Chapter 10 – Variation! Colorless Slime Appears

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The demon cultivation farm is one of the cornerstones of West-Resisting City’s economic development and its future prospects are quite promising, so I attached great importance to this undertaking.

After the conference ended, I went to find the person in charge of the demon cultivation farm.

The person in charge of the farm was a 42 year-old middle-aged man called Hunter.

At first glance, Hunter seems like a cruel man with those small eyes of his, not to mention his broad shoulders, sturdy body, and fierce look. With greasy skin and his habit of always holding a machete, if he possessed some tattoos, he would feel like a regional mafia boss. But this man is actually a good person with a sense of justice. The reason as to why he looks so intimidating is attributed to his family being butchers for many generations, and it is no different in his generation.

Before I sought him out to be the person in charge of the demon cultivation farm, Hunter lived a life of raising pigs and butchering pigs. That’s right, not only was he a butcher, he was also raising the pigs he was to slaughter, a prime example of raising and slaughtering by oneself. From the breeding to raising to butchering, it was a ‘one-stop service’.

To some extent, it could be said that he was a hard-to-come-by talent.

Seeing me coming, this simple and honest man first wiped his sweat before a smile appeared on his face, flashing his mouth of white teeth, as he eagerly reported:

“Sir Feudal Lord, you’re here. The demon cultivation farm has been going well, there’s just one thing……”

At this point, we had just met each other by the demon cultivation farm’s entrance. I raised my hand to stop him:

“It’s fine, no need to be so anxious. Take me around the cultivation farm.”

The demon cultivation farm was situated in the southeast part of the city, an area that could be considered the city’s slums. Even if West-Resisting City itself wasn’t that prosperous, there was still a division of ‘relatively well-off’ and ‘relatively impoverished’ within the populace of the city. The relatively well-off could more or less fill their stomachs, have fields to till, a house to live in, and could still live with their family as long as they lived frugally. As for the relatively impoverished people, they were a little worse off. The greater part had already sold off their houses and their fields were put up for collateral. On a whole, they were homeless and had no other choice but to work temporary jobs for others to earn money.

These relatively impoverished people mainly lived in the slums without clothes covering their entire body and unable to eat their fill. The place they ate was also the same place they did their ‘business’, so there was always an epidemic that would sweep the area and kill some people each year.

By founding this demon cultivation farm, I completely overhauled this overwhelmingly stinky, murky miasma-like slums and established new houses on another undeveloped piece of land. Those poor people willing to live in these houses could do so and those unwilling were given a small sum to seek their own livelihood. Regardless of anything, this piece of land was one that I had vacated and the scope of the demon cultivation farm established afterwards was a little bit wider than I originally imagined.

With the addition of cement and azure bricks, the buildings constructed became much more orderly. Even though the walls weren’t coated with a layer of lime water, making the entire demon cultivation farm seem a bit ugly, it was still rather presentable.

Hunter led the way as he long-windedly introduced to me:

“From Gobulang’s side, we received ten seeded younglings of regular species from the Demon Race. They are【Goblin】,【Horned Rabbit】,【Demonic Wolf】,【Thorn Spider】,【Sharp Beak Sparrow】,【Fire Salamander】,【Slime】,【Man-eating Flower】, and【Ekans】.”

How does Ekans still exist!!

Resisting the urge to tsukkomi, I continued listening to Hunter’s words:

“Among these,【Slime】is undoubtedly the fastest reproducing creature and doesn’t have a normal breeding cycle. Each and every one of them can split itself into new creatures. Often when I wake up in the morning, my god, I would see a room full of extremely crammed creatures about to burst forth out of the fencing. It’s just a pity that this sort of thing isn’t worth much and the price of selling it outside is very low.”

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As Hunter spoke, he grabbed a handful of feed and threw it into the slime-raising area. The slime-raising room didn’t have any windows and the opening in the door had a fine mesh netting. As long as the gap between the iron wiring was smaller than a slime’s core, there was nothing that this creature could do to escape. The feed used was more or less the same as pig slop, consisting of some human food leftovers. After throwing the feed in, the blue slimes all scrambled over and fought for the grub.

During this time, I discovered that there seemed to be apparently nothing in the next room over besides some talismans pasted on the wall.

Glancing once more at the already somewhat full slime room, I pointed at the empty room and inquired:

“Why haven’t you moved some slimes into there?”

Hunter wiped his sweat and replied:

“Sir City Lord, this is one of the things that I planned on reporting to you. Sir, take a glance at that corner over there……”

What the heck, how did the conversation veer in such a mysterious direction.

I looked over at the corner in question and found that there was what seemed to be a gleaming, floating slime core hovering in that inconspicuous corner. After taking a closer look, I realized that it was indeed a slime, but it wasn’t blue, instead, it was colorless. In a relatively dark environment, it would be basically impossible to notice.

This is actually a rare species.

Henry explained:

“We also found this by chance. It was during the slimes’ division that somehow such a thing appeared.”

I asked:

“No such phenomenon happened with the other Demons?”

Hunter shook his head, returning:

“Not at all! Moreover, this is the only case that appeared during the countless times the slimes have split this month. I asked sir Felita and she said within the innumerable low-level Demons she’s killed, she’s never met a completely colorless slime.”

I squatted outside the empty room and watched the slime inside with great interest.

Its core shone a bit and slightly trembled, as if it were also looking back at me.


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