Chapter 22 – Persisting In Evil Brings About Self-Destruction

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The several nobles that were shocked at first, with expressions as if they had witnessed the end of days, soon changed back into calm ones upon seeing that I was alone.

A crazily grinning noble pulled on Pierce’s arm and drunkenly said:

“Pierce, you, th-this won’t do. Why is there a dog on the loose——”

I didn’t give him an opportunity to finish his words.

The short wooden club in my hands smashed right into his face, causing his nose to collapse inwards with his other five sense organs following right afterwards. Then his entire body flew out backwards and crashed into the banquet table behind him. A body weighing more than 100 kgs lying on a table filled with thoroughly broken plates, pots, and overturned wine cups was a scene filled with a bit of deterrent force.

Another noble reacted and fell back two steps before shouting with a trembling voice:

“Guards! Guards! Yiik——don’t come over here!! I am——”

Who cares about who the hell you are.

The club struck him down to the ground and I watched on as he vomited out his insides. I then raised my leg and stepped on his head as I laughed:

“At least you have value as a footrest……right? I heard that West-Resisting City is having a very bitter time, so isn’t it a bit unsuitable for the several of you to be eating and drinking well considering the state of the city?”

The guard servants rushed in with crude weapons.

Pierce fiercely pushed away the two women in his arms and rapidly retreated over to the guard servants as he loudly shrieked:

“Kill! There’s an assassin! Kill him, you good-for-nothings! Otherwise you better not think of eating for the next three days!”

The guard servants dashed over at me while gnashing their teeth in anger.

I shook my head.

There was no need to care about those servants. Before Pierce could react, my hands were already clutching his neck and lifting him up. The only issue was that lifting him up was a little strenuous since he had quite the load of excess fat. I tightened my grip on his neck and veered him towards the guard servants that were coming for me——

See? The world’s peaceful.

“Pierce, it’s rare for us two to have an opportunity to have a nice heart-to-heart talk. It’s not good to have too many outsiders watching, yeah?”

Pierce choked, unable to speak any words.

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I loosened my grip a little and threw him onto the floor. Pierce gasped hard for breath, saying to the guard servants:

“Leave! All of you leave! Don’t come in without my command!”

The guard servants nodded vigorously as they retreated. Those people had gone through hard times, so I intended to give them a way out to survive.

After waiting for them to leave, I laughed as I patted his head.

“That’s more like it. Now where were we?”

Pierce’s face displayed his bewilderment.

I dragged over a chair, sat down, raised a leg to cross it over the other, then continued speaking:

“I believe we were talking about how you all would give me half of your family so that you could buy your lives. That’s fine, I allow it.”

A noble indignantly stood up:

“Who would say something like this to you? Why not just rob us! Why are you reaching your hand out towards us when we haven’t even acknowledged you as the City L——”

I struck his mouth with the club in my hand.

He spat out a mouthful of blood laced with broken teeth.

“Aiya, did I mishear? That can’t be, right? Pierce?”

After calling out Pierce by his name, I didn’t bother waiting for him to answer. Instead, I opted to kick his abdomen, causing his enormous body to go flying into the ceiling. After making contact with the ceiling, he dropped down like a ball and sprawled on the floor confused. I grabbed him by the hair, lifted him off the floor, and said with a smirk:

“So you think you’re tough ****. Is it because the Demons are now your father? Or is it because you’re so used to bullying fellow humans that you actually think you’re something important?”

Pierce seemed to want to say something, but I used the club in my hand to break one of his arms before sitting on him and disclosed to the other nobles:

“Sometimes, I think that you all are really amazing.”

Gazing at their blank expressions, I lightly continued:

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“I, Li De, also want to freeload, I also want to oppress the masses, and I also want to live a comfortable life as a corrupt noble. But at the very least, I’m not stupid. I know the principle of ‘not killing the goose that lays the golden eggs’, I know what I should do and shouldn’t do, I know when to accomplish things when they need to be done. But you guys, you’re not the same. I feel that you guys are fearless and give no consideration for the future; that’s to say, as long as you’re able to eat and drink in the ‘now’, that would be enough for you.”

