Chapter 14 – One Day, I’ll Become a Grand Sorcerer!

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I wasn’t really that angry.

After all, my appearance did seem like a despotic noble about to kidnap a little loli.

In comparison, I was more interested in the lump of dirt that had just hit me. I picked up the lump of dirt and gave it a light squeeze. Right before my eyes, the lump of dirt changed into a ball of magic mist as it dissipated into the air. This wasn’t real dirt, but rather dirt that had been created by magic.



This boy??

But he obviously looks like he’s 12 years old??

Young man, are you the one that’s been protecting West-Resisting City? Are you actually a child blessed by heaven? The main character? The coming of the Hero?

No no no……that doesn’t seem right.


Even though there was indeed a feeling of “oh crap, it’s a bigshot” in the beginning, now that I look at him carefully, his magic power is quite weak and he probably isn’t even a Level 1 Sorcerer. He’s most likely a novice that has just entered the world of magic. This is one of the biggest problems that surrounds magic——it’s too difficult to achieve anything. When you’re an entry level sorcerer, it’s more tiring to make a fireball to light a fire than it is to manually start a fire, and throwing a lump of earth would cause you to gasp for breath.

Regardless, I confirmed with my eyes that he wasn’t the person I was looking for.

However, for the thing called magic, without anyone teaching you the ropes, it would be difficult to get anywhere by self-study. If there isn’t an old hand present to teach you how to speak those singsong words, then only god knows when you would understand the meaning behind the words.

This city still has a sorcerer present……

Seems like this child can be used for intelligence-gathering.

I adopted a good-natured appearance and said:

“Little friend……”

Without waiting for me to finish my words, the youngster picked up a fruit and threw it at my face. He stood protectively in front of his little sister and said in a fury:

“What little friend, my name is Yama and I’m already twelve. I’m warning you, you better not have any ideas towards my little sister, she won’t follow you. All you people are bastards, you can’t speak any words to my little sister.”

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Haiyo, this kid’s temper is pretty big.

I shook my head and said to Aleya, who had taken out her sword with a ‘clang’ behind my back:

“The hell are you doing, you want to beat up this little friend?”

Aleya calmly replied:

“He hit young master. I can’t treat it as if I didn’t see that.”

The moment she finished speaking, she continued walking towards the youngster who called himself Yama with her sword raised.

I grabbed her collar and pulled her back:

“It’s fine, come back.”

Aleya returned the sword back into its sheath with a bad look plastered on her face.

Yama gnashed his teeth as he retreated several steps, then grimaced towards me and scolded:

“D-don’t think I’ll forget this! Master said that after I become a Grand Sorcerer, that at that time, I’ll be able to drive all you bastards away from this place!!”

Having finished saying what he wanted to say, he pulled his little sister’s hand as he ran away.

Become a Grand Sorcerer, huh……young man, you can’t say these words irresponsibly otherwise you won’t be able to find a girlfriend.1

The little girl shed tears as she pouted:

“My fruit……”

Yama angrily exclaimed:

“Did you forget how those people were to Master? You can’t speak to them. Even if we starve to death, even if we die outside, even if we get kicked out of West-Resisting City, we’ll never take even a single copper coin of theirs!”

Quite the unyielding character!

I couldn’t help but to applaud his courage. Seeing the little girl look at me, I gave her a smile, made a “shh” hand signal, picked up a silver coin and threw it over. The silver coin dropped right into the little girl’s hand, causing her to become startled. I pointed at the fruit on the ground and grinned.

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The little girl peeked at her older brother, who hadn’t even glanced this way, then carefully put the silver coin into her pocket.

In the end, it’s still girls that have their priorities straight.

Boys like to look good in the eyes of others. But is it really worth it, to go through hell in order to keep up appearances? A bowl of cooked rice is in front of you, complete with a ladle, but because you’re angry, you refuse to eat. If I were in your position, I absolutely wouldn’t walk away like this. Although I had a mouthful of resentment, these fruits were still painstakingly plucked by someone else.

In the final analysis, he’s just a brat.

I chuckled and picked up a fruit from the ground. I wiped it on my clothes, then took a bite.

Crap, that’s really sour!!

Return my money! Hey! Stop, you two!!


  1. So the term Sorcerer here can also mean Wizard…so this is a reference to what you become when you turn 30 as a virgin.

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