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Chapter 8 – My Life Isn’t Your Plaything

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

My dad heavily slammed the table, shaking all the dishes on the table, and roared towards the hallway:

“Guards! Guards!”

A dozen men wielding swords rushed in.

Yunyang Convoy, my dad’s personal bodyguards. All of them are swordsmen on roughly the same scale of skill as Aleya. Although they aren’t even close to being as talented as Aleya, this is made up for by the equipment they wore. Aleya uses a cross-shaped sword that I ordered for her at the blacksmiths’ but the blade in these people’s hands is made up of liquid money. Apart from this, what they eat and the swordsmanship they practice is the finest in the territory. Each and every one of them has practiced their swordsmanship to the fourth level, at the very least.

No wonder they were unable to conceal their murderous aura. Turns out that their equipment is just too good and the dense cold light emanating from them was enough to be blinding.

My dad’s hair and beard was a mess as he coldly interrogated:

“Li De, I’ve given you opportunities over and over but you continue to be so cruel and unscrupulous, even going as far as to beat your brother. Do you know your crime?”

I gazed at him and replied:

“No, I don’t. Do tell?”

Before my dad uttered a word, Li Yi had already covered his face, jumped up, and angrily shouted:

“I ask you, with my attempts at poisoning you, sending assassins after you, and finding local bullies and hoodlums to ask trouble with you, how come nothing happens to you each time? Do you not know that I’m your older brother? If I want you to die, how come you’re not dying! Who gave you the guts to live, who gave you the courage to instigate them to find trouble with me!”

I ignored his existence and instead raised my eyebrow at the Overlord of Yunyang.

My dad’s face sunk as he scolded:

“Li De, you’re really a bit too excessive. Your brother is doing things for the sake of our family while you’re idling around every day, and your reputation has long since turned into tatters. People like you are the scourge of our family! Your brother is just cleaning up the family; it’s something natural, even justified! Now what do you have to say for yourself?!”

I laughed with a tint of anger.

For someone like me, there’s one good point and that is how afraid of trouble I am. If everyone just minded their own business and I could pass my days in peace and comfort, I wouldn’t mind putting up with a bit of trouble.

For someone like me, there’s also a shortcoming and that is the fact that I will defend my close ones even if I know they’re in the wrong. I, myself, might be able to put up with a bit of trouble, but my people must not encounter even a bit of harm.

If you make her unhappy, I’ll make you unhappy.

Since you asked me if I have anything to say for myself, I’ll tell you my true thoughts.

I thought about it for a bit, then said to Li Yi:

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“Brother, I’ll say the truth: you’re a ******. Even without getting into how stupid you are, your inflated ego is even bigger. Go and feel your piggish forehead and think for a moment: you’ve tried to get rid of me all these years, using up all the tricks in your book, yet in the end, you’re the one who’s had his *** handed to him. That one time you asked your people to go and get rid of my dog life, I didn’t expect that your people would actually get rid of my dog’s life……ahh, that felt great.”

I turned to the Overlord of Yunyang and taunted:

“And you, you’re not any better. My older brother might be a little retarded, but you’re not even a clown, you’re the entire circus! They say that a dragon gives birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, and that a mouse’s son instinctively knows to burrow holes. So what’s weird to me is this: it’s normal for someone with an IQ like yours to have a mouse-like son like my older brother, but how were you able to produce such an intelligent son like me?? Is this the result of a genetic mutation or is there actually a grassland growing on my head1?? Right now, what I really want to make clear is one thing. Take a close look at my older brother and tell me, if you let him personally take care of me, do you think he could do it?”

My older brother angrily bared his teeth and claws as he rushed over at me, even pulling out his beloved sword by his waist. He slashed open a wound on his finger with his sword blade, letting the blood stain the blade, and a strange red aura emerged from the sword.

Murderous spirit filled the area.

Oh right, technically speaking, this fellow bragged about himself as some ‘Unrivalled in Martial Arts’ or something in the past.

