Chapter 1 – Please Don’t Abandon Me

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The first thing I did after returning to West-Resisting City was to rub Aleya’s head and complain to her:

“Aleya~~I was bullied so miserably by other people without you around~~”

Aleya bit her lip as she listened to my tearful complaints, with a fuming appearance.

She placed a hand on the sword by her waist. Seeing that it was about time to stop messing around, I immediately stopped complaining so tearfully so as to avoid her running over to Yun Hai and cutting down people in a moment of impulsiveness.

I pressed on Aleya’s shoulder and said:

“Don’t be impulsive Aleya, if even I can endure it, then you surely can too. From today onwards, add another period of training and break through as soon as possible. I’ll take you along as my hammer once you’ve broken through to Level 10 Swordsman.”

Aleya released her grip on the swords by her waist and responded:

“I understand.”

She looked over at Moon, who was standing behind me, and Moon checked her out in return.

After a short moment, it was Moon who took the initiative to introduce himself as he said:

“So this is Miss Aleya. Hello, I am Moon. I received sir Li De’s invitation, so I’ve come to manage West-Resisting City’s internal affairs. As someone who’s been by sir Li De’s side longer, please advise me.”

Aleya extended her hand and shook Moon’s hand, saying in response:

“En. Since young master trusts you, then you are also worthy of my trust. I’ll deliver a record of the duties I was in charge of to you, West-Resisting City will be depending on you.”

“Responsibility accepted.”

After the two people had a brief chat, I asked Aleya:

“How come I don’t see Felita?”

Aleya’s expression became a little unnatural:

“Felita……something happened.”

I creased my forehead:

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“What happened?”

Aleya lowered her head:

“Zhao Chen’s army came over once and there was also an army from the east that pressured our borders once as well. On top of that, the Demon Race harassed us just like always. Felita’s been using magic power day after day, so she should be excessively exhausted.”

I narrowed my eyes at Aleya, but Aleya stayed with a lowered head and didn’t dare to look at me. I suddenly extended my hand and held her wrist, using the other hand to rip her sleeve away. After doing so, I discovered bandages wrapped around her arm under the long sleeves; she was using the sleeve as a cover. Gripping her wrist, I interrogated:

“Who did it?”

Aleya quietly murmured:

“It’s not important. Young master.”

I raised my voice a little:

“Who. did. it.”

Aleya chewed her lip, then answered after a moment of silence:

“The people from the north. We’re really no match for……if not for young master’s two-layer city wall, West-Resisting City would’ve already……”

Moon probed:

“North? Zhao Chen’s people? Was it a relatively young boy with a girl sitting on a wheelchair by his side?”

I looked over at Moon.

Moon explained:

“Zhao Chan and West-Resisting City directly border on that young City Lord’s territory. By himself, he’s nothing to worry about. But that thirteenth daughter of the Overlord of Zhao Chen by his side has been famous as a tactical genius for a long time already. If she was the one leading troops over, then it really would’ve been hard to deal with.”

I sighed and told Aleya:

“If you don’t tell me what grievance you received, then I’ll break that decoration by your waist into pieces, do you hear me?”

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Aleya replied with a smile:

“It’s nothing important young master, aren’t I still alright? Besides, Aleya’s life is worthless……”

I lightly slapped Aleya’s head and chastised:

“Stop being brave. Don’t train your sword skills for the next few days. Come to my room in the evening and I’ll tell you stories to listen to. Just like in the past.”

Aleya nodded. I said:

“Bring me to take a look at Felita.”

Aleya bit her lip, saying with hesitation:

“But Felita said, to not let young master go over……”

It’s because of this that I know something’s wrong.

When I began mentioning Felita, Aleya’s line of sight became evasive, so I knew then that something was up.

Aleya hesitated for a while, but in front of me, she couldn’t refuse. As long as I behaved a bit more unyieldingly, Aleya would obediently listen to me.

I made Moon take over Aleya’s work first and made him bring along his assistants so that they could hurry up getting themselves familiarized with the environment.

Aleya then brought me over to a warehouse-like cabin that ordinarily wasn’t being used.

Standing before the door, Aleya gently rapped the door.

A weak voice came through from inside:


Aleya quietly affirmed:

“It’s me.”

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The door opened.

A haggard face appeared from the crack open. Her fair and charming complexion was faintly covered by a dark aura and a headful of white hair hung scattered by her shoulders. A wide robe covered her curvaceous figure. Felita opened her golden eyes wide, dazedly looking at me. For a moment she didn’t react, but after giving me another look, she immediately shrieked and tried to close the door. With my sharp eyes and quick hands, I swiftly inserted my foot between the seam and jammed the door.

Felita rapidly retreated, using both her hands to cover her cheeks as she murmured:

“Don’t look at me, you can’t look at me. Master……I beg you, please……”

I gave Aleya a meaningful glance and motioned for her to wait by the door. Afterwards, I immediately entered the room and kicked the door close. The only light source in the room was an oil lamp and as if she had found her last hope, Felita hastily extinguished the light. The room turned into one of darkness. The only thing I could hear was Felita’s sobbing voice:

“Don’t hate me, Master, don’t abandon me. I’ll do anything, I’ll promise you anything……don’t……don’t abandon me. Such an ugly, lowly……mixed-demon-blood me……”

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, I walked over to Felita’s position in the dark and held her in my arms.

Felita kneeled on the floor, continuously struggling, extremely afraid of touching me.

I used a bit more strength until her head was leaning against my chest. She was biting her rosy lips as she weeped. Then, I exhorted:

“What happened?”

Felita’s hands shivered as they grasped my arm and she incoherently replied:

“I used……Demon Race power……I dreamed about them. The people I killed are wrapping around me, this is their curse……I can’t escape, I can’t avoid……they’re coming for me……!!”

Felita opened her mouth. Within the darkness, her body temperature was very low.

She slowly told me what had occurred during the period of time I was away.


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