Chapter 18 – This Is The Precious Wealth Of Our West-Resisting City

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library


Felita had never met her own biological father.

Felita had only once seen her own mother since she was born.

She remembered her mother tied to a pillar, smiling at her. Many people she didn’t recognize stood by the pillar, holding torches in their hands. That night was like a bonfire party; everyone sang, danced, then ignited the firewood by the pillar. The flames rose up, but her mother didn’t cry out in pain. Instead, her mother kept her smiling expression as she gazed at her daughter while tears flowed down her face.

Felita pulled a random person’s hand and asked what her mother was doing. In response, the person laughed.

“Aah, she’s become ‘unclean’. But that’s not a problem since the flames will purify her soul and the gods will forgive her sin.”

Felita seemed to get it but did not really understand.

After she grew up, she heard that her mother was acting in a play with those adults that had nothing better to do, all in order to allow her to live. Her mother put on the appearance of repentance, and as she was dying in the fire, she loudly declared the sins of the Demon Race, loudly cursing the ‘shameless’ her that had become one with the Demons and given birth to a child. In this way, she exhorted the young women in the city to kill themselves if they were ever caught by a Demon, telling them that their chastity was more important than their lives. And it was also in this way that she was able to guarantee that her only daughter would be able to live on.

Felita was adopted by a solitary and impoverished old man inside the city and lived as his granddaughter.

But little Felita very quickly discovered that she and other people were a little different.

Her hair was white and it grew very quickly, always reaching her waist. Her skin was also very pale, and her eyes a bright orange-yellow; features that made her completely different from her fellow little ones.

She never understood why she was so different.

Children always threw rocks at her head and Felita would clumsily use her hands to cover her head, but was still hit until her head was bleeding.

They called her, ‘monster’.

Felita didn’t know what a monster was, but she understood that those people loathed her. Otherwise, they wouldn’t splash her with toilet water or put tons of dead bed bugs, centipedes, and vipers on her seat. They also wouldn’t be sticking on all sorts of insulting notes on her back and laughing her at.

Felita felt very wronged.

She secretly told her grandfather and her grandfather helplessly let out a sigh as he leaned on his walking stick and said to her:

“Felita, you have to act even better if you want to make them all speechless……”

Felita nodded.

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She self-studied the dusty magic books in the bookroom and weirdly enough, she seemed to be able to comprehend what those indecipherable words meant. At that time, Felita still didn’t understand that she was a so-called ‘magic genius’, so she told her teacher that she could understand the magic books and that she could use magic.

As a result, on the evening of the same day, Felita was beaten black and blue by the surrounding children and their parents.

Some people grabbed wooden sticks, some people took off their shoes, some people used their bare fists; nobody was lenient, nobody was remorseful.

“My child isn’t able to use magic, why can you?”

“Speak! How did you learn it, you bad child who eats alone!”

“Don’t think that you’re superior just because you can use magic, a hybrid like you will forever be a hybrid! Just like your mother, you’re just a lowly *****!”

“Hit her! Hit her! Ask her where she learned it from!”

“Papa, fighting! Hmph, aren’t you able to use magic; then why don’t you use it, resist!”

Head and face filthy with grime, Felita suffered injuries all over her body.

Someone spat on her face.

“How ******* unlucky, how dare a dog actually show off to its master, we’ve already given you enough face.”

“Exactly. Hey, sister, I recall that your family’s child should be able to use magic. Once he returns, we’ll be able to ask this little ***** about where the magic came from, then the several of us will be able to properly calculate how much the knowledge costs and afterwards achieve meteoric success in our lives……”

“But of course.”

Everyone laughed and the crowd dispersed.

Felita hobbled her way home. Her gutless grandfather could only lean on his walking stick and after a long moment of hesitation, he cursed in a low voice:

“Those people are too excessive……”

After cursing, he hurriedly and quietly opened the door to check and confirm that nobody had heard him before feeling relieved.

Felita bit her lips and didn’t say a word.

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The old man heaved a sigh as he gently applied medicine on her.

Everything will be fine if I become stronger. That way I can protect myself and grandpa.

Felita, who thought this way, endured the suffering as she learned magic. At last, when she lifted her hand and exploded a small hill, nobody dared to move her. Those that had beat her up, some of them took the initiative to visit her and apologize——

Felita felt very happy.

