Chapter 21 – I’m Not Afraid Of You This Time

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After determining the next step I was going to take, I wished on the stars and moon for Fang Thirteen to come over a little bit more quickly.

I currently still was not planning to swallow this army division, but I also couldn’t ignore these people taking root outside of West-Resisting City. If I did allow them to do so, wouldn’t my actions be restricted to a certain range and not be able to do things as I pleased? Like, for example, bringing Aleya with me to the Demon Race Territory in the west. It was something originally on my schedule, but I couldn’t make it a “we’ll go when I say go” journey.

After a full half-month of waiting, on a morning with a blanket of thin mist, I was sleeping soundly until my entire bed suddenly rumbled and shook. Since I was sleeping by the edge of the bed, the rumbling caused me to roll over off the bed.

After I woke with a hard start, I thought that it was just an earthquake, but soon discarded that thought after hearing sounds of people shouting ‘kill!’ in a place very very far away.

Aleya hastily rapped on the door before rushing in while I shook Felita, who had somehow entered in the middle of the night and crawled into my bed without my knowing. Felita was still dazed from having been woken up as she sat on my bed and rubbed her eyes in disheveled clothes. Aleya stiffened her face and kept calm in face of this scene as she told me:

“Young master. The army outside the city has started an attack. The attack this time is a bit more fierce than previous times.”

“Already autumn and it’s turning cold, if they delay more then it’ll be winter. In circumstances where the weather is cold and the ground is frozen, they will be much worse off in the wilderness compared to us living in the city. Their choice to continue attacking is not surprising at all. Come, let’s go take a look at the situation.”

As I spoke, I casually threw a woolen robe on Felita’s head and searched for a coat to drape on Aleya’s shoulders. Then, after I hastily changed clothes, we hurried over to the city wall.

Right as we arrived, I discovered that all the people that were supposed to be present were basically already present.

Needless to say, Lugh had already brought over West-Resisting City’s army and was already in the process of organizing the first line of defense. Meanwhile, Bai Huang was lying on her stomach as she popped her head over the city wall to take a look at things. It appeared as if it was her first time seeing such a scene, but not only was she not worried, in fact, she seemed quite curious. Upon seeing me come over, she swiftly ran over to me and asked if they were the rumored Zhao Chen army stationed outside our West-Resisting City. Helpless, I teased her before I paused.

Moon was actually nowhere to be found. According to Lugh’s statement, Moon hurriedly rushed over to his place when the besiegement started and left a few words before departing. Thermal power generation already in use, the demon cultivation farm already expanded, and there several new projects still in the R&D phase; all these things done within the city had an inseparable link with “him”.

The only thing I didn’t expect was that Fang Thirteen seemed to have resolved herself to storm us and directly blew up a piece of the city wall. The defensive power of the cement-brick wall was actually quite impressive, but Fang Thirteen was capable of thunderbolt-like prowess and took advantage of a hole in the city’s defense to bomb the wall. If we had reacted even a bit slower, then we may have been fighting on the streets right now.

If the battlefield was inside the city, I would have no choice but to act to solve the issue.

This was because the main reason why West-Resisting City was able to defend for so long largely depended on Felita’s magic. Once the battlefield reaches the city, Felita’s extremely destructive AoE attack will become a weapon that doesn’t discriminate between friend or foe and probably tear down half of the city.

Felita joined the defense right after she arrived.

In the end, she was a SSR+ that I had recruited and her talent was a half-step higher than Aleya’s. Even though Aleya had the ability to absolutely kill Felita in a one vs one, Felita surpassed her in terms of usefulness. With West-Resisting City behind her back, she’s able to directly pour a steady torrent of magic onto the enemies head.

Just like last time, Fang Thirteen commanded the army to release a volley of arrows. Aleya needed to use a great amount of her physical strength by using sword qi to shake off the flying arrows. On the other hand, Felita was able to rely on using various kinds of attribute magic to suppress and return them, and the amount of energy she consumed was much less than Aleya. However, when Felita’s magic was about to smash into the battle formation, it was blocked by a transparent barrier created by their army formation and was unable to cause the enemy troops any effective damage.

Both sides fought in a stalemate.

Based on the current situation, Fang Thirteen’s army still occupied a considerable degree of superiority.

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But when about one-third of Felita’s magic power was used up, the army’s offensive weakened a little.

By this time, the amount of arrows randomly flying over my head also lessened enough for me to stand up, pat off the dust that had gotten onto me when I was lying down, and tell the several people by my side who were looking at me retardedly:

“Come, let’s go up and take a look.”


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