Chapter 15 – Is It Too Late To Return The Merchandise Now?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The guard entered the city carrying a gigantic chest.

Lugh brought West-Resisting City’s soldiers over, most likely worried that the guard might seize the opportunity to do some damage within the city. But, how do I say it, as expected of the troops working under Bai Feng? Each and every one of them was imposing and impressive in appearance, walking down the road vigorously, creating wind. They were fully focused on the task at hand. After I pointed them in the direction of the City Lord mansion, the 50 people hurried over there in unison.

I smiled as I joked with Lugh:

“See that?”

Lugh scratched his head in embarrassment, replying:


I kicked his ***:

“Since you’ve seen it, hurry up and go train, don’t let other people pull the distance farther and farther away. I’ll try to keep some of them behind and make them guide you a little. After all, they’re specialized in the field and you guys will be able to learn a lot.”

Lugh nodded while saying ‘understood’.

After the guard saw the chest to the City Lord mansion, the majority of the guard stood waiting outside while the guard captain instructed two young men to lift the chest inside. At the center of the hall, the two young men simultaneously stooped down and placed down the chest, bowed to me, then left the hall in order to wait outside as well. The only people left was the guard captain, Moon, me, and Aleya and Felita who rushed over upon hearing the news.

Aleya displayed obvious vigilance towards this about 32 years-old guard captain. Although she didn’t say it clearly, she showed it through her action of standing in between me and him after entering, whether it be intentional or otherwise, and slightly wrinkled her brows. Aleya’s strength was one level under his, so she was unable to perceive his concrete strength. However, she could faintly feel that the person in front of her was stronger than her and that she was unable to defeat him.

The guard captain was clearly aware of this slight action, but being the gentleman he was, he gave Aleya a courteous smile and introduced himself:

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Heji, an ordinary captain from the Yun Hai guard. Currently single, if there are any suitable candidates, I hope you can help introduce me to them.”

I patted Aleya’s shoulder and told her:

“Don’t worry, this person isn’t an enemy.”

Heji sized Aleya up and acclaimed:

“From the looks of it, you haven’t even reached twenty as of this year, right? To reach such a realm in swordsmanship is not an easy feat. And it’s also a bit harder for girls to train in swords. You truly have boundless prospects for the future.”

Aleya didn’t lower her guard, but she did move aside a bit from my side. Though, her eyes were still firmly staring at Heji.

Feeling helpless, Heji directed a bitter laugh at me:

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“Your guard……is really loyal and devoted.”

It was then that Aleya opened her mouth and asked briskly:

“What realm were you when you were 16 years-old?”

Heji froze for a few seconds before speaking in reminiscence:

“Yeah, I was also a Level 5 Swordsman. I tread into the realm of Level 6 Swordsman when I was 22 years-old and it’s been 10 years since.”

It was only then that Aleya relaxed a little.

I felt the situation to be funny in my heart. Heji was probably the first young yet strong swordsman that Aleya had met, so she was probably feeling anxious that she wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. I patted Aleya on the shoulder again and remarked:

“Relax. I’ll ask Heji in a bit if he can give you some pointers, all you need to do is learn from him well.”

Aleya heavily nodded her head.

Felita appeared a bit envious.

Presently, Felita’s realm was on par with Aleya’s; one was a Level 5 Sorcerer while the other was a Level 5 Swordsman. In terms of actual combat, Felita was stronger by some, but the issue was that masters in swordsmanship were very easy to find while masters in sorcery were much harder to find. Aleya had the option to ask Heji for guidance, but there was nobody here that Felita could consult for sorcery help. She had no choice but to gloss over uninteresting documents, test findings, and practice successful findings.

I changed the topic by inquiring Heji:

“Did Bai Feng say anything about what he was gifting me?”

Heji shook his head, handing over a key. I took the key, walked over to the chest, then struck it twice. After I was sure that there were no hidden mechanisms inside, I couldn’t help but to start fantasizing.

I wonder what’s inside this thing?

Gold coins? If it’s gold coins, then there’s at least several hundred of them inside.

But Bai Feng isn’t such an unrefined person, so it’s probably not gold coins. Then what else could it be? Yun Hai is right by the sea, so maybe it’s some precious items from the sea like Blood Jade Coral, Dragon’s Beard Wine, or some other specialty product. If that’s the case, then I’m rich! Regardless of whether I use it myself or sell it off, I’ll be able to live without worries……1

The more I thought, the more beautiful my dreams became and the longer I forgot to turn the key.

After I thought with a clearer mind, I realized that this was originally an unexpected windfall. Even though it was wrong for Little Huang to stand me up at the time, Bai Feng had already apologized for her behavior. So regardless of what was inside, it was him showing kindly intentions. The thing a person is never supposed to do is disdain another person’s kindly intentions. No matter what, you couldn’t grumble about wanting something better if another person sent you as a gift, since that would show how ungrateful of a person you were.

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Therefore, even if it really is a chest full of gold coins, I’ll gladly endure this hardship.

Kindly intentions! A goose feather sent from afar is also kindly intentions and the contents of this chest is much heavier than goose feathers. No matter what’s inside, I, Li De, will receive it today!

Once I made up my mind, I turned the key and went to open the chest.

Without waiting for me to do anything, the chest’s cover “pop”-ed open by itself and a shadow flashed out. Just as I was about to curse ‘****, Bai Feng, did you send me a gift or a concealed hidden weapon’, I heard a familiar voice:

“What the heck! Why did it take you such a long time to open the chest, you nearly suffocated me to death.”

Little Huang……or more accurate, Bai Huang. She was standing inside the chest with both arms on her waist, watching me with anger.

Seeing me blankly staring, she blinked her eyes and unhappily said:

“What, do you not welcome me or what? This young lady is telling you, coming over to your place to play is me giving you face.”

I looked at her for three seconds before adopting a smiley face and questioning:

“Little Huang, how did you fit yourself into such a small chest?”

Little Huang was puzzled at my words as she returned:

“Small? It’s quite spacious, Look, there’s still a lot of room when I squat down like this……”

Without waiting for her to finish her words, in that instant she squatted down, I slam dunked the chest cover.

Then rapidly locked it.

I wiped away the sweat on my forehead and told Heji:

“Return the merchandise.”


  1. Yun Hai(云海) has the character for sea(海). It technically translates to ‘Sea of Clouds/Cloud Sea’.

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