Chapter 13 – The Pigs In The Pigsty Should Be Raised First

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

If we are to talk about the army, it’s quite hard to tack on a definition.

Swordsmanship and magic will greatly enhance an individual soldier’s combat ability, but it will also make the way an army’s strength is measured to become less unconditional. For example, it is rumored that the King’s right-hand man, ‘Great Sword Hero’ Arrow has achieved Level 10 in swordsmanship. With merely a slash of his, he’s able to decimate an army of 10,000.

This is called boasting the truth.

However, something like swordsmanship varies from person to person and there isn’t really a set reference value. Take for example, Aleya. In my opinion, a swordsman of her calibre is already pretty good, but if forced to face an army, the most number of enemies she would be able to take out while going all-out is around 1,000. And this is under the circumstance that the army isn’t protected by a formation.

As for the strongest weapon against an army, that would definitely be magic.

It is said that back in those years, Grand Sorcerer Charlie, similarly Level 10, defended the King against the troops of 18 rebelling Overlords for 3 months by himself. If we compare the two on killing, those who learn swordsmanship are good at assassination while those who study magic are blessed with superior AoE attacks.

But, the amount of sorcerers is too few.

Since the establishment of Eternal Heaven State, there have been 4 Level 10 Sword Hero’s, but only 1 Level 10 Sorcerer.

It’s even to the point where every Overlord dreams of an outstanding sorcerer applying for recruitment and protecting their cities. What is the most precious resource in Eternal Heaven State? Naturally, talented people. Then, who are the most precious talented people? That would be people talented in magic.

After all, theoretically speaking, if someone was able to create an army of several thousand sorcerers, that army would be able to absolutely dominate every other army. Sure, sorcerers are terrible at close-combat fighting, but did you really think that the army wouldn’t have swordsmen and knights shielding them at the front? The shielders would create an iron triangle while the main force of magic users stayed in the center.

Meticulously studying complex magic formulas is much more difficult than training in swordsmanship day and night.

I considered it from all angles and with how ruined West-Resisting City is, resisting the invasion of the Demon Race would be impossible unless there was a sorcerer defending this place with his life.

But I felt that it was even more impossible for a hidden sorcerer to be protecting this place.

In the entirety of Yunyang Territory, there are only a few sorcerers that will look on eye level with us. Last time, a bald nomadic sorcerer passed through Lingyun City and my dad spent countless resources to entice him to stay, only to receive a slap to the face before the sorcerer left.

I can’t figure it out. And because I’m unable to figure it out, I wanted to receive a clear answer from a native like Pierce.

Still, it was just as I had expected. After I asked this question, Pierce began rambling on about this and that, refusing to leak out any core information. I kept making indirect queries, but I felt as if my questions were hitting cotton, so I just left with Aleya after I finished eating.

As we walked on the shabby street, Aleya quietly whispered:

“Young master, I feel that those guys harbor malicious intent.”

I chuckled:

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“Indeed, in order to preserve their authority over the army and provisions, they aren’t hesitating to threaten me with the Demon Race. They also haven’t revealed any cards in their hands……they’re all a bunch of old foxes.”

Aleya hesitated for a moment, then put her hands on the sword by her waist.

Naturally, it was the sword I stole from dad and gifted her.

“Young master, how about……”

I knocked her forehead.

This is just how Aleya is. She can obviously just tilt her head a little to avoid it, but she still lets herself get knocked on the forehead and foolishly kneads her forehead as she follows me.

“No need. Let’s not even talk about how we don’t have any reason to kill anyone due to being new arrivals, since they want to take care of these matters, then isn’t it fine? Everything will be fine as long as I act as a figurehead. After all, think about it, if they snap and refuse to do anything, then who will protect our city? With just you and I, we wouldn’t be able to defend this West-Resisting City.”

“Sorry young master, it’s all because Aleya is useless……”

I once again flicked her forehead.

Smh, stop trying to place the blame onto yourself.

You’ll make the even more useless me have an unsteady conscience, alright??

It felt like a student who had tested 98 was sighing in regret in front of a student that had tested 59, saying ‘Aaah, I’m really bad at this, I’m really some god damn trash, if only I tried a bit harder’, how do you think the student that tested badly would feel?? Can’t you leave a bit of face for the bottom feeders of society like me?

Of course I couldn’t say these words to Aleya since I still want to save a bit of face.

As Aleya and I aimlessly wandered the streets, we were abruptly stopped by a little girl carrying wild fruits with her clothes.

Her shabby clothes were covered in grass fragments and little twigs and as a result, her eyes were filled with envy and admiration as she sized up the silver-white lightweight armor Aleya wore. The little girl quietly asked:

“Want, wild fruit? They were picked today. Uhm, they don’t taste that sweet though……”


I laughed.

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You won’t be able to sell a thing if you’re this honest, how precious.

I casually selected two fruits and tossed one over to Aleya, keeping one for myself

I patted the little fellow’s head and asked:

“How much?”

“Um……I don’t know either……”

The little girl scratched her head and replied with embarrassment:

“Can this be worth two copper coins? If that isn’t good, I can go pick some more. I’m very fast at climbing trees, so I can pick some very quickly.”

Two copper coins was a fairly cheap price as far as I was concerned.

A gold coin can be exchanged for 100 silver coins and a silver coin can be exchanged for 100 copper coins. If we convert it, 1 copper coin is roughly worth 1 RMB.

I gave Aleya a glance since all the money was on her.

Aleya searched her pockets for a long time and discovered that she simply didn’t bring any copper coins with her.

I calmly said:

“Give her two silver coins then.”

This startled the little girl.

Aleya didn’t hesitate as she handed over two silver coins to me and I went to place it into the little girl’s pocket.

However, just at this moment, a lump of dirt smashed into my face and caused the money in my hands to fall.

The silver coins jingled on the ground and the surrounding people turned towards here, with their gazes fiery.

A young man barely any bigger than the little girl ran over in a rage and pulled on the little girl’s arm. This caused the little girl to let go of her clothes, so the fruits that were being wrapped within them all fell onto the ground.

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That young man glared at me as he angrily spat:

“Let’s go, little sister, we don’t want these dirty *******’s money.”

En?? What the hell do you want, boy??

Aleya, go and beat him up for me……wait a moment.

Wait a bit before beating him up.

How come I get the feeling that this person is a bit different from everyone else?


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