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Chapter 19 – Because I’m Shameless

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Ex! Hi! Bi! Tion! Ist!

In that moment I saw Felita, two words appeared in my mind: missed opportunity.

Because this person was precisely that person from last night, the person I saw when I was half-sober!

That little older sister who was bathing in the lake!!

As expected, I knew that this person had the aura of a side quest on her, but I didn’t expect that slacking off and observing the principle of avoiding unnecessary trouble would still trigger this quest in such a roundabout manner. Why ‘missed opportunity’? Because I forced myself to miss this kind of bathing scene! There won’t ever be such an opportunity ever again!!

Sadness overcomes me!!

What have I done!!

This was like a classic plot in an RPG game; you would visit the Village Chief and afterwards the Village Chief would tell you to go search for Villager A, Villager A would tell you to search for Villager B, and you would keep searching for Villager X, Y, and Z. In the end, you would discover that the true plot character was still the Village Chief and become very angry; didn’t this mean you ran around for nothing!!

When I brought back this sorcerer called Felita back to West-Resisting City, I didn’t inform Pierce of this matter. Instead, I directly brought Felita back to my City Lord’s mansion.

I had some things I needed to confirm with Felita.

There were only two chairs in the room, so Felita had no other choice but to sit on the bed. She seemed very scared of dirtying the bed, so she tried sitting on it as little as possible. Just as I was about to speak, she rapidly begged:

“You should send me back, otherwise the Demons……”

I unhappily retorted:

“If you really had the courage, then why were you crying just before dying. I, the City Lord of West-Resisting City, am not panicking, so what are you panicking for? Truly a situation where the emperor isn’t anxious……but the palace maid is. Do you see this person? She’s the most outstanding youth swordsman and after five years, could become world-famous for her talents and skill, an awe-inspiring knight——Aleya. With her and your level of magic, we won’t have any problems repelling those low-level Demons.”

Although Demons are theoretically 1.5 times stronger than humans, the fighting strength of a large number of Demons isn’t able to overthrow humans of the same level.

In more simpler terms, only high-level Demons are fierce like tigers and even the Upper Three Races tremble upon seeing them. As for the low-level Demons, they’re weak like dogs and humans with even a bit of martial arts are able to defeat a string of them.

Felita’s face betrayed a confused expression. It was only after a long time that she was able to respond:

“But I’m unfit to stay here.”

I shrugged:

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“Do you know why they didn’t hesitate to sell you off after knowing that the Demons would trade peace for you?”

Felita shook her head.

Aiii, is this person as dim-witted as Aleya??

I couldn’t help but give Felita a few more glances.

She appeared to be 2 years older than me and not much shorter than I was. A pair of long, snow-white legs stuck close together under that sorcerer gown, her curves and fiery stature on the opposite extreme of Aleya. Likewise to her legs, long, snow-white hair scattered behind her, her tail lying on the bed, and a pair of orange eyes staring at me without blinking.

There was something unusual about that face, those eyes.

How should I describe it……it felt like there was a kind of foxy charm, an ineffable charm brought about by her slightest movement that would captivate you.

Shouldn’t someone with makings like this be an onee-san that knows everything??

I sighed and said:

“Pierce wanted your body, but you didn’t answer positively; this was the fuse. Not only did you refuse him, you also burned down the houses of the hired thugs, making him feel a faint sense of crisis. You wouldn’t retaliate against him and he knew it, but he felt uncomfortable seeing you return from battle each time. This is what caused him to have no other choice but to willingly become a dog to the Demon Race this time.”

“The masses are split into two groups. One of these groups is comprised of people who have previously bullied you; they’re scared of you now that you’ve become so strong. Therefore, they want to drive you away and prevent you from one day settling accounts with them.”

“The other group, also the majority, are made of people who feel a sense of inferiority. The people of West-Resisting City don’t have the strength to confront the Demons, nor do they have a place to run away to. When they thought that all hope was lost, you, a half-human, half-demon, appeared before them and stood in to defend the city, but anyone with a single ounce of self-respect would be unable to stand it. As a result, they tacitly acquiesced to sending you off, even thinking in their hearts that everyone’s lives would change for the better once you left.”

Felita opened her bright red lips, but was unable to speak for a long time.

Then, she softly laughed as tears unceasingly flowed down her face.

Naturally, I could understand her feelings.

During the time I kept tolerating my dad and my older brother’s madness, I also once thought that if I didn’t act out, that perhaps they would one day be sorry for what they were doing, that perhaps they would stop and try to understand me.

Reality proved that there simply wasn’t such a thing.

Counting on bad guys to suddenly discover their conscience and change into good guys, such a way of thinking only occurs when the mind is addled.

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Looking at me with her tear-flowing gaze, Felita kept a smile as she sniffled:

“And you? Do you also think this way?”

Her lips shivered, her hands tightly clenching the hem of the gown:

“Letting a half-demon like me defend your city walls makes you lose face, right? Besides, you already have such a strong bodyguard.”


Are you stupid??

Close your eyes and think for a bit; if I thought like this, then why the hell would I god damn rescue you.

Furthermore, Aleya and I simply aren’t able to defend the city ourselves, only a sorcerer like you is able to deal such a wide area of damage!

I shook my head and sincerely clarified:

“No, I don’t, I’m different from them.”

I paused for a moment and smilingly said:

“Because I’m shameless.”

Felita’s face portrayed shock:



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