Chapter 30 – I’m Unable To Accept This

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

This is basically how army affairs were settled.

Although I really wished to have the best teacher training them, I had no choice but to drop that idea for now since I unfortunately didn’t have any excellent generals.

I originally planned to take care of the internal affairs issues this morning, but I felt something amiss the moment I woke up.

I lifted up the sheets.

Under my repeated orders for these past few days, Felita finally stopped wearing strange clothes every time she drilled into my quilt.

——“Stop wearing such weird clothes to mess with me!”

After berating her on that day, Felita indeed did stop wearing those weird clothes the very next day.

Instead, she started smoothly slipping in.

Do you not know how to read between the lines??

As a result, I started making new demands starting the very next day:

——“Wear clothes before seeing me!”

The next day, Felita sat on me fully clothed.

However, my clothes were all missing for some unknown reason.

——“Wear clothes before seeing me! Also, don’t take off my clothes!”

The next day, Felita properly wore her clothes and my clothes were also intact.

But there was still no change in how she was ambiguously embracing me.

——“When we’re both dressed, you’re not allowed to hug me!”

The next day, Felita kneeled by the bedside, lying her upper body before me, looking at me with her pitiful puppy eyes.

Damn, you’re doing this on purpose!

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——“I’m begging you, Felita, listen to me. You have to wear clothes, I have to wear clothes, you can’t hug me or kneel down in any position, understand?”

She understood.

When I got up today, I lifted up my sheets and found her lying by my side snuggling up to my body. At the same time, she was holding my hand, interlocking our fingers as she rested her head on my shoulder..

En……this is a bit more normal.

I massaged my forehead.

After experiencing all kinds of bizarre ways of getting up, I already felt that waking up like this was “normal”.

I’ve also become abnormal……

My sitting up movement woke up Felita, or perhaps it was because she was originally very sensitive to changes in her surroundings. In any case, she woke up and the first thing she did upon seeing me was spreading her arms in preparation to hug my neck——

I held her off by her forehead without further delay.

“What do you think you’re doing, can’t we have a normal day.”

Felita lowered her head in embarrassment.

She murmured:

“If I’m not by master’s side, if I don’t hold you tight……I’ll be afraid.”

Those final words of hers were spoken very softly.

My smile turned into one full of helplessness.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand Felita’s feelings.

She had been subjected to severe bullying and humiliation in the past, causing her to extremely lack a sense of security. Her former arrogant and cold appearance was because she didn’t wish to have any interactions with anyone. To take an example, imagine a fox falling into a lake and struggling within the ice-cold water. Gradually, it will feel its own body temperature becoming the same temperature as the water and start becoming used to the piercing ice-cold feeling. Then, it’s exactly at this time that a person suddenly carries her out and places her in front of a bonfire. Would the fox that’s recovered its original body temperature be willing to leave this fire?

But continuing on like this is unhealthy.

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Right now, apart from fighting the Demons, Felita basically doesn’t leave the City Lord’s mansion. When I go out, she’s sitting by the entrance hall anxiously waiting for me to come back. When she sees me, she exposes a very adorable smiling expression, truly resembling a puppy waiting for her master to come home.

How can I make her a bit more normal?

As I was thinking this, I said my usual goodbye to Felita as I left the City Lord’s mansion. Aleya was teaching the soldiers training methods while I casually wandered the streets. Not long after, I was met with the sight of two familiar figures.

It was the two I had seen before, Felita’s apprentice Yama and his younger sister——that little lass who sold us those sour fruits.

I actively walked over and asked Yama’s little sister:

“Not picking fruits today?”

Upon seeing me, the little lass sweetly smiled and replied:

“There aren’t any fruits to pick. Also there’s no need to pick fruit now, mama says that our home’s condition is much better than before. The only thing big brother and I need to do is do some light work at home.”

Yama was still vigilantly standing in front of his little sister, but it was already much better than last time. This time, he didn’t stand right in front and he let me and the little lass normally communicate.

After chatting with her for a bit, I learned that her name was Yaqi’an.

Yama interrupted by asking:

“Is Master fine?”

I didn’t know how I should answer, so I thought about it for a bit before replying:

“En……she’s quite energetic.”

Yama didn’t appear to comprehend the meaning behind my words as he kicked a small stone on the side of the road, saying:

“Master isn’t very good at interacting with people, she usually appears to be eminent and unapproachable, and says very few words. Don’t blame her.”

This time, I also didn’t know what I should say in response.

What was I supposed to tell him, “right now your ‘eminent and unapproachable’ master is sticking herself on me”?

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I couldn’t do that.

I was unable to speak these words.

Therefore, I hollowly laughed for a bit then replied:

“Ah……haha. Ah. En. Everyone is a bit different, I can understand it.”

Yama quietly whispered:

“Can I go see Master?”

“Not right now!!”

I firmly rejected him, awkwardly explaining a little while later:

“Your Master is……how do I say it, a bit broken-hearted. For the time being, she doesn’t want to see anybody. Just wait, wait a period of time.”

Yama blinked his eyes and solemnly nodded.

He lifted his head, starlight twinkling within his eyes.

“It’s fine as long as Master has returned. For a long time now, everything I’ve learned is all from Master. Master’s always been strong and beautiful, as long as she’s present, then I have a path to follow for the future.”

After a long silence, I probingly added:

“Yama, this……people sometimes need some new paths to follow. You can’t be superstitious, you know? Your Master has some areas that are worth learning, but for the others, how do I say it……their areas are a bit strange and aren’t worth learning.”

Yama glowered at me, shouting:

“You’re not allowed to say bad things about my Master! In the future, I’ll definitely become someone exactly like Master!”

Become exactly like your Master??

You’ll follow your Master in drilling into my quilt without clothes??

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Holy ****, no!

I’m unwilling to accept this!


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