Chapter 17 – Let’s Go And Save That Goddess

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Hero saving the beauty——it’s certainly a pleasing story to listen to.

But I am no hero and I don’t know whether or not the opposite party is a beauty.

After we returned to the City Lord’s mansion, the deafening shouts from the outside were already starting to die down.

I sat on my bed with closed eyes as I leaned on the wall.

Is it fine to leave things as they are?

I have a feeling that things are a bit off. I’m unable to say what kind of feeling it is, perhaps it’s the feeling of being unable to make a sorcerer stay behind in West-Resisting City, or maybe it’s the feeling that I get when I feel that it’s a pity that I’m losing a precious sorcerer. But whatever it is, there’s one thing I’m sure of.

And this is that from the current information gathered, the sorcerer simply had no reason to protect West-Resisting City.

She’s the daughter of a human and Demon, a compatriot to both races. However, she didn’t seem to receive the welcome of humanity. It could even be said that she was invisible to humanity. With such treatment, what reason did she have to protect the city? I’m unable to understand. Because I’m unable to understand, I’ve been feeling that something fishy is going on.

It was right at this time that Aleya quietly whispered:

“Young master, it seems that someone is outside.”

I opened my eyes and spread out my perception a bit. Indeed, there was someone outside the City Lord’s mansion.

The person didn’t knock on the door nor did he make a sound. The only thing the person was doing was silently kneeling on the ground in front of the entrance.

I hesitated for a moment, then said:

“Come with me to take a look.”

Aleya brought her sword with her as she followed behind me.

When I opened the door, I was greeted with the sight of a youngster’s thin silhouette. He respectfully knelt at the doorway and didn’t raise his head even when hearing the door open.

Yama——he seemed to call himself this. He was the stubborn boy in the daytime who wouldn’t even talk to us or take even a single copper coin from us.

I walked up to him and questioned:

“What are you here for?”

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He pressed his head against the rough ground and opened his mouth with great difficulty, his voice hoarse as he replied:

“I’m very sorry for what happened during the daytime. I didn’t know you were the newly arrived City Lord, so my tone was a little——”

I interrupted him:

“Leave it be. I don’t have time to listen to your hypocritical apology.”

Yama clenched his fists as he took several deep breaths.

He was probably doing his best to resist the urge to curse at me.

He pleaded:

“I implore you……save my Master.”

I looked at him with a playful pondering smile and asked:


Yama bitterly nodded.

As expected.

In the case that this city didn’t have two sorcerers, then the one who taught Yama magic and the one who was tied up and sent to the side of the Demon Race should be the same person. The half-human, half-Demon sorcerer, the sorcerer who had been continuously routing the Demon Race’s invasion alone——Felita.

The amount of times this name has been appearing recently is quite high.

I looked at him with a smile that didn’t appear to be a smile and queried him:

“Do you think that just based on your words, I should face everyone’s opposition and bring her back?”

Yama had nothing to say in reply, only kneeling in place.

I indifferently stated:

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“Not to mention, I heard that your Master’s reputation is quite terrible and that she burned other people’s houses. Is this true or false?”

Yama slowly nodded, but quickly followed up with an urgent tone:

“I also don’t know why, but Master, Master definitely has her reasons.”

I laughed at his words:

“In this kind of place, everyone is struggling to stay alive. Burning down another person’s house is like ruining another person’s life. What kind of reason would make her do such a thing? Perhaps the hatred of having one’s father killed would cause this, but humanity simply has no method of killing her Demon father.”

Yama became speechless for a while.

I didn’t talk any further, nor did I leave.

After a very long time passed, he stammered:

“I, I can guarantee that Master isn’t a bad person……”

I informed him with a mocking smile:

“Your guarantee is worthless.”

Yama’s lips trembled. After another long period of time passed, he got up and took out a rag-wrapped thing from his bosom. He raised the item above his head with both his hands and gulped before he said:

“This is Master’s diary……she’s never let anyone read this. She’s placed a restriction on it that I simply cannot remove……but if you can undo it, you can read it. What kind of person Master is, what she wishes to achieve……you should be able to understand.”

I didn’t move.

“You understand that doing this is an invasion of her privacy?”

Yama closed his eyes and nodded, saying with a bright red face:

“I do……Master, she’s like a goddess within a picture scroll, haughty and beautiful, never speaking her thoughts to other people. If she returns, then I’ll definitely be ferociously scolded. But that doesn’t matter. I’m merely worried that there’s no one in West-Resisting City who is able to remove the restriction that Master arranged, and that by the time it’s removed, it’ll already be too late! Can you……”

“No need.”

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I lightly replied to him while taking the diary in his hands and clenching the hand that received it.

A ray of light similar in appearance to glass shattered into small pieces.

Yama stood there dumbstruck.

I slowly flipped through the slightly yellowing notebook, watching on, as the writing slowly changed from childish and illegible to mellow and proper; watching on, as some pages showed signs of once being saturated by tears; watching on, as some pages had become glued together due to bloodstains. Through the writing, I could vividly feel the emotions as the owner of the diary was writing; I could feel as if she was able to sense that I was reading these words; I could feel my heart gradually sinking.

When I closed the diary, I suddenly felt an unspeakable feeling.

Anger towards the environment, anger towards myself, anger towards this world, and anger towards Pierce and the others.

But I once again quickly suppressed this feeling and dispelled the impulses in my mind, then carefully read through the diary one more time.

After I finished reading, I chuckled.

Words absurd beyond belief, bitter tears fill this paper.1

I previously wondered as to the reason why this half-Demon called Felita would protect humanity. Only after reading this did I finally understand.

I restored the restriction on the diary and returned it to Yama after re-wrapping it in the rags and said to him:

“You said Felita’s like a goddess, right.”

Yama nodded in embarrassment.

I slowly spoke:

“Then we should go save that goddess. Aleya, bring your sword and follow me.”

Aleya placed one hand on the sword hilt and replied smiling:

“Yes, young master.”


  1. It’s sort of hard to get my hands on an official translation for ‘The Dream of the Red Chamber’(that’s money), so I just went with my interpretation. What this is supposed to mean is that the words in the diary may seem ridiculous to others, but they’re realizations brought to her through bitter tears. Or so I’d like to believe. Feel free to search ‘一把荒唐言,满纸辛酸泪’.

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