Chapter 11 – Whether You’re Food Or A House Pet Completely Depends On Your Performance

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After observing for a while, I asked:

“Has it displayed any unusual behavior?”

Hunter nodded fiercely, replying with lingering fears:

“Sir, this thing is very cunning. After it was born, it stealthily hid itself in a corner without making so much as a peep or a movement. At the time, the room was filled with slimes, so we didn’t notice it either and opened the door to slaughter the slimes as usual. Who would’ve known that the moment we opened the door, this fellow would instantly dash out and nearly escape.”

I asked with great interest:

“Oh? Then how did you recapture it?”

Hunter smiled:

“It was due to a coincidence. That day, sir Aleya had just come over to patrol the cultivation farm, so just as this colorless guy flew out, it was kicked back in by sir Aleya.”

I gave a quick look at the colorless slime in the corner.

Turning back to Hunter, I inquired:

“The other slimes didn’t show any aggression?”

Hunter nodded, responding:

“They’re not intelligent, all they know is how to eat. When we grab them, they instinctively discharge corrosive liquid, but that’s not a problem as long as we wear special gloves. Sir Felita said that this sort of unintelligent low-level Demon tends to attack humans because they are either seeking food or a higher-level Demon commands them to. Currently, they’re neither lacking in food and there’s no higher-level Demon commanding them to kill humans, so they’ve become sluggish and slow-witted just like the pigs I used to raise.”

I remarked:

“So that’s to say that only this colorless fellow is innately aggressive? Or is that to say that it possesses enough intelligence to understand that its situation is one of prey to be slaughtered?”

The questions I posed were rather abstruse, so Hunter was unable to give a reply.

I asked:

“Anything else?”

Hunter continued to nod as he spoke:

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“It has a large stomach capacity and especially likes eating! You haven’t seen it, but when we had just locked him into this room, it was very well-behaved. But before long, we quickly discovered that from the walls to ground, and even to the ceiling, there were several corroded holes created by it. We initially thought that it was preparing to escape, but it never dug in any specific direction, instead very casually corroding here and there. Afterwards, we saw it devour a brick and it was then that we realized that it was eating.”

I pinched one of those talismans for further inspection and said:

“And this is the reason why you pasted talismans? It seems they were made by Felita.”

Hunter nodded:

“We’re unsure as to how to handle this fellow and thought it was quite strange, so we believed that you might want to examine it. But seriously, this little fellow has too good of an appetite, to nearly eat out this entire room. We could do nothing about it, so left without much choice, we’ve provided it with a bit more food and it’s quieted down some. But this fellow’s appetite is simply a bottomless pit! Sometimes it’ll even eat when it’s obviously not hungry! Since there was nothing we could do about it, we were forced to request sir Felita to make talismans. This way, if it kept gnawing on the room, it would get electrocuted. It was through this way that it’s become a bit more calm.”

I scratched my head:

“So it’ll eat anything! This is too much. Other slimes eat 1 catty at the very most, but from what I can see, it eats nearly 2 catties worth. It’s unforgivable for things to continue along like this, we won’t be able to raise it. Might as well……turn it into simmer-fried slime.”

The colorless fellow fiercely jiggled.

I instantly threw my gaze over and coldly watched it as I questioned:

“You can understand me?”

The colorless fellow once again became a motionless ball.

It was as if what had just happened a second ago was just a figment of my imagination.

I wrinkled my brows, thinking aloud:

“Sigh. How unfortunate. Here I was thinking that if you really could understand me, then I would free you.”

The colorless fellow bounced over to the meshed opening with a ‘ceng, ceng, ceng’. Then, its transparent body started to bounce up and down non-stop, as if trying to tell me ‘I can understand, I can understand!’

I turned towards Hunter and said:

“Jot down that while this creature does have a certain amount of intelligence, it’s still quite stupid.”

Hunter earnestly nodded.

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It was then that the colorless fellow finally put two and two together and realized that I had tricked it. It angrily threw itself at the mesh netting and unsurprisingly, it triggered the thunder talisman. After a golden flash of light, it rolled back into its corner and shivered as it looked towards the door. No matter how special it was, it was nothing more than the Demon Race’s lowest-level slime. With Felita’s Level 5 Sorcerer power, even if the amount of magic power she used to engrave the talisman was lowered by a great amount, it was more than enough to easily deal with this powerless little Demon.

I inquired Hunter:

“Have you tried feeding it other Demons?”

Hunter returned:

“We were thinking of doing this. But two things held us back from doing so. First, we hadn’t consulted with you yet and second……it’s no match for other Demons. Even the weakest【Thorn Spider】is able to kill the slime under it’s enraged state. Apart from the other slimes, other Demons seem to be naturally hostile towards it and we’re also unsure of why this is so.”

I pointed at the colorless fellow and told it:

“Heard that? All other Demons are your enemy, so you better stay here obediently. Once you leave, you may fall into human hands, it’s entirely possible that you’ll be simmer-fried, steaming in broth, stir-fried, roasted, or even covered in flour and deep-fried. If you fall into Demon hands, you’ll be even more screwed since none of those things will happen and instead you’ll be eaten straight away.”

The colorless fellow didn’t pay any attention to me.

I instructed Hunter:

“Don’t feed it living Demons. But the precious materials that the others Demon produce, you can throw in a suitable amount here and there. Don’t use too much, of course, and only once a week. It’s normal for children to eat a little more when they’re in their growing stage. But……”

I turned to face the colorless fellow and told it:

“Take a look at my appearance and note it down. Before you’re certain that you’re able to defeat me, you had better not try to escape. If you were intelligent but couldn’t understand anything, I would forgive you. But now it’s different since I’ve ascertained that you can understand my words, so there’s no need for you to act naive anymore. If I find out that you’re doing something that you’re not supposed to, then I’ll judge that you did it knowingly. Once that happens, I’ll personally add some fresh ginger, a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt, a dash of soy sauce, a bit of sugar, a pinch of chili, and a pinch of cumin before skewering you and roasting you until your fragrance permeates the whole place. A bite for me, a bite for Aleya, a bite for Felita, a bite for Moon……”

The colorless fellow frantically recoiled and clung tightly to the wall, not daring to let out a single peep.

But that faintly glowing core of its’ moved up and down rapidly making it appear like it was crazily nodding.


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