. She automatically exposed a ‘I’m weak’ appearance and went to lean on me, but I flashed to the side and she fell into Aleya’s embrace. Seeing her plan fail, she jumped up and stood.

At the current time, our troops are much more compared to last time due to the expansion. Not only did we have the bedridden Felita rejoin the ranks, we also had the newcomers, Bai Huang and Heji. In addition to this, Bai Huang’s guard was also carefully following in the vicinity and two men whose body was enshrouded in pitch-black cloaks also followed behind her.

These two were naturally the Charm Demon set, “Charm” and “Devil”. Since their Demon characteristics were very obvious, I made them dress up a little and pretend to be Bai Huang’s guards because I was afraid that they would be exposed the moment they mounted the city walls.

Under the city walls was naturally Fang Thirteen and her army.

This time Fang Thirteen wasn’t near the very front, instead seating herself in the middle of the battle formation. I was unable to make sense of the army formation. From a third-person view, the formation resembled a triangle which was encompassed by a flexible calvary, resembling Yu-Gi-Oh!’s millennium ring. Fang Thirteen also wore two more layers; I don’t know if this was my misconception or not, but she seemed to be wearing more than the soldiers in her surroundings.

Even in her new outfit, Fang Thirteen still had the aesthetics of a beautiful young lady. Although I wasn’t able to see clearly due to how far away she was, I was still able to make her out like a pearl thrown on sandy soil. Like before, she still had her eyes closed. Her knitted brows seemed to bear a faint agitation as she raised up her head to “look” towards West-Resisting City, but just like last time, I wasn’t able to feel a line of sight from her area. To be honest, in this faint mist, she seemed to be a fairy seated on a cloud with a somewhat unworldly beauty.

The issue of whether Venus de Milo is beautiful because of her broken arms or whether it was because she was even more beautiful before having her arms broken has always been a controversial one.

It was the same for Fang Thirteen.

Whether it was her “damage” that made her special or it was the “damage” that pulled her away from paradise into the secular world, it was hard to say.

This sort of issue should be left to those idle and free fellows who host the Queen of Flowers beauty competition for analysis. Since, right now, Fang Thirteen’s the main offender who’s responsible for ruining my easy and comfortable life, so I need to deal with her before having any extra thoughts.

After I stood atop the city wall, the army offensive subsequently weakened. This was most likely due to some command that Fang Thirteen sent out. That young man called Fang Lita stood by his older sister’s side like before and stared at me as he kept inciting her. After a short period of time, the army formation changed once more and changed from an offensive formation to one that could attack or guard at a moments notice. Fang Thirteen was also pushed forward a little by Fang Lita.

Even if you lose yourself, you shouldn’t lose the battle. With this phrase in mind, I took the initiative to greet Fang Thirteen:

“Hey there little young lady, the weather’s turning come, how come you haven’t gone home yet?”

Fang Thirteen didn’t answer back.

I sat cross-legged on the wall and discontentedly said:

“There are plenty of flowers out there in the world, there’s no need to be so fixated on my home. Why do you guys like West-Resisting City so much, to the point of fighting even though you know you won’t win? With so much time on your hands, can’t you do something more productive like conceiving a child earlier so that those 10 cities of yours won’t have no qualified successors?”

Fang Thirteen suddenly gripped the handrail on her wheelchair fiercely, but it was obvious that her strength wasn’t much since the wondrous scene of breaking the wooden handrail into fragments didn’t appear.

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Fang Lita’s cheeks reddened in anger as he responded:

“Conceiving a child my ***, sooner or later I’ll smash your damned city and make your wife conceive my child!”

I laughed as I slapped the floor, shooting back:

“Come, I dare you come up. No need to mention my wife, even I can make it with you. It all depends on whether or not you have the ability!”

Fang Lita heavily stamped the ground, roaring:

“Li De! You really think you’ll be able to keep this city for long? You’re……”

Before he finished his words, Bai Huang, who was by my side, pouted at Heji. Heji nodded and suddenly kicked a brick by his feet. The mischievous brick was sent flying like a bullet and smashed into the transparent barrier, but the atmosphere clearly stagnated for a moment. In the end, a Level 6 Swordsman at greater perfection realm’s body quality was indeed higher by a grade.

A trace of amazement flashed past Fang Thirteen’s face, but it was only for an instant.

She whispered an inquiry to Fang Lita and soon after Fang Lita explained to her:

“Yes! It was my fault for not noticing……yes. There are some more people, that blonde-haired female guard and white-haired sorcerer are both present. There’s also a black-haired woman from who knows where, that high-profile guy next to her, and two subordinates behind her. What happened just now was due to her commanding her gigolo to act.”

Fang Thirteen creased her brows even harder, having most likely figured out Bai Huang’s identity.

Bai Huang was actually quite blunt being the ‘I am who I am and I’m not ashamed of it” type of person she was as she carefreely stated:

“My name is Bai Huang, someone from Yun Hai, and I’ve come over here to play with Li De. I didn’t expect that I would be woken by the clamour at dawn this morning. It’s not even New Years yet, why do you guys have to make such a clamour? Can’t you let other people sleep well. Heji, beat her up!”

I watched the tyrannical and unreasoning Bai Huang, fully reminding me of those years……and my current shadow.

Yun Hai’s Bai Huang.

The amount of people who have seen her before might not be much, but the amount of people who have heard about her absolutely isn’t ‘not much’.

Anyone who cares even a tiny bit about the world’s current situation definitely knows this name. Even a lazybones like me has heard of it.

Just as expected, after Bai Huang introduced herself, Fang Thirteen’s body suddenly trembled.

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On the other hand, Fang Lita sneered and hollered at Bai Huang:

“Bai Huang(white phoenix) my ***. You look more like a pheasant and you’re not even aware of what you look like! Peh! You really think you’re some big role, let me tell you, I, your father, simply haven’t heard of trash like you——”

Heji slowly stepped forward by a half-step.

Well, it seems like I won’t need to act this time.

I sat on the side watching with interest as if I were sitting on a mountain and watching two tigers fight. Who would be stronger, Bai Huang, this tigress, or would it be the opposing Fang Lita, that paper tiger.


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