Chapter 23 – Even If You’re Dead, You’ll Still Be Made The Scapegoat

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

In my view, there’s nothing wrong with Pierce’s money-making methods, it’s just that his thought process is a bit faulty.

In a feudal dynasty, it’s very normal for most of the wealth to be concentrated in the nobility. In fact, it’s even normal for nobles to be richer than the King and there’s nothing the King can do about it. This is because the King has to count on nobles to govern his nation. With how deep-rooted this class benefit is, nobles are basically untouchable——

But the problem is that I’m not a King.

For such a small West-Resisting City, I’m able to govern it myself without you guys, so what capital do you have to pretend that you’re someone big?

How comfortable.

I wasn’t able to sleep last night, so my mental state right now isn’t so good. But there are some matters to take care of, that is, giving the masses some ideological education. Due to being under Pierce’s rule, they’ve all started showing the first signs of being fine with being enslaved. This is simply unacceptable; frantically flattering foreigners, jealousy towards comrades. Although the higher powers of Eternal Heaven State is basically like this, this is nevertheless a very serious problem.

At approximately 9 in the morning, the assembly of the masses was nearly complete.

There were definitely some people who didn’t come, but the majority still obediently came. Among the people who came, a large portion of them probably wanted to take a look at the newly arrived City Lord’s appearance.

Once the great majority arrived, I stood up in black mourning garments and walked up to the podium with heavy steps, then announced towards the masses:

“Early this morning, something tragic happened! The nobles in the city, led by Pierce, departed eastwards and died inexplicable deaths outside the city! Over 20 people lost their lives. This is the biggest tragedy that has occurred in our West-Resisting City in recent years and it’s the consequence of my, the City Lord, detrimental way of handling affairs! If only I had found out about the activity of the Demon Race’s movements earlier, if only I……I’m sorry, everyone!!”

A peal of discussion broke out within the dense mass of people.

“Pierce is dead?”

“How can this be……what about his guards?”

“Who killed him?”

After a long while, a courageous person asked me:

“City Lord! You just said something about the Demon Race’s activity, what’s the matter?”

I sighed and replied:

“After inspection, Pierce was most likely killed by Demons.”

All of them became alarmed in a split second.

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“Demons are coming?”

“Didn’t they say that we would receive peace in exchange for Felita?”

After another long while, an intelligent person finally understood the core issue and loudly inquired:

“Not right! Not right! At this time, why were Pierce and the other nobles leaving with their family property?!”

I faltered, not replying.

The people of West-Resisting City suddenly exploded in agitation:

“He planned to run? He intended to abandon us and just run?”

“Eastwards, isn’t Lord Li Neng’s fiefdom to the east? That ******* hasn’t let us take refuge there for a long time now, so why was Pierce going over there?”

“Are you stupid! Those noble lords brought their family property as they left, why wouldn’t Lord Li Neng shelter them? He just won’t offer shelter to us poor people……”

“So it was like this! After that group of noble lords finished eating and cleaning themselves, they intended to avoid the problem like this!!”

“I told you a long time ago that Pierce couldn’t be trusted. This time we’re done for, Felita’s gone, we, what should we do……”

A barely discernible sound of weeping could be heard within the crowd.

Seeing that the situation was just about where I wanted it, I lifted my hand up and press down, making the gesture for them to calm down since letting them continue like would just cause a dangerous mass panic, as I said:

“Everyone, there’s no need to panic. I’ve already found Felita.”

In any case, Boss Pierce already “died an inglorious death in the hands of the Demons”, so I didn’t mind pushing another evil onto him. I got right to the point as I explained:

“Pierce lied to you all, and also to Felita. He never planned on sending Felita off to the Demons, but rather intended to enjoy her himself. Reaching a peace agreement with the Demons was also fake. Think about it, the Demons already held the upper hand, why would they bother signing a peace agreement with us? Pierce’s true aim was to present an unguarded and unprepared West-Resisting City to the Demons, to make you the targets of the Demons’ wonton slaughter, while he escaped to the east to live comfortably!”

I shook my head:

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“Unfortunately, the words of those Demons didn’t contain even the slightest hint of truth. They laid in ambush outside the city in order to assassinate Pierce and planned to get rid of the biggest danger to them, Felita, in one fell swoop. However, they didn’t expect that Felita wisely escaped and returned to West-Resisting City.”

The masses let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness.”

“Felita’s still alive……”

“We’re saved, we’re saved!”

When I saw how happy the people below me were, I also started to feel happy.

When abandoning her, it was as effortless and easy as eating and drinking. However, now that they properly recognized her as their last lifeline, they all realize how much they owe her.

I adopted a sorrowful display and slowly informed:

“Don’t be too happy yet, that Felita……appears to want to depart West-Resisting City.”


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