Chapter 7 – Everyone Has Their Own Reverse Scale

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When night fell, I received a message from the housekeeper in my residence. The housekeeper said that my dad was hosting a banquet and while he was at it, he would be settling the matter of my fiefdom. It is common practice for the Overlord to declare that he would confer land to their son, then on the same night determine a fiefdom and see off his child at dawn the next day.

After I received the news, I called Aleya in and urged her:

“Aleya, we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning at the very latest. I’ll attend the banquet tonight alone, so pack up our things.”

Aleya’s unfeeling face still exposed a trace of anxiety as she nervously stammered:

“Young master, by yourself……”

I smiled and shook my head:

“It’s fine. You should be worried about your side of things, you need to hurry up and pack up.”

Thankfully, Aleya still had a lot of trust in me, but she still asked:

“Young master, we don’t have much to pack up, how about I accompany you……”

There’s not much to pack up?

In these words clearly hid a trace of resentment for someone like me who spent all his money before the paycheck, this was an in-plain-sight hint!

Hmph, today I’ll let you experience my financial reserves!

My heart hurt as I unwillingly took out some well-folded pieces of paper. It felt as if a piece of my heart had been dug out and I spoke with the same pain as a housewife whose secret stash had been discovered by her husband:

“These are all my savings I have in every banknote deposit in the city. Furthermore, I’ve buried some gold coins and jewelry in the corner of the back garden. Anyway, it should add up to about 562 gold coins……you must bring it back. Use that suitcase made of wood and iron to pack things and be careful with it. Those are all my savings for marrying a wife; if you lose it then I’ll probably be single my entire life.”

The purchasing power of one gold coin in this world is roughly equivalent to 10,000 yuan in my previous world.

Aleya looked shocked as she received the banknotes in my hand. After meticulously looking it over, she carefully put it away and questioned:

“Young master, could it be that you snatched these vouchers……”

Before she finished her sentence, Aleya shook her head:

“No way, young master doesn’t have this kind of power. Since it’s like this, hmm……could it be!”

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After a moment of contemplation, Aleya suddenly looked over to me with a complex gaze, kneeled on one knee, lowered her head, and painfully trembled:

“It’s all because Aleya is incapable that made young master fall so far as to sell himself to make money——”

“Can you not think more positively!!”

I knocked against Aleya’s forehead without hesitation.

What kind of things is this girl thinking, prostitution?

I’m not worth so little……but say this sum of money was in front of me. I would definitely kill whoever possessed the banknote without the slightest hesitation.

The most honorable thing to do is work, but let me ask you this: is the food you eat from money you didn’t need to toil for, delicious?

The answer is that it indeed is very delicious.

To be honest, this sum of money was basically earned inside the city walls through bets on dog-fighting, horse racing, playing mahjong and so on for these past few years. When I first came over, my goal in life was to be an extravagant low-level hedonist noble son that threw around thousands of gold without a care in the world. I would watch the days fly by and the money pile slowly dwindle. What would I do when the money finally ran out? Of course, I would go shyly ask my rich dad for more.

The issue was that when I went to ask my dad, he wouldn’t give anything.

There was nothing I could do about that. In order for me to pass my days in comfort, money was still the absolutely necessary requirement. Actually, living in comfort wasn’t too difficult a task either since all the rich scions of wealthy families liked to flock to the Jade Pagoda. However, I had never gone to places like that since I wanted to raise Aleya’s affection.

And so, I made use of a famous saying: ‘where can you see a genius?’1 I merely make use of the time other people use to go visit brothels and use it to bet on dogfights, horse races, and play mahjong. As a result, I naturally was able to easily surpass these foolish wealthy family’s scions.

Watching Aleya walk out happily, I scratched my head.

This little girl is still too naive.

Or should I say, she’s a little too trusting towards me?

I mean, if you just think about it a little, you’ll realize that tonight’s banquet definitely isn’t as simple as it seems.

I made the pilgrimage to my dad’s mansion, entered the mansion, turned right, and walked down the long hallway to the dining room.

Despite the fact that there were no guards by the door, the cold killing intent in the surroundings couldn’t be masked.

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I strode in without any hesitation and saw two people seated by the table.

My old man, the Overlord of Yunyang, as well as my older brother, Li Yi.

Seeing me come in, Li Yi threw down the chopsticks in his hands and sneered:

“I didn’t expect you to really come. What happened to that follower of yours? How come she isn’t shadowing you?”

I didn’t bother responding to him. Rather, I grabbed a seat and sat some distance from the dining table.

What are you going to do huh, what are you going to do? Curse at me without following any procedures? Can’t you have a bit of professionalism?

Li Yi stood up and continued speaking:

“These past few years, have you ever looked at me as your older brother? No! You’ve been living running amuck without eyes for your elders and betters, living a truly free and easy life. You’ve made our Yunyang Territory lose face, you’ve thrown it all away! Now you’ve even dared to take liberties with your older brother’s wife and disobeyed your father. Li De, you’ve got some guts huh, do you really think that I wouldn’t dare to punish you if needed, that I wouldn’t do justice for all people in the world?!”

Holy crap, not bad. This isn’t your usual antics.

I raised my head and looked towards my old man, the Overlord of this territory. His face was downcast as he roared:

“Li Yi! Don’t be so rude to your younger brother.”

En?? What tune is he singing??

The Overlord of Yunyang looked at me and said with a deep voice:

“Li De, you and Li Yi are both my children, and I haven’t ever treated any of you unfairly these past few years. I have been impartial all this time, but I will say that I have been partial to you several times. This is something that everyone can see, but you’ve taken advantage of me unable to bear teaching you over and over. As such, you should hand over your guard Aleya to Li Yi and settle your old scores with this.”


What is this person saying?

Is there a problem with my memory? I was actually the child he was most fond of? Those attempts to assassinate and poison me were all fake?

I nearly laughed out loud in anger, so I asked:

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“It turns out you want Aleya……one of you is my older brother and the other is my dad. Aleya is merely a knight captain, if you guys wanted her, then isn’t it all a matter of a sentence?”

Before my dad replied, my older brother angrily barked:

“Hmph, isn’t this all because you’ve given her some magic potion of sorts? Last time I called her into my room, she actually dared to slap me! Moreover, she knocked me out with her sword, leaving a bump on my head that took several days to disappear! That lowly woman is clearly a low class person in my Yunyang territory, but she won’t listen to my commands, and instead follows you——”

I didn’t wait for him to finish his words.

A slap landed on his face.

Li Yi blankly stared at me as I smilingly asked him:

“How did she slap you, was it like this?”

Then, I gave him another slap, causing his tooth to fly out.

I watched him spit out a mouthful of blood and beamed:

“Or was it like this?”


  1. Reference to famous 20th century Chinese writer, Lu Xun.

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