Chapter 24 – How About You Hit Me Once?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Hug each other for warmth?? ****, to even think of hugging me, that’s a bit too excessive! Even if I’ve worn women’s clothing once, it doesn’t mean I swing that way.”

I backed away, looking at Bai Feng with alarm.

Bai Feng very dumbfoundedly said:

“Neither do I. It’s an analogy.”

I shook my head:

“Forget it, you and I aren’t people of the same kind.”

Bai Feng remarked with a smile:

“I actually don’t dislike you.”

Without waiting for him to finish his words, I wrinkled my eyebrows as I interrupted:

“But I very much detest you.”

Bai Feng stood in place stupefied.

I sneered and unabashedly said:

“Regardless of how you think, I’m unable to treat you as a friend. You should’ve long known how talented Moon, who was forced to prostitute himself in the brothel, was, right? That’s why you sought him out over and over, inquiring him about all sorts of matters. Including the matter about Yun Hai’s internal power struggle, Yun Hai’s future, your personal business, my personal business, he’s explained it all to you, one by one. Even to the point where, at the time, he persuaded you to kill me. And you?”

I looked into Bai Feng’s finely shaped eyes, wearily supplementing:

“I know that with your identity, it’s very difficult for you to redeem his freedom because the thing you consider the most important is ‘reputation’ and you can’t ruin that. But apart from this, weren’t there still many more means of freeing him? For example, finding someone to substitute you to redeem him or straightforwardly meeting with the Overlord of Tian Cheng and make a transaction for him; these are means of freeing him, yet you didn’t bother doing anything. Ultimately, you just feel that Moon is very easy to use, you merely feel that him staying at the theater and him staying behind you as a subordinate has no difference! In any case, he would always freely talk without hiding anything when you asked him anything, so you thought it was as if he had already become your advisor, right?”

I could feel my voice gradually rising.

Since the words had come out, then I might as well spit out the rest of my anger.

I loudly questioned Bai Feng:

“Afterwards? When I wanted to bring him away, you used every means you had to thwart me. Because YOU didn’t want to see Moon depart with me, because YOU didn’t want to see us return to West-Resisting City like this. But I can understand this. After all, it all becomes reasonable if you’re treating me as a competitor. But Bai Feng, have you considered Moon’s pain? Do you know the shame of being a boy dressed in women’s clothes and being forced to dance on stage? Do you know the sense of inferiority and helplessness he feels when faced with those sneering eyes and mocking jeers? All this time, he’s been treating you as his friend, but how have you been treating him as? A tool? You might speak of compassion, duty, propriety and integrity, you might speak of having a matchless reputation, but in the end, you are nothing more than a selfish wretch!”

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Bai Feng fixedly looked at me.

After a very long time passed, he broke out in a smile:

“These words, you should’ve said them in Moon’s presence.”

I laughed grimly.

“No need! I’ve never thought of depending on these things to buy a person’s heart. These are just some words that I fear that I won’t have a chance to say in the future if I don’t say them now. For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, but if I can take revenge on the spot, then I won’t procrastinate. Moon might not say these words in such a manner to you, but I will. Because that fellow is now my person and I’m not one to sit around if he so much as receives the slightest bit of grievance.”

The smile on Bai Feng’s face disappeared.

He grimly said:

“Then what do you want to do? Will hitting me with your fist once help?”

I sent my fist over to greet his face.

Bai Feng fell into a state of complete dumbfoundedness, probably never expecting me to beat him in his own territory.

Even though I had held back and didn’t make him go flying as I did when dealing with Li Yi, Bai Feng still fell down to the ground with blood dripping out of his nose and onto his snow-white clothes. At the same time, a longspear burst out through the door from the outside. I leaned my head to the side a little, causing the longspear to brush past my cheek, leaving behind a bloody scar.

Tsss, that really hurts.

Bai Feng sternly shouted towards the door:

“Nels! ……Don’t.”

He lifted his hand and used his sleeve to wipe the blood coming out of his nose as he remarked:

“You are really strong. Nels’ spear isn’t so easy to dodge.”

I recalled at the dinner party, there was a man holding a spear following behind Bai Feng. At that time, I roughly estimated him to be about a Level 9 Spearman, and one just a step from the peak of humanity while I was at it.

Level 9 Spearman, truly very powerful.

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I reached out and wiped the blood on my face and sensed my wound become somewhat numb. If I had dodged a bit slower just now, this spear would’ve already passed through my skull and this situation would’ve become a bit bloody.

Bai Feng asked me:

“How do you feel now? A little better?”

I answered:

“Sort of.”

Bai Feng laughed. He sat up straight and placed both of his hands on his knees, inquiring:

“Then let’s start our chat again. The previous matter was my fault, but now I’m very earnest and sincere about wanting to cooperate with you. After all, when you were standing on that stage, I could see it. In the future when Eternal Heaven State is in a state of complete chaos, you and I are bound to be one of the rulers.”

I grinned.

“You’re really confident in yourself. Unfortunately, I’m not interested. However, playtime’s over, so I don’t mind chatting with you……”

I paused momentarily, then continued:

“With the identity of ‘Yunyang’s Li De’.”

No longer at the City Lord of West-Resisting City, but rather with the identity of the “future Overlord of Yunyang”.

The meaning within these words needed no explanation.


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