Chapter 12 – Pincer Attack From Front And Rear, Nowhere To Go

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After departing from the colorless slime’s place, I inquired Hunter:

“Is this the problem that you were planning on telling me?”

Hunter shook his head and replied:

“Although I did also intend to report this matter to you, it was for the purpose of experiencing something fresh, something funny. When I requested sir Moon to contact you, it was because there really was something upsetting that we cultivation farm people couldn’t resolve. This thing is really pressing and we’re also unable to make a decision, so we could only turn to your suggestion.”

As we walked, Hunter spoke more briefly and to the point:

“Even though that colorless slime might eat a lot, it’s at least not much of a big problem. But those other two fellows aren’t eating anything……and their identities are quite special, they’re from the same batch of common low-level Demons that Gobulang specially prepared to send to you, sir. They’re said to be of the uncommon class, but since you were already going to Yun Hai at the time, we were forced to give careful attention to them. Unexpectedly, they started going on a sudden hunger strike recently.”

As he spoke, he brought me to a clearly different room from the others. It was a room even more spacious and clean, even having a real wood door. I inquired:

“What’s being raised here?”

Hunter bitterly smiled:

“Take a look for yourself.”

While speaking, he opened the door and moved to the side. Out of curiosity, I took a look into the room.

Beyond expectation, it was an unusually clean room furnished with all the necessary furniture and the lighting was also very good. In the very center of the room was a table and two humanoid Demons sat on it; one male, one female. The female Demon was drinking black tea while the male Demon was in the middle of looking at a spread out brief report. Seeing someone come in, the two of them simultaneously looked over at me.

The female Demon’s exterior appearance seemed about 25 years-old with a hot figure and revealing clothes. Her chest was covered by a leather corset that only hid the necessary bits with the majority of those ripe fruits clearly visible at a glance. Her bottom garments were a simple black leather skirt and a pair of black high heels.

The male Demon’s exterior appearance was also about the same. He wore glasses and had neat and tidy short brown hair. Also, he was half-naked, showing his sturdy pecs. His figure was rugged, but wasn’t thick and radiated the aura of an ikemen.

If rated solely on their appearance, these two had appearances of at least 85 or higher. But each of them displayed inhuman characteristics; horns on their heads, black bat wings on their backs, and a slender demon tail hanging below their butts.

Seeing me come in, the female Demon extended a sharp tongue to lick her rosy lips and remarked with an enchanting smile:

“Now isn’t this a qualified food.”

Standing behind me, Hunter sternly shouted:

“Cease your impudence! This is sir City Lord!”

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The female Demon opened her eyes wide as she said with an expression that showed her disbelief:

“Is it really true. It was you who defeated……”

Without waiting her to finish her words, I told Hunter:

“Wait for me outside. Stand guard by the door.”

Hunter left in accordance with my order, but before leaving, he warned me to be more careful. But in my eyes, even though they were close in shape to humans, I couldn’t sense too strong of a magic power emanating off of them; they were no stronger than low-level Demons. They also seemed clear that regardless of whether they faced Aleya or Felita, they would be killed in a flash, so they didn’t have any thoughts of fleeing.

After Hunter departed, the female Demon then voiced:

“Tsk tsk. Truly inconceivable……Gobulang said that the one who beat him was a very strong human. I was under the impression that you were older……mm. But young children are also in my strikezone. Want to play with older sister?”

I casually pulled over a chair and sat down on it before asking:

“You two are Charm Demons?”

Their appearances were very close to humans and even very beautiful, but their main bodies weren’t strong at all and they lived by absorbing human essence. It would appear that only Charm Demons wouldn’t run away.

The two of them nodded in acknowledgement.

This was beyond my expectations. Charm Demons aren’t considered very uncommon over in the Demon Race, but when compared to other more common Demons, they’re a minority group. The reason as to why they’re a minority group lies mainly in the fact that their fighting strength is too lacking, so there are many vicious Demons who’ll directly eat them up upon meeting them. Over on the side of the Demon Race, apart from the high-level Demons, Demons that resemble wolves, lions, or bears have the highest chance of living. As for Charm Demons, a creature whose only good point is their appearance and only fighting method is through charming, they’re very ugly and too weak in the eyes of other Demons. But in terms of dealing with humans, they indeed are skilled and can use erotic dreams as a way of absorbing energy. Also, their success in charming is greatly enhanced when dealing with humans.

However, the top priority is……

“I heard Hunter mention that you two are apparently going on a hunter strike, can you tell me the reason why?”

The female Charm Demon answered with disdain apparent on her face:

“Is there even a need to ask. We live on essence qi, sigh, and look at the type of people you’ve made us come into contact with. That uncle reeks of fat and accordingly, his essence qi will most likely taste like fat. I don’t want to eat something like that.”

Hum, still someone who attaches great importance to good looks.

The female Charm Demon leaned forward and hugged me from behind. Her soft and abundant, springy chest rubbed against my back with only a mere layer of cloth between it and me. Although I did have anticipation towards what might happen, I suddenly thought of something and smiled as I asked the male Charm Demon:

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“How about you? How come you’re also not eating? Aleya and Felita should’ve come to patrol this area a few times already, how come you haven’t done anything to them?”

Naturally, I was speaking in my heart, ‘if you dared do anything, perhaps there would only be one Charm Demon remaining today.’

The male Charm Demon laid down the paper in his hands, blinked, and replied:

“Charm Demons……feed on essence qi. A male’s essence qi is top-quality.”

As he spoke, he walked over to face my front, lightly pushed his knee towards my lower abdomen, and placed one hand on the chair behind me and used the other to tenderly hold my chin. He faintly smiled and his knee started slowly moving downwards. His ikemen cheeks moved closer to my ear and a magnetic voice whispered:

“I too…..have been hungry for quite a while.”

Behind me was the seductive breath of a mature woman.

Before me was a strange man’s whispers that radiated gayness.

Today, two types of chastity have simultaneously fallen into crisis.

Gobulan, you’ve ******* planned against me!!


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