Chapter 31 – I Want It All

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After strolling through West-Resisting City, my mood improved a lot.

While the city was still dilapidated, the expression on everyone’s faces had vastly improved. Some people who recognized me as the new City Lord took the initiative to come over and greet me. I returned a smiling nod to them while thinking in my heart, thanks for your family’s radishes and cabbages, I’ll order the entire city to not grow these two vegetables next year.

After a complete loop around the city, I temporarily returned to the City Lord’s mansion.

I don’t really understand internal affairs and I also won’t be able to learn it all in a short time.

But just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean I won’t plagiarize.

Reform, political reform. Currently, the resistance to political reform has greatly lessened due to vested interests——the old aristocracy class has already had their heads chopped off by me. After a bit of recalling, I wrote down several large words onto the blank sheet of paper before my eyes:

Transform Fields, Taxation, Peasant Nobility, Meritocracy, County, Collective Punishment, Magnanimity, Civil Service System.

These eight aspects are the same eight that the Qin State in those years used to grow from weak to strong. It’s the summarized experience of a certain sage who was born in Wei State and ran over to Qin State’s political reform.

Pondering for a bit, I crossed out ‘County’. All I have is a city, what nonsense county do I need.

Magnanimity also wasn’t needed, Eternal Heaven State had long since unified metrics, currency and so on.

As for the so-called ‘Transform Fields’, it was just to recognize that the land within West-Resisting City was private-owned and was permitted to be freely bought and sold.

Taxation, agricultural tax and trade tax need to be paid; in simpler terms, it’s individual income tax. Considering how the current period is mainly for recovery and recuperation, these taxes can be lowered a bit. I’m not particularly short of money as of now.

Peasant Nobility is what is commonly referred to as rewarding the land-worker. Although lessening the taxation is a good deed, it’ll be very problematic if the masses don’t work after eating their fill. For this reason, I must give them a way to climb up the social ladder. If there’s extra grain, I will purchase it and also give them corresponding rewards.

There’s no need to mention meritocracy, since everyone pays money, I won’t be stingy with the nobility titles.

Collective Punishment……should I implement this?

I rubbed my temples.

It’s better if I implement it. Even if it is a little cruel and unreasonable, West-Resisting City’s people aren’t wise enough. If I don’t implement some special methods, then accidents will occur when trouble stirs. Felita’s case is a lesson to be learned from. In the future, bullying won’t just be a crime that one person commits. If one person commits the crime, the bystanders who tacitly accept it happening will also be treated as guilty. This is the most effective method.

As for the Civil Service System, let’s first use the current system for now.

As the saying goes, entirely trusting books is worse than not having books. Apart from these necessary things, I plan to add a few more things to the list.

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The first one is ‘Industry’. West-Resisting City’s city wall is very shabby, which greatly raises the difficulty of defending the city. Some places are even just some temporary fixes after being broken through, so they’re brittle like paper. In these circumstances, I felt that continuing on with the previous millstoning of the wall was very stupid. It was completely possible to fire up some bricks, then use cement to build the wall; this way, it would guarantee that the Demons wouldn’t have an easy time breaking through the walls.

But the problem was that I currently didn’t have a brick kiln or a cement workshop.

This wasn’t a problem, though. In those days, I was also a bricklayer, so it was a walk in the park for me. If placed in an ordinary world, these two problems would be a bit troublesome, but this world had magic and martial skills. Theoretically, the process of manufacturing bricks should be able to be drastically sped up. Felita’s fire magic should also be helpful.

While I was at it, I wrote down ‘brick kiln’ and ‘cement recipe’ on a sheet of paper, then afterwards bit on the writing brush as I continued thinking.

This still isn’t enough. Although these methods will strengthen my city, there still isn’t a way to generate revenue.

But what channels does West-Resisting City have for money-making?

After giving it a bit of thought, several methods came to mind.

First, the roads must be repaired. Currently, no matter where you walk in West-Resisting City, it’s all on dirt roads. After the cement situation is resolved, the road to Yun Hai Territory in the south needs to be opened up first. Didn’t they want to do trade? Alright, then we’ll set up the road. This way, we can import some necessary stuff while simultaneously exporting some things in return.

For example, the materials dropped from a Demon’s body.

Last time when I went to save Felita, I examined the types of Demons in the vicinity of West-Resisting City.

Goblin, low level Demon, can drop【Bone Claw】,【Rotten Tongue】and other materials, and will also occasionally drop the rare【Cursed Skull】.

Horned Rabbit, the little brother of goblin, can drop【Rabbit Meat】【Rabbit Horn】, and will occasionally drop the rare【Solid Pelt】.

Demonic Wolf, a Demon that lives in packs, can drop【Wolf Fur】【Canine Teeth】, and will occasionally drop the rare【Wolf King’s Fangs】.

Ekans, a bewitching creature filled with déjà vu, can drop【Tail】【Venom】, and will occasionally drop the uncommon【Snake Pupil】. 1

Apart from these, there are still the Three-Foot Deer, Orcs and so on. There were too many types of count and their quantity was enormous.

From a statistical point of view, suppose the chance of uncommon material dropping was 1%, that would mean you could only hope that 1 uncommon would drop after killing 100. Although reality showed that the probability was actually as high as 36.6%, this percentage would definitely get closer to 1% the more Demons are slain. With Felita’s magic bombardment, the output of common and uncommon materials should still be very considerable.

One shouldn’t think that there’s no market for these things; whether it’s forging weapons, equipment, manufacturing medicine or other things, many of these industries use them. If there were no sorcerers, the average hunting efficiency would be very low. Not only would there be various kinds of casualties and so on, it could be very possible that the gains don’t make up for the losses.

But with Felita, everything is different.

As the trading begins with the current biggest commerce territory——Yun Hai Territory, having them eat up these materials isn’t difficult, it could even be said that supply doesn’t meet demand.

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Besides the materials, there’s many more things.

Distilled liquor? Of course I’ll introduce it, if I don’t then what use is it for me to be a transmigrator?

Glass? Gladly, even if I’ve never eaten pork before, I’ve seen pigs walk.

Poems and songs? Ink paintings? I’ll do it, I’ll do it all.

A child can choose; I want it all.

But the problem lies in how troublesome it is……

Land reclamation, establishing factories, research and development, invest and devesting materials, advertising, opening markets, auctioning……

Thinking about it all makes my head hurt.

Well, I should first write it all down, first write it down……from what I saw in Aleya’s report, the first round of Demon invasions should be happening tomorrow. When the moment comes, I’ll first observe the situation of the materials dropping, then plan how to move on from there.


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