Chapter 14 – A Gift From Yun Hai

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

In order to differentiate between the two Charm Demons, I named the female Charm Demon【Charm】and the male Charm Demon【Devil】.

After leading Charm and Devil out, the two requested to be live separately. The reason was that living with an unfamiliar clansman of the opposite sex made them feel severe discomfort. Although they were both old hands in the world of dreams, the two of them unexpectedly blushed when mentioning this matter. Feeling helpless, I could only satisfy their small demand.

Once solving the problem of the Charm Demons, the only issue left in the Demon Cultivation Farm was the one about expansion.

This was also one of the issues that I had brought up with Moon several times before, but I also wanted to hear Hunter’s view on this.

I moved over two chairs and sat down on one of them. In the end, Hunter wouldn’t budge on not sitting down with me and voiced that he must be standing as he spoke.

After he thought about how he should word things, he replied:

“Sir City Lord. Currently, the best selling Demon materials is actually【Horned Rabbit】. This Demon material’s horn can be used for medicine, can be used for making weapons, and its fur can be used to make coats or defensive armor. As for the remaining rabbit meat, while it isn’t as delicious as regular rabbit meat, it’s a very satisfying and body supplementing thing for us who are extremely short on meat. There are many families that are willing to come over here to purchase the leftover rabbit meat and go back to make dried meat for the winter or slow-cooked soup for the elderly and young ones to supplement their health.”

Hunter swallowed a mouthful of saliva, appearing as if he’d eaten a good deal of such things before.

He continued:

“But Horned Rabbits and rabbits are very similar in habits; both like to create nests in vast grasslands. Our artificial rearing of them in a cage hasn’t produced good results. If it’s possible, I would like to make a pen outside the city to raise them.”

The land outside of West-Resisting City is considerably spacious and empty and much of it is uncultivated land that nobody wants. Using a piece of land for growing grass and not grain isn’t much of a big deal to approve.

Apart from this, there’s also the cultivation farm itself being expanded which requires acquisition of nearby land, employing more laborers and so on. All these additional issues are encompassed in the main issue of expansion.

With a great brandish of my hand, I wrote an “Approved” and then returned to my City Lord mansion.

I was thinking that since I had basically settled the most urgent things and I had Moon and the rest to maintain the situation, then I should have a few days to myself for some proper sleep. I didn’t expect that after two days of comfort, Moon would aggressively open the door and come in.

“She” was wearing a white dress. It was clear that she had just finished washing her face and rinsing her mouth since there were some round droplets glistening on her skin, as well as several strands of still-wet hair stuck to her forehead. After seeing me, she pulled my arm and said:

“What other involvements do you have with Bai Feng?”

I was at a total loss at what she meant as I answered:

“None. You were together with me when I returned to West-Resisting City and we haven’t had any contact with him after we returned.”

Moon looked at me suspiciously, saying:

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“Then why is there a guard from Yun Hai? One surnamed Dao wants to see you.”


I jumped out of my bed in fright, thinking in my heart ‘Bai Feng shouldn’t have discovered that I sneaked off with his guesthouse’s top grade towels, bath towels, perfumed soap, spices, and the other goodies right? As expected, there’s no other suspect than me. Even though I left a mysterious note on the table writing “The things in the room were stolen by me, it has nothing to do with the people living here——Phantom Thief KID”, it seems like it didn’t work’.

With a guilty conscience, I trekked above the city wall and looked downwards.

The guard from Yun Hai was made up of about 50 people, protecting a large chest. I yelled downwards:

“Bai Feng made you all come? Why? Let’s first come to an agreement, I didn’t steal anything.”

The people comprising the guard shipped out a puzzled appearance. A man decked in armor came out to the very front.

His power was clearly stronger than those in his surroundings, even stronger than the current Aleya by quite a bit. Like Aleya, he also used a sword and I estimated him to be about a Level 6 Swordsman who’s stayed in the realm for at least several years, so his realm was already quite perfect. He seemed to be this guard’s guard captain since he appeared personally and stated:

“You must be sir Li De. We are one of Yun Hai’s guard divisions. On the orders of sir Bai Feng, we are here to honor the commitment that he made to you; sending a gift to West-Resisting City.”

It was at this time that I recalled the time when I was chatting with Bai Feng and mocked Bai Huang for standing me up. At the time, Bai Feng said that he would send over a gift to make up for it. I was in the belief that he was just saying this out of politeness since he used the time concept “in the future”. People who speak in such a way typically don’t plan on doing whatever they said, just a thoughtless promise.1

Surprisingly, Bai Feng was truly an honest person.

I evaluated things in my heart. At the time, the Spearman named Nels by Bai Feng’s side stabbed at me and I barely avoided it. From that, Bai Feng should have some understanding about my strength. If this is an assassination, then it would be very unlikely to dispatch so many people. So, this should really be him intending to honor his promise.

No matter how it’s said, we’re currently considered allies.

With my thoughts reaching here, I shouted to the people behind me:

“Come, someone open the city gates. I want to see what tricks Bai Feng has in that box of his.”


  1. Vol. 2 Chapter 23 if you’re wondering.

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