Chapter 3 – Yun Hai Is A Good Place

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Come come come little boss, come take a look at this Profound Sky Greatsword. Look at the quality, look at the appearance! Just think about it, it’s not outrageous looking and it won’t make you look like a fool. If you bring this about with you, you’ll be more handsome than the others. Look at yourself, with how cultured and elegant you are, noble son, how could you not have such a unique and exceptional weapon by your waist?”

“No need, beat it.”

“Oh my, hello honored customer, you’re in luck today! Our salvaging team just fished up a rare treasure from the distant sea. Take a look, this strange brown stone, although it’s appearance is mediocre, this thing is related to the deep sea flood dragon. Have you ever heard of the legendary Shadow Stream Cloud Dragon? It’s on the same plane of existence as that, and it has the power to call the wind and summon rain! After going through extensive expert analysis, this is a thousands-year old deep sea flood dragon’s……solidified excrement! Hey! Honored customer! Honored customer, don’t leave!”

“Screw off!”

“Hahaha young man. I can see that your bones are unusually pure, you must be a martial genius. When this old man was young, I also led an enjoyable life like you, surrounded by beauties and fine liquor, with the world beneath my grasp. But without enough power, how can you enjoy true happiness? Seeing how we’re predestined friends, I’ll give you this《Chrysanthemum Scroll》for just 100 gold coins……************! Young man, how can you kick someone who hasn’t even finished their sentence?!”

“Stop blocking the road!”

“Aish! I’ve seen heroes from all walks of life, but I can’t believe that nobody recognizes my talent! (sneaky glance) I know everything from astronomy to geography, I can do everything from secretary work to kitchen work, I have the culture of a scholar and the skills of a martial artist, I can fight! (sneaky glance) I have exceptional talent, but it’s hard to meet a wise master. I feel angry! I feel wronged! (sneaky glance) Will my talents be buried like this? Could it be that I’ll never meet a brilliant leader? (sneaky glance)”

“Let’s go, let’s go, don’t pay attention to this guy……”

I urged the coachman to hurry up a bit.

Really, how did we come across so many unreliable people on our way.

Just as I got off the carriage with the intent to sightsee, a large crowd of people instantaneously surrounded me and frantically tried to sell me things.

The place called Yun Hai, is nothing more than——

“Joyous Courtyard has new things! Completely new singers, different programs and distinctive girls; come and play for a bit, young master~.”

“Wait a minute!”

I loudly shouted:

“Pull up!”

Frightened, the coachman searched for a parking space at once. While I had just gotten off just a moment ago, Fang Yuan, who had been sitting behind me, jogged over and put his hand on my shoulder, saying with a wretched smile:

“Boss is truly skilled. This Joyous Courtyard is us playboys’ famous……”

I swatted his hand away:

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“Walk, show me around. Let’s get this out of the way first; I have a pure body. I’ll only appreciate by the entrance and never go in.”

It was evidently that it wasn’t Fang Yuan’s first time at Yun Hai Territory with how methodically led me through his familiar route. The instant we arrived at the door, an attractive 30 year-old woman hastily ran over and frivolously circled Fang Yuan’s arm as she flirtatiously said:

“Big brother Yuanyuan, you still remember to come see me~. If you didn’t come, I would’ve started thinking that you had an outside relationship~”

Goosebumps formed all over my body upon hearing this and I hurried to pull some distance from Fang Yuan.

What I didn’t expect was that three young women would run over in a semi-circle formation, with two of them holding my left and right arms and one of them holding my waist from behind. The last one was a little lady in her teenage years, sweetly smiling before me……

Aiya. En? How strange. My legs, my legs won’t listen to me!

Like this, I inexplicably entered this place?

A long time later, I was sitting back on the carriage smelling like cosmetics and putting my hands together in contentment. I remarked to Fang Yuan:

“When I first saw Yun Hai, I knew that this place was different. Yun Hai is a great place! There are so many things being sold and the people are passionate, I very much like this place.”

It’s really nice when Aleya isn’t around!

For these past few years, in order to give that impression that “although I watch dogfights, bet on horse racing, play mahjong, and oppress people, I’m actually a good man” to Aleya, I haven’t gone to such pink places like Joyous Courtyard and Jade Pagoda.

I remember someone once saying: I throw myself into a girl’s embrace like how a hungry man throws himself at bread.

This saying is very good; it perfectly describes my situation.

Fang Yuan, who had just made a great profit by selling those goods of his, didn’t care much about this bit of money. After all, it was still daytime, so the only things we could enjoy when we went in were some songs and the feeling of being surrounded by girls. Even if the ones entertaining us were famous female singers and dancers, this time’s expenses were no more than 7 or 8 gold coins.

Fang Yuan was still doing his best trying to kiss up to me.

I casually asked:

“How much longer until we reach the capital?”

Even though we had arrived at Yun Hai Territory, there were only a few merchants out of the numerous ones that I had seen along the journey that fulfilled my requirements. With how high the frequency of inferior goods being substituted for excellent ones was, I was tempted to dial 12315 and report them.1

Fan Yuan separated his fleshy fingers as he calculated:

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“We should be arriving tomorrow.”

As he spoke, he placed his hands behind his head and “unintentionally” said:

“Speaking of, Yun Hai Territory invited every territory’s Overlord and their family over. After arriving, one residence is set up per family. Aaah, I really don’t want to see my brothers.”


  1. I’m guessing 12315 is something like artifact police in China or something. Probably a homonym of something that I’m not aware of.

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