Just when Felita thought that her life would continue on like this, she had already become increasingly slender and elegant. She began resembling her mother, but perhaps because she was a hybrid, she was even more beautiful and moving. In the year that she became 12 years old, West-Resisting City’s noble head Pierce visited and informed her that he was willing to take her as a concubine——of course, in order to safeguard sir Pierce’s reputation, this matter couldn’t be made public. During the daytime, she would still be the sorcerer protecting the city, but once it became nighttime, she would turn into Pierce’s exclusive property.

Felita refused without the slightest hesitation.

Several days later, Felita finished killing off all the Demons at the frontlines and dragged her exhausted body home. When she arrived home, she saw her grandfather on his last breath.

He was in exactly the same condition she was during those years.

He had been splashed with manure and his skinny body beaten until dripping blood. One of his eyes would be forever blind while the other one was soon to follow, but when he saw that Felita had returned through his hazy vision, he reached out his hand and spoke in a trembling voice:

“Felita……grandpa……didn’t answer them……before……grandpa……let you down. Didn’t……protect you. Don’t hate humans……they just don’t understand. They’re……merely afraid……of you……protect the city……and one day……they will accep……t you, one day……”

The old man breathed his last breath.

That day, the sound of Felita’s weeping spread far and wide.

The neighboring neighborhood could hear her heart-wrenching cry.

That night, the houses of the men who had been hired by Pierce to do this burned down into cinders.

After this event, there were people asking Pierce:

“Aren’t you afraid? Afraid that she will retaliate?”

Pierce laughed heartily in response”

“Afraid of what! She might seem haughty and indifferent, but beneath that guise is just a dog, a homeless dog that has no other choice but to wag her tail and beg for pity! She doesn’t have any guts, she doesn’t even have the courage to kill a person because her disposition is that of the lowliest woman, and this sense of inferiority is ingrained in her!”

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Finally, Pierce licked his lips and sneered:

“I just don’t know who’ll be her master in the future; who will be able to experience that rapture-like, bone-penetrating charm. Who will she be kneeling to in the coming days, whose toes will she be licking, who will be the target of her foxy gaze! Haha, hahahaha……but nobody will have this opportunity. Since she’s so cowardly, then we’ll just have to squeeze all the excess value out of her.”


Looking back at everything, Felita laughed in derision.

Grandpa said to not hate humans, instead to protect them well.

But in the end, nobody understood her. It was as if everything she had done for them was all a joke to them. When the Demon Race army proposed to ‘sacrifice her for peace’, the masses loudly shouted, seemingly relieved that they would be able to get rid of their shackles.

Felita also appeared as if she had gotten rid of her shackles.

She was now like her mother, who had been tied up, tied up on a pillar with her mouth blocked, unable to speak, unable to write, having lost all her freedom. And those ugly Demons, after confirming over and over that there was no danger, started crawling up the pillar towards her, extending their evil claws towards her.

Monsters, as far as the eye could see.

Felita’s soft lips trembled, her teeth biting down on the coarse rope binding her mouth, wisps of blood flowing down her white teeth.

All I really wanted was to live.

All I ever wanted was to be accepted by humans, to integrate into human life, to talk freely with them, to live an ordinary and long life.

Is it all my fault? Is having demon blood and is the cause of the deaths of mother and grandpa all my fault?

The monsters tore open her clothes.

Just as a wide-open, fishy-smelling mouth equipped with sinister sharp teeth was about to bite into her fair neck.

Suddenly, she heard the collision of metals and the sound of something stabbing into flesh.

The swarming monsters stopped their approach.

Felita struggled to twist her body towards the source of the noise and caught sight of a young man exaggeratedly waving both his hands as if he were swatting away mosquitos.

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“**** your mothers, go away, **** off! Don’t you know that private property is sacred? I am the current City Lord of West-Resisting City and this is my West-Resisting City’s sorcerer, whoever steals her from me, I’ll make you anxious about the wrath you’ll be facing! Do you hear me? Haah?? Sons of bitches, you still dare to test me? Aleya, beat them up!!”

A woman wearing silver armor swept past her like wind and extracted the sword embedding in the monster’s skull, then started killing all the monsters that dared to come near to her.

The young man, only slightly taller than her, unhurriedly came up and untied the rope binding her.

Felita powerlessly fell onto his body; to be more accurate, fell into his embrace.

She caught sight of the smiling, refined young man sizing up the Demons present, his hands stable as if no living being in the world could faze him as he proclaimed:

“Today, I, Li De, will be taking her with me, let me see who has the courage to block my path!”


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