Pierce struggled in an attempt to speak, so I casually snapped his other arm and made him howl in grief.

As he was wailing, I kicked over the wine table before my eyes.

The noble with the handlebar moustache couldn’t help but stand up and shout:

“Li De, don’t oppress us too much! Otherwise you best watch out for the Demon Race coming after your life!”

If he didn’t speak about this, I would’ve forgotten about this minor matter. Seeing his full-of-self-confidence look, I felt really pissed. After casually grabbing a plate of chili meat, I chucked it at this cheap *******’s face. Watching him bawl after the hot oil splashed into his eyes, I coldly fumed:

“Do you truly feel that sending off Felita to the Demons would grant the city peace? Do you really think that the Demons would be more than happy to give up this piece of land? Do you actually believe that you all will be this place’s master in the future? You all, you all are undoubtedly god damn pigs!”

The more I looked at the rest of the bastards, the angrier I got. I felt that I would feel more comfortable once I beat them into extremely odd shapes.

Sitting on the kneeling Pierce, I continued crossing my legs and confessed:

“I, ah, originally wanted to quietly solve this problem. But that sorcerer said that I shouldn’t kill people, so I had no other choice but to chat with you all. Half of your family property and you’re free to leave the city.”

The nobles collectively went silent.

In this crucial period of time, it was still Pierce who understood the concept of breaking it off when one should since he bellowed:

“I’ll give it to you! Isn’t it just half of my family property? Let us leave! But you have to guarantee, you have to issue the most vicious oath, that you won’t touch even our fingertips ever again!”

I rapped his head and chuckled:

“That’s more like it. With how adapting you are to circumstances, it’s no wonder that you’re the boss of these 25 children.”

Soon after, I cleared my throat and swore:

“As long as the people present hand over half of their family property, I, Li De, absolutely will not take the initiative to give them trouble. Furthermore, I will even politely send them out of the city.”

Taking inventory of the family property went very smoothly, so I was very kind to them since these manors and servants now belonged to me. Whatever property they could bring away was theirs.

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Just like this, twelve carriages were smoothly loaded with their belongings.

Early the very next day, when they were leaving the city, I stood on the city wall smiling as I waved them goodbye. Unfortunately, none of them paid any heed to me.

Because I had relatively good hearing, I could hear some nobles tell Pierce:

“Boss Pierce, I’m unable to swallow this anger, leaving just like this.”

Pierce shook his head:

“Damn, I originally thought that he was a waste……it doesn’t matter, we have money. Let’s go east, to young master Li Neng’s territory. He’ll take us in. After we lay dormant for a while, we’ll gather some soldiers to attack West-Resisting City. Li De and the Overlord of Yunyang most likely had a falling out, so that old man probably won’t care about this son of his.”

“This is also the most we can do……”

The twelve carriages that were slowly moving along suddenly stopped.

In a bad mood, Pierce roared:

“What are you doing?! Why isn’t the carriage moving?”

The coachman trembled in fear as he replied:

“No, Lord Pierce, someone is blocking the way.”

“Blocking the way? Are they sick of living, run them over! Crush that damn peasant to death!”

As he was speaking, Pierce lifted open the curtain and took a look outside.

A blonde, silver-armored young lady stood in the middle of the road with a cold expression.

He probably recognized that it was my guard. After all, he seemed clear about what was going on as he shouted in alarm:

“You are——”

Aleya’s longsword left its sheath.

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A white light flashed and a chubby head tumbled onto the ground.

I yawned slowly and turned around.

Aiya aiya, sir Pierce’s life is really ill-fated. I had obviously agreed to let him go, but who would’ve known that he’d still come across a bandit miss that had long been waiting for him outside the city walls? Who can be blamed for this?

Only you, Pierce, can be blamed for persisting in evil and bringing about self-destruction. I hope that once he’s in the underworld, he’ll properly repent.


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