Did the flattery get to your head, to the point that you don’t even know your own level anymore?

I expressionlessly used two fingers to receive his sword, then threw him away, along with his blade. He smashed into the wall, slid down to the floor, and spat out two mouthfuls of blood. He cut a sorry figure as he no longer looked recognizable. Having two broken bones was nothing to talk about with how unsightly a display it was for him to lose his sword and roll on the ground in pain.

You’re wondering about me? Well, when we were all transmigrated, the goddess said this:

Transmigrators like you guys are all heaven’s chosen children. You need to take note to not waste your innate talent in swords and magic.

The goddess also mentioned:

Think about it, with the union of your intelligence and the otherworlder’s power, wouldn’t you be able to move unhindered under the heavens and have no opponents?

But unfortunately, I’m a bit lazy. I didn’t feel like learning complex magic formulas or getting up every day before dawn to practice my swordsmanship. Sure I might have heaven-endowed talent, but nobody said that you have to work to death if you have talent, right? I’m the one who decides my life, so other guys better keep away2.

Li Yi’s shrill voice hissed:

“How can this be, how could a waste like you who eats and waits for death possibly——”

I sneered at his words:

“Did nobody ever teach you? This world is very cruel; there are some people in this world whose lower limits are much higher than your highest limit.”

My dad, the Overlord, roared at the dozen Yunyang Convey:

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“What are you looking at! Kill him, kill this unfilial son! I don’t have such a disobedient son!”


I laughed out loud.

“The graciousness of raising me for 17 years isn’t enough to balance out 120 cold-blooded assassination attempts. In the past, everyone didn’t give a rats *** about me and I was disinclined to expose and criticize you all. In fact, I still came over here today with the intention to live together in harmony with you guys. But today, I’ve come to the realization…… that for morons like you, there’s no medicine that can cure it.”

“You, how dare you talk to me like this? You’re really angering this old man to death! Listen well, Li De. Your life was always mine! If I was able to bring you into this world, then I have the right to make you leave this world, so be obedient and die! Go! Go and kill him——”

In the wake of my dad’s bellow, the dozen men rushed over.

A short while later, I stood in front of my dad and one-handedly lifted him by his neck.

I didn’t look at the people lying on the ground behind me since doing so would just cause my interest to wane.

After all, even if this person in front of me discriminated against me and favored my older brother, he was still my biological father whether I liked it or not. It was very easy to just end his life with one slash, but not only would I feel uncomfortable about it afterwards, the aftermath would cause everyone in the world to criticize me and probably even start pointing fingers at Aleya when she goes out to shop.

This was the main reason I didn’t bother touching them for these past few years.

Man, it would be so easy to use my fist to solve everything, but can my fist make food sprout out of the ground?

For that reason, some problems are doomed to be unable to be solved with violence. Like right now, they hold the moral high ground and possess the identities of ‘father’ and ‘older brother’. With just those two ‘weapons’, they can distort the truth as they want and change everyone’s perception of me. Certainly, I can easily settle them with my fist, but endless trouble will follow me in the future.

And this is exactly the thing I don’t want to happen.

As a result, when I opened my mouth to speak, I merely asked:

“Where is the document that confers land to me?”

He gnashed his teeth as he took out a document from his bosom. I smirked and reached out to take it.

Then I let him go, knocked him out and pulled out the sword at his waist while I was at it. Aleya still needs a better weapon.

I held the sword scabbard and sword as I walked towards Li Yi. After I got close enough, I used the sword scabbard to pound his cheek then crouched in front of him and chuckled:

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“Brother, how much money do you think your life is worth?”

Mm, if your fist can’t solve the problem, then just use your mind to solve it.

With the amount of times he’s taken advantage of me for these past few years, it’s only right if I make him pay back a bit of it, right?



  1. Grass is green, MC is implying that father might have been cucked.
  2. Sorry, this part was a bit hard to translate. I believe the implication of the last line is that he’s willing to have his life decided by his significant other, but not men.
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