Chapter 25 – Might As Well Return Home Earlier

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The first version《Yunyang & Yun Hai》strategic treaty is as follows:

First, Yunyang and Yun Hai form a tactical alliance. According to this clause, from the date of signature to the next 10 years, the two sides will not enact attacks of any shape or form on the other side’s territory. If anybody attacks Yunyang, Yun Hai should dispatch troops to provide assistance and vice versa.

Second, when Yunyang sends goods over to Yun Hai for consignment, the latter must charge 50% of the normal handling fee.

Third, Yunyang’s supplies procurement must be given priority to Yun Hai as the sole channel.

Fourth, Yunyang’s fourth son Li De will spare no effort to assist Yun Hai’s second son Bai Feng sit on the position of Overlord of Yun Hai. Conversely, Yun Hai’s second son Bai Feng must not hinder Yun Yang’s fourth son Li De’s schemes and strategies towards the three territories of Yunyang, Zhao Chen, and Tian Cheng.

Fifth, because once the treaty is agreed to and signed neither party is Overlords of their respective territories, the first clause will temporarily not be implemented. The second clause and third clause will only be implemented to the best degree that Yunyang’s fourth son Li De and Yun Hai’s second son Bai Feng can muster. If by any chance either party signing the treaty dies within the designated 10 years, this treaty will be automatically invalidated.

Cosigner: Yunyang’s fourth son Li De, Yun Hai’s second son Bai Feng.

Date of signature: September 9, 332.


When asked if I’m happy, the answer is that I’m quite happy.

Although Bai Feng appeared rather insincere when dealing with Moon, this person didn’t have any striking issues apart from this. In my opinion, the biggest problem that Bai Feng was currently facing was whether or not he could become the Overlord of Yun Hai. He and I are different; he doesn’t have his own city and this equates to him not having his own base. He had been kept in Yun Hai’s capital city by the Overlord of Yun Hai and while he had his own influence, it wasn’t enough to violently seize the position of Overlord of Yun Hai.

I suppose the Overlord of Yun Hai is also very depressed.

Bai Feng’s cold-blood disease was inherited from his own dad, and the dad was approximately 40 years-old, but already nearing death. His dad was probably clear on the fact that his son Bai Feng wouldn’t be able to live to 40, therefore he was internally struggling. In that dinner party I had attended, I caught a glimpse of Bai Feng’s older brother. He was a very steady fellow that drank alcohol in the corner. He didn’t appear to be good at social dealings like Bai Feng, but fortunately he was steady and healthy.

In order to strive for the possibility of inheriting the position as Overlord, Bai Feng must continuously put out achievements to tell his dad that he’s capable and qualified for the position. Otherwise, he would have to wait until his dad dies, then take his own influence and pit it against his older brother’s, then sit on the throne after setting on his brother’s corpse.

Sigh, every family goes through its problems.

But what does this have to do with me, the king of salted fish?

The reason I had no choice but to think about these matters is mainly due to Moon’s harping on the side.

“Listen up, Li De, in the future you need to get out of bed at 4 o’clock, then first exercise your martial skills, afterwards learn these. After that, you will be reviewing official documents……until roughly 8 o’clock. This is when you can go to sleep, this way you can sleep 8 hours and it won’t harm your body.”

“Even though you’ve already signed a treaty with Bai Feng, you can’t completely believe his words. Our development speed must be much faster than he anticipates and only then will he be unable to lead us around by the nose.”

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“I know your ideal, Li De. But in life, nobody can live comfortably for a lifetime. If you want to enjoy more in the future, then you will have to suffer more now.”

“This is the information that I’ve compiled over the years, it contains the intelligence of Eternal Heaven’s 36 Overlords. Take a look…… Hey! Don’t sleep!”

I dazedly yawned and rested my head on Moon’s lap, then said:

“It’s nothing important, I have you. You’ll have to suffer hardships……”

Moon’s two white hands pinched my cheeks, but I didn’t fear them the slightest bit. Just like this, I continued dozing off. Due to the fact that I had thick skin, his pinching didn’t affect me. In the end, he helplessly remarked:

“You really plan to be an arms-flinging shopkeeper.”

At this very moment, we were staying on a carriage bound towards Yunyang. The road was somewhat bumpy, but fortunately Moon’s thighs were very elastic and played an enormous cushioning effect. Anyway, I actually did hear ‘her’ words, so I proudly stated:

“That is but of course. If I didn’t know the pain of beginning an undertaking, then I wouldn’t have searched for you. Now that you’re here, the remaining tasks are to be handed over to you. You do your constructions, if you’re lacking money, then just look for me……though, I don’t have much right now. You might as well simultaneously act as the minister of finance as well as the internal affairs chancellor. In any case, there’s only one city to look over and policy and finance aren’t divided anyways, so there’s no problem.”

Moon angrily panted:

“Sooner or later I’ll sweep up all the money and run off, and make you sleep naked on the roadside.”

I unhappily retorted:

“Don’t worry. If that day really comes, I’ll just go to a brothel in women’s clothing and sell my voice, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be sleeping on the main street naked.”

Moon extended a finger and poked my cheek:

“When that time comes, I’ll redeem you from the brothel and you’ll be my person.”

I asked:

“These notions of yours are quite numerous. But tell me, are you not going to return to wearing male clothing?”

The current Moon had a head of waterfall-like black hair. Not only did he not go back to wearing male clothing, it seems that his habit has become more aggravated with how he’s currently wearing a red dress. Although he does have a white dress, it seems that he likes wearing red-colored clothing whenever he’s with me. This hue really accentuates a kind of mature charm; his original delicate and pretty, pleasant to look at face instantly became somewhat enchanting.

I said:

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“Actually, your men’s clothing are very good and there’s no need to be so flashy. I don’t dare to be intimate with you.”

Moon said helplessly:

“And that’s why you’re still lying on my lap?”

I righteously answered:

“Make the best use of everything. Why sleep on the ground when there’s a comfortable area to lie down on? Worst comes to worst, you can lie on my lap when you become sleepy, there’s no need to act so unfriendly.”

Moon retorted with a red face:

“I-I’m not acting unfriendly to you. You can lie down if you want.”

Moon thought for a moment, then stated:

“Tomorrow I’ll tie up my hair and keep wearing these kinds of clothes. It’s already pretty much become a habit of mine. In my childhood……long, long ago, I wore skirts. Afterwards I got used to wearing male clothing, so now I don’t mind whatever I’m wearing. But next time if you want to wear women’s clothing, I can change back into boy’s clothes. This way it’ll be relatively……more pleasing to look at a little.”

The carriage unhurriedly proceeded towards West-Resisting City.

I closed my eyes with the intent to sleep. In my half-asleep state, I suddenly thought about Fang Yuan.

I wonder if the two of them chatted about anything after I introduced him to Bai Feng, I wonder how things went for that fatty I was in contact with for two weeks. And then, Aleya and Felita’s appearances floated into mind.

Yun Hai is too bustling, might as well return home earlier~


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