Chapter 2 – You’re A Little Quick

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Felita intermittently told me about the events that happened recently.

With regards to what happened, it was actually very simple. Felita felt that her magic power alone wouldn’t be able to defend the city, so she directly liberated the Demon power within her that she hadn’t touched for 20 years. This power had always stayed in her body and without touching the power, she would only reveal her human form. But after touching the power, she would receive the influence of Demon blood and her mood would become very unstable as a result.

Even though it was a very simple matter to say, this didn’t represent that her suffering could be ignored.

Everyone shoulders many things, everyone has no choice but to face their own pressures. These things might be very simple to say out loud, so it’s very possible that people will say “can’t you be a bit stronger”, “other people aren’t like this” and so on due to this. But the pain of the person suffering can only be understood by similar people suffering it. If the person commenting on the pain doesn’t even understand what it’s like, then it would be better if the person didn’t bother to do so.

Take for example, Felita. The moment she uses even a tiny mote of Demon Race power, it’s equal to admitting her identity as a Demon.

Once this happens, all the Demons she’s killed in the past instantly become her compatriots, her people.

It would be like if someone woke up one morning and found that all the meat that they’ve been eating all along were all from humans. They would suddenly become a devil that massacred their own kind. This sort of abrupt realization wasn’t something everybody could handle.

Felita hugged me tightly, appearing just like a drowning person finding their last life-saving straw. She gasped for breath with great difficulty as she intermittently said:

“Master……sorry……I’ve caused……you……trouble……”

I patted her shoulder:

“It’s nothing.”

Felita slowly reported:

“The Demon side is copeable, the army from the east isn’t very formidable. There is no problem with guarding the city. But the northern army’s offense is too fierce, and these are just their probing attacks……they appear as if they haven’t used their complete strength to besiege the city, just attacking as they wish, but this has already brought us under enormous pressure……”

Felita seemed to have stopped crying, probably due to the topic becoming a more serious one, but her voice became even more anxious.

“Magic bombardment doesn’t have a very good effect. The other side doesn’t have any praiseworthy martial warriors or a sorcerer’s support. But their army formation transforms too quickly; not only is it very effective, everyone on the other side seems to be protected by a shield, so my magic isn’t able to harm them too much. To be more accurate, it’s that I’m unable to “kill” them.”

I rubbed Felita’s head, remarking:

“Got it. The northern enemy is truly quite thorny. That guy’s territory is ten times that of ours, so their natural resources are also much greater than ours. It wouldn’t be hard for him to pull up an army like this. You being able to defend the city alone is already very commendable.”

Felita whispered:

“There’s also Aleya’s contribution. If not for her repeatedly attempting to assassinate key figures on the other side, forcing the other side to retreat for backup……”

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I groped around in the darkness very carefully while princess-carrying Felita. After finding the bed, I gently let her down then sat beside her in the darkness.

Felita tightly gripped my sleeve, asking quietly:

“Nee……Master……am I a human……or a Demon?”

She opened her mouth to speak with a shivering voice:

“No……I’ve killed both. Humans, Demons……I……”

Felita began sobbing again.

I clenched my fist, not knowing how I should comfort her, so I held her hand and said:

“As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a human or a Demon.”

I paused for a moment, then continued:

“You are my West-Resisting City’s sorcerer as well as my, Li De’s, person; this is enough. There’s no need to deliberately suppress your inner thoughts, there’s no need to insist on acting as a human. No matter what you become, I won’t abandon you. To me, you are necessary and that isn’t due to your magic, but due to you, yourself.”

Felita shuddered in silence.

I knew that she was still a bit afraid, so I took the initiative and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

The type you would use when coaxing a child to sleep.

But without waiting for me to respond, Felita gripped my shirt and pressed her fiery lips directly onto mine. In that moment, it was as if an explosion went off within my mind and the blood within my body started gathering towards……my face. That soft sensation and fragrant aroma made me momentarily unable to decide on what to do, so I passively accepted her french kiss. Her warm breaths at such a close distance conveyed her worries to me. Felita wrapped her arms around my neck, neatly pushed me onto the bed, then rolled me straight under her.

I didn’t do anything.

Just kidding, if I rejected her at this time, would I still be a man?

Felita hugged my waist, her face buried deep in my chest and constantly rubbed herself against me. That cold body from before was now a frighteningly scalding one. She cupped my cheeks, then paused for a second, seeming to hesitate, but her desire drowned out the last strand of rationality. She began kissing my cheek as she removed my coat.

This time, I hugged her back, placing my arm around her waist, and pushed her well-developed body into my embrace.

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Felita maintained her intoxicated appearance.

But the more she gasped for breath, the dryer her mouth got, and the slower her movements became. At last, she fell asleep in my embrace. Even though she began sleeping, she didn’t forget to tightly hug me, seeming to be afraid that I would leave.


What was all that about!!

I thought I would be stepping through the doors into a new world today, but I totally didn’t expect that just as I put my foot halfway into the doorway, I would be trampled out. This rollercoaster-like feeling isn’t someone everyone can accept. At this very moment, I was still holding Felita and could still feel some relatively embarrassing areas.

But, she’s really tired.

I let out a sigh and accompanied her to lie down for a while. After Felita entered deep sleep, I lightly moved away, helped her pull the quilt over there, and quietly left.

When I went out, I discovered that Aleya had disappeared to who knows where and Moon was waiting for me instead.

As he looked at me, he started grinning:

“That was a bit quick.”


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