Chapter 18 – I, Have Been Stood Up

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Huh? Bai Feng and Li De?”

“Were they previously acquainted?”

“That’s impossible……isn’t this Li De’s first time coming to Yun Hai?”

“Is he that important guest that Bai Feng was talking about?”

“How could that be, he’s trash that’s been thrown out……”

The chattering comments went on incessantly. My dad’s face turned a bit ugly.

Anyone could see that Bai Feng’s attitude towards me was vastly different from his attitude towards my dad.

Bai Feng familiarly pulled my hand and brought me around to greet other Overlords. My interest was actually lacking. It was only when Bai Feng introduced the Overlord of Tian Cheng did I give the special treatment and look him over, as well as his two sons. From the information that I had gotten from Little Huang, these two should be the reason why Moon was thrown to the brothel.

If you looked very closely, you would discover that they were just as fat as pigs.

Of those two ‘noble’ sons, one was drooling over a maid and molesting her while the other was unreasonably stuffing himself with wine and dine. As for their father, the Overlord of Tian Cheng, he was looking over his sons lovingly. In short, the scene before me was frightening.

After the Overlord of Tian Cheng saw Bai Feng, he took the initiative to greet Bai Feng:

“Bai Feng! You’ve come! Excuse me, I want two more dishes over here, cook them well.”

Bai Feng answered back with that smile of his, taking no notice of the hubbub of gambling that was occurring before him.

The people behind Bai Feng wore the same tranquil expressions, but their eyes told me that they were dissatisfied. They seemed very dissatisfied with this Overlord of Tian Cheng. If there was an opportunity, they would definitely cut off his head. When I looked at Bai Feng again at this time, I felt even more that he wasn’t simple.

That smile of his wasn’t one of compromise, but one of deliberate weakness.

I, for one, didn’t have such great patience.

Tian Cheng’s eyes finally stopped over me and he asked Bai Feng:

“This is?”

I replied with a smile:

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“I’m your father, goodbye.”

Only when I arrived at the table of the Overlord of Zhao Chen did my mood get a little better.

Because over here, I saw a familiar fatty.

Seeing me come over, Fang Yuan winked at me, but when he saw Bai Feng by my side, his expression became one filled with astonishment.

Because I’m currently considered someone from Yunyang, Fang Yuan is considered someone from Zhao Chen, and the two of our families originally didn’t have many good dealings. This was the reason why I didn’t take the initiative to greet him. After I nodded, I whispered in Bai Feng’s ear:

“I have an appointment. I won’t be staying behind. If you’re honestly bored, then go chat with this Fang Yuan. He’s an interesting person.”

Bai Feng nodded and didn’t excessively detain me. The only thing he did when I was leaving was give me a slight bow and these words:

“My little sister has been causing trouble for you.”

I scratched my head in actual confusion.

After leaving the dinner party, it was already late outside. It was very quiet by the river bank today. There was a very very large cruise ship stopped in the river water; it was most likely the cruise ship that tonight’s Queen of Flowers election would be held in. I watched the torrential river water surge before my eyes and suddenly felt deeply moved for a moment.

Just when I was feeling anxious looking at the river water, someone pulled their long skirt together and sat by my side.

I looked over to my side and was met with the sight of Moon’s delicate and adorable cheek.

He asked me softly:

“Thinking of something?”

I nodded:

“Yeah. Even I occasionally think about some future things. That Yun Hai’s Bai Feng’s power is too overwhelming, so I’m afraid that my future won’t be smooth sailing.”

Moon smiled:

“You’re different from Bai Feng, moreover……you also have something that he doesn’t.”

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I asked:

“What is it?”

Moon softly replied:


He familiarly picked up a branch and drew on the sandy soil as he spoke:

“Bai Feng was born with cryoglobulinemia[cold blood disease]. When his illness breaks out, his body will feel as cold as ice even in the three hottest months and he suffers extreme pain. Usually, he frequently coughs up blood, so his situation is very severe. But he has many talents in the medical field under him, so there definitely won’t be a life crisis in the short term. The only thing is that it’s very tiring to drag around this body.”

This was something out of my expectation.

Moon concluded:

“Living life isn’t easy.”

This bit was something I had long known about.

This world is like a cage; unless you were born as a ruler, you would feel more powerless the more you crawled higher. It was like learning knowledge; the ignorant are the most fearless, but the more you start learning, the more you discover how wide the sea of learning is, so you might as well turn around to the beach. This was the reason why I didn’t have any ambitions and only wished to live this lifetime in happiness. Being an Overlord was fine, being anything was fine, it didn’t matter at all to me.

When Moon saw me not speaking, he inquired with a smile:

“Are you not going to ask me what I’m doing this time?”

I answered:

“Isn’t it because you happened to see a beautiful man sitting by the river bank by himself, so you couldn’t help yourself from talking to him?”

Moon poked my cheek with the branch in his hand:

“Screw you. Narcissist.”

He bent his body forward and carefully took out a several-page-long manuscript out of his bosom and handed it over to me. I opened it up to take a look and was greeted by the sight of several very detailed internal affairs policies.

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Pertaining to West-Resisting City.

Moon sat up straight and grinned:

“The time I’ve spent with you was quite short, but it was still very happy. Just keep being as shameless as you are. At the very least, when I’m with you, I don’t need to put on airs or use those empty pleasantries. These are some proposals I have for West-Resisting City, it’s a gift for you. At least it won’t be in vain that we met each other.”

I looked at him for a while, then said:

“You don’t believe that I’ll be able to bring you away?”

Moon bitterly smiled and didn’t talk.

I said:

“Isn’t it just a Queen of Flowers Election? Don’t I just need to win? Do you not wish to follow me to West-Resisting City or is it that you feel that there’s no chance for me to win?”

Moon bit his lip and replied in a low voice:

“I just feel that my fate is insufficient. You’ve already done enough, but you’re ultimately missing a step. As for me, I can only watch on helplessly as everything happens……Li De, it’s already enough. It’s sufficient for you to have this intention. If there’s an opportunity for you to come to Yun Hai’s capital city in the future, then come to our theater and I’ll perform an opera for you.”

He got up and bowed to me, singing:

“The path is on the other side of the sky, who could pity the lone tree Yangguan. I ask this night’s coldness return whence holding this cup of wine, in the end there’s no opportunity to become famous……”

Singing as he departed.

I knit my eyebrows, truly not understanding why he was reacting like this.

But I ultimately understood.

Because up until the time when the Queen of Flowers Election started, Little Huang still hadn’t appeared.

In such a spacious and empty river bank, the river water beat against the shore, swirling up many heaps of snow.

The liveliness was all on the decorated cruise ship while I was sitting alone on the meadow, listening to the sound of the night wind.

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**** me.

I’ve been stood up.


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