Chapter 13 – Special Attack Weapon Against Brats, Launch

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After I rewarded them by knocking their heads together, the male Charm Demon and female Charm Demon obediently kneeled on the ground with both their hands on their legs. They appeared reverent and respectful and didn’t dare move randomly again. I sat on the chair, arrogantly looking down upon the two of them and said with one leg crossed over the other:

“If I haven’t remembered incorrectly, the way you guys normally absorb energy is through dreams?”

The two of them scratched their heads in embarrassment.

The female Charm Demon started talking:

“Yes, that’s why in reality, we’re still……hoping that if we give our firsts to the City Lord, we’ll be treated better in the future. We don’t wish to foolishly stay locked up here. It’s stuffy and hot, and there’s nobody to speak to here.”

As she spoke, she automatically hugged my leg and fawned:

“Bring us out with you. Please~”

I lightly kicked her back and replied:

“Sure, I can bring you out with me. After all, I wasn’t aware that you guys were humanoid Demons and didn’t give my subordinates any special instructions. But the problem is, what can you two contribute to West-Resisting City’s economic development? Absorbing another person’s essence qi will lead to that person being exhausted and lacking strength the next day, which is a serious obstruction to my West-Resisting City’s growth. Currently, my West-Resisting City is using construction as the core of our economic development and rapidly developing productivity.”

The female Charm Demon and male Charm Demon looked at each other, then smiled in embarrassment.

I thought as much.

These two wanted magic power but had no magic power, wanted strength but had no strength. If it could be said that they were being raised while playing, then it truly was ‘being raised while playing’. But the problem is that these two aren’t attracted to one another, so it’s simply improbable that a child will be born between them. Even if they’re sold off, that’s nothing more than adding some extra income to the budget and isn’t in compliance with the principle of sustainable development.

It was no wonder that Gobulang threw them to me while he was at it.

I said:

“How about this, let’s change the question. What strong points do you two have?”

The male Charm Demon and female Charm Demon answered in unison:

“I’m beautiful (handsome)!”

I knocked both their foreheads again.

“Anything else?”

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Both of them shook their heads.

I am in admiration.

You two have the exact same thoughts as me, but how can this be fine?? If I give you food without you working for it, wouldn’t I have one less bite of food that I didn’t work for? Even though I don’t work, my subordinates must work otherwise how would I live? With my thoughts reaching this point, I angrily hit the chair and shouted:

“Work is the most glorious……wait a second. How do you guys select your targets?”

The female Charm Demon was puzzled by my sudden change in speech, but remained smilingly charmingly as she gazed at me and answered:

“Naturally, we select vigorous boys full of essence qi. Boys like you……”

With her words said, she licked the corners of her lips, shipping out a thirsty appearance.

I returned in dissatisfaction:

“I’m not asking you about this. My meaning is, do you need something like direct contact with the target? For example, physical contact with their body or something. If not, how do you enter the dreams of your target?”

The male Charm Demon explained:

“Ah, this. Actually, it’s like this, we need to have seen the target in question and the target must catch sight of us. When our lines of sight cross, we’ll be able to mobilize our ability to pass on a suggestion to the target. Then, once the dead of the night comes, we’ll also be sleeping soundly, but our dreams and the target’s dreams will overlap. Within the overlapped dreams, we’ll do our best to please our target as much as possible to squeeze out essence qi. That is to say that we use dreams as a medium for extraction. If the target has no understanding about Charm Demons, it’s very possible that they’ll treat the dream as an ordinary erotic dream.”

I inquired:

“In other words, as long as you look face to face with the target once, you’ll be able to infiltrate into the target’s dream at night and extract their essence qi? Such a strong ability, are there no restrictions?”

The male Charm Demon responded:

“There are some. Even though we use dreams, the nature of our power is still【Charm】. With regards to powerful people, they’re able to maintain a sober state while dreaming, so if we’re even a little inattentive, we could even be killed inside the dream. In the case that we do die in the overlapping dream, we will also die in reality, so we Charm Demons consider this a very grave situation. As for those who aren’t strong but have firm willpower, they’re able to reject us within the dream. With regards to this type of people, we’re also unable to have our way with them, so we have no other choice but to escape. As a result, we usually target those powerless yet filled with vigorous essence qi adolescent boys. Occasionally, we will also seek for young people with unsteady hearts and middle-aged uncles who are over-stressed by life.”

Crossing my arms at my chest, I suddenly thought of a suitable target and chuckled:

“In that case, I really do have a target for you two. If you can fulfill my order, I can bring you two out and prepare a residence for you two. But let me get the nasty words out of the way first; if you dare so much as lay a hand on the people within the city and get captured by me, I……will sell you two. Yes, I’ll sell you to Hunter, I reckon he won’t refuse.”

The two felt a chill down their spines.

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The female Charm Demon said:

“But if we can’t lay our hands on the people in the city, what will we eat?”

I answered:

“This is something I’ll make clear to you two after a period of time. I’ve already chosen a good “dish” for you two, a very young virgin boy overflowing with energy but nowhere to use. A person who uses their position to bully others and brings other people with them as they bark at other people’s entrances, every day. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with this person. You! And you! When the time comes, don’t hold back, you best “eat” him until he has empty kidneys! Get up.”

The two obediently crawled up.

I turned around, the corners of my lips unconsciously rising upwards.


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