Chapter 2 – Arriving Soon At Yun Hai Territory

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I remember there was a person who once summed up their experiences.

It said that as long as a fatty entered the scene, his character role was already clear. If he was on the opposing side as a villain, he would live no longer than three episodes; if he was on your side, then he was the ‘funny’ character.

I felt that this little fatty called Fang Yuan wasn’t like this; even though he was polite, warm and affable, he was quite the opinionated fellow. But unfortunately, after several rounds of flower mahjong, he was already hugging my thigh as he cried:

“Li De, young master, please be charitable and leave me my underwear.”

He was once a Challenger, but now he’d already dropped to Bronze.

I nodded:

“Be relieved. Your underwear is useless to me, I’ll let you keep it.”

Fang Yuan bitterly cried:

“Stop messing around, that’s not what I meant. I meant the batch of goods that we just bet……”

I asked while crossing my legs:

“You want it to not count?”

Fang Yuan hurriedly replied:

“No no no, how could it not count. A man’s word is worth nine sacred tripods, if I said I lost to you, then I lost to you. But can you wait until we arrive at Yun Hai and wait for me to sell these things so that I can convert it into money for you? Don’t worry, I said that the batch of goods in this carriage are worth 1,000 gold coins, so I’ll give you 1,000 gold coins when the time comes, without a single coin touched.”

“But this batch of goods is actually worth 3,000 gold coins or more in Yun Hai?”

I curled my lips. Fang Yuan chuckled with a ‘hehe’ and said:

“You should know that our Zhao Chen Territory also doesn’t live an easy life. I’m also not well-liked in the Territory either, so if I mess up helping my dad handle work again, he might cut off my flesh as punishment and make it into meat stew.”

I waved my hand:

“Fine. I don’t need anything from you. Before we arrive at Yun Hai, tell me inside information about your territory.”

Fang Yuan opened his originally-not-wide eyes widely and spoke in surprise:

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I took out a Chrysanthemum tile from my sleeve and threw it before his eyes:

“Really. Don’t be so dead-eyed when I shuffle tiles next time, I hide one of the tiles every time I shuffle, so you basically don’t have a chance at calculating the outcome each time.”

Fang Yuan slapped the wooden board on the carriage.

“Holy crap!”

But very quickly he hung his head dispiritedly as he said:

“Forget it. I already knew how obscenely you wily old foxes play mahjong. Though, your technique is truly very fast, I didn’t even see when you hid that tile. Like they say, if you agree to a bet, then you should be prepared to lose; I, Fang Yuan, owe you one.”

Afterwards, he held my thigh while he sniffed and sniveled, tearfully wailing:

“Boss, you’re my great benefactor! What do you want to know? I, Fang Yuan, absolutely know everything and am willing to say everything!”

I thought to myself for a bit, then inquired:

“What kind of person is the Overlord of Zhao Chen.”

Fang Yuan righteously and self-confidently replied:

“Don’t know!”

“In that case, how many experts does the Overlord of Zhao Chen currently have.”

“Am I counted?”

“What’s the distribution of army troops in Zhao Chen Territory like.”

“Never heard about it……”

“The money and grain situation in Zhao Chen Territory?”

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“Not too sure.”

I slapped his head.

“Then what the hell do you know??”

Fang Yuan thought for a bit:

“My thirteenth sister is very pretty.”

He sat up and straight, rolled his fat legs together towards his chest and used his fleshy arms to cross them, then shrunk in his neck and became a human ball. He used a sullen, constipated expression as he pondered for a long time, then added:

“It’s a shame that she can’t walk or see. But she’s really pretty.”

I threw a glance at Fang Yuan as I thought to myself ‘with how you look, I wonder how much of the “pretty” gene your sister inherited’.

Apart from this thirteenth sister of his, Fang Yuan intermittently continued speaking about some affairs of Zhao Chen Territory.

What he was doing was the same as being evasive, but it wasn’t that I didn’t get any news from him at all.

For example, Zhao Chen Territory is currently facing a fairly grave financial crisis. The source of the issue was apparently due to the Overlord of Zhao Chen. He seemed to be planning someone that required a great deal of funds, to the extent of appointing this ninth son of his, Fang Yuan, over to Yun Hai Territory to sell some local specialty products.

When we were playing mahjong before, Fang Yuan kept losing and losing, to the point of even putting up 1,000 gold coins as collateral, but I wasn’t seriously considering accepting it.

After business in Yun Hai is over, West-Resisting City will have to face the pressure from the northern Zhao Chen Territory sooner or later. If I’m able to get acquainted with someone from over there, then perhaps it’ll come in handy.

Chatting with this fatty was quite enjoyable and before I knew it, three days had passed on this carriage.

On some certain day when I was forced awaken from my sweet dreams by Fang Yuan’s splashing saliva, I dazedly heard him shout:

“Boss, boss! We’ve arrived at Yun Hai Territory!”

I stretched myself, then stuck my head out of the carriage window to take a look myself.

A gentle wind blew on my hair and the cool and refreshing feeling made my heart give birth to a sense of happiness.

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Before my eyes was a flourishing domain that seemed like a fairyland.

Yun Hai……I’ve finally arrived.


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