Chapter 21 – Please Eat Some Clubbed Meat Stew

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I kicked off the ground using my toes and started climbing up a tall wall. With a slight bit of effort, I flipped over into Pierce’s courtyard.

The moment I checked up on the surroundings, I actually didn’t know what kind of expression I should’ve put on my face.

Even though West-Resisting City appeared so poor, Pierce had a water pavilion, rockery with green bamboo, and basically all the luxuries you could ever think of.1 He was much richer than even I, the fourth son of Yunyang’s Overlord. I should’ve known that he would have such a living space when I saw his obese body, but how much blood and sweat went into this project? While they were talking and laughing, how many people became destitute and homeless because of this project?

These matters weren’t things for me to manage.

But at the sight of this courtyard made of pure money, it lit an unreasoning fire in me!

******* hell, while my West-Resisting City’s City Lord residence is a small and ruined courtyard, you old nobles in the city are eating and drinking well? Yet you still dare to wear patched up clothes to meet me, showing off how poor you are and how you aren’t able to share anything, what the hell are you doing?? You’ve already eaten up the larger share of the food and you won’t even leave me the remnants! Aren’t you guys a little too excessive?

Today, I, Li De, shall inform you all——

That when I was living in Lingyun City, I was an outstanding, famous playboy, oppressing the people and committing every imaginable misdeed; the one known as “Happy-To-Partake-In-Anything-But-Not-Work-For-It Fourth Son”, Li De. Under my rule, no one is allowed to surpass me in this aspect! This is a man’s dignity, got it?

I tread lightly into the main hall and stood outside the door. From the light leaving from the inside, I could see at least 20-30 beauties. There were even more female servants prostrating, but Pierce didn’t seem to have any tender, protective feelings towards the fairer sex——or perhaps, these maids weren’t worthy of his tender feelings since all of them were malnourished and sickly in appearance. The treatment of the male servants was even more excessive: their upper bodies were bare and they shouldered heavy things. Besides that, their faces were lean and sunken in due to hunger, and each and every one of them staggered as they moved.

Isn’t this a typical case of squeezing your labor force dry?

This late at night, but still working; did they even receive their overtime pay yet??

No?? That’s a bit too much.

I shook my head and kept standing outside the door. The smell of fragrant dishes and wine wafted out from the inside. There was no need to speak of how those starving male and female servants felt, even I gulped a mouthful of saliva.

Really fragrant!2

“Once Felita dies, Li De has no choice but to rely on us. From then on, West-Resisting City will be under the rule of us brothers.”

A man with a handlebar moustache said.

“Oh alas, there’s nothing to fear about a child who hasn’t grown all his hair. What other trouble can he cause? If he truly had the ability, then would he be sent to our West-Resisting City? In my opinion, as long as it’s someone with even a bit of capability, even if they couldn’t succeed in becoming the Overlord, at the very least, they wouldn’t get sent to this place, right?”

“That’s true……but the woman following him is really beautiful.”


“Yeah……sound of someone clicking their tongue.”

“But it doesn’t matter, we’ll have plenty of chances in the future. In any case, he’ll have to consider our opinions since he’s now inside city walls. So long as he wishes to continue being City Lord, then he has no other choice but to depend on us. After all, not only do we control the money, grain, and army, we are also the only ones able to communicate with the Demon Race.”

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“Right, once the Demon Race gets into contact with us, we’ll make them raid West-Resisting City a few more times and make them act out a scene with us. Let’s see if Li De dares to not fear us then. On the day that he kneels for help from us, we’ll make that follower of his into a maid of ours. Would he dare not to obey then?”

“What a pity about Felita……”

“It would’ve been nice to have an opportunity to play with her before sending her off.”

“Don’t think about it. Do you dare to touch the woman being sent as a gift to the Demon Race? If by any chance the Demon Race doesn’t want to kill her but instead treat her as a plaything, then they’ll furiously come over here and find trouble with us once they find out that she’s no longer a virgin.”

“Yes yes, the Demon Race is unparalleled. Their power is great, their numbers numerous……”

A group of people drunkenly shouted. There was a person who toasted to Pierce, intermittently saying:

“Pierce, my old brother, I, I offer you a cup! Between us brothers, only are you the most clever and able to manage such a major event. In the future, you are our secret City Lord! Who cares about that Li De, that sh, ****** kid!”

Pierce pulled over a woman who obviously put on too much makeup. He clapped the woman’s back, then the woman received the wine cup and kissed it. Afterwards, she fed the wine into her mouth, then into Pierce’s mouth through kissing. Pierce laughed heartily and frivolously embraced the woman as he boldly stated:

“West-Resisting? West-****-Resisting! Why bother fighting back and forth? There’s no use in doing so. My view on this is that Felita’s a ******, she should’ve long since gone over to the boss of the Demons and slept with him. In any case, her mother isn’t any honorable woman. Isn’t there that saying ‘a son will inherit his father’s industry’? She should’ve long ago inherited her mother’s servility, but she’s always been donning a hypocritical attitude. Did she really think she was some untouchable angel? Bah!”

The person who proposed the toast praised:

“Precisely, it’s impossible for us to win them. If we sent a woman as an offering to the Demons every year, any problem would be settled. As for the people in the city walls, they have no place to run anyway, so there’s no need to manage them.”

“Just in case this city is done for, worst comes to worst, we can just pack up and leave since we have money……”

I couldn’t help but actually clap upon hearing this.

Ever since I’ve grown up, I’ve always thought that I was already a very shameless person.

Who would’ve known that I would meet my evenly matched rivals here!

Are, are they really humans? How about checking after peeling off your faces? Are you really not Demons in disguise? Or perhaps you’re all actually sons of the Demon Race and specialized in calling other people ‘father’?

Besides, this entire West-Resisting City is my, Li De’s, property. You dare to send things out of the city without my permission? Who the hell do you mental people think you are!

I quickly rapped on the entrance and the inside quickly quieted down. Soon after, someone drunkenly asked:

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“Which eye-less person dares to disturb us so late——”

I trampled open the doors.

“Open the door! Traitor Wind Express Delivery, which of you ordered clubbed meat stew, line up over here!”

After I finished, I trampled the broken door, breaking it halfway so that I could equip a wooden club.

Club acquired, as for the meat……

Isn’t this a room full of fat pigs?


  1. Image search 亭台水榭 if you want to have an idea as to what a Chinese water pavilion looks like.
  2. Off-topic footnote, but does anyone watch Xiao Ying(小穎美食)?

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