Chapter 15 – Everlasting Peace Is About To Arrive

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After returning to the City Lord’s mansion, Aleya rinsed the wild fruits in water and crunched on them alone.

She was used to eating sour things, or perhaps it would be better to say that she had the appetite for everything. She wasn’t much of a picky eater and definitely belonged to the category of people that were easy to provide for.

“If you eat too much, won’t you have a stomachache?”

I probed.

Aleya replied in a deadpan manner:

“This is one silver coin.”

She’s even more of a little miser than I am.

In accordance to customary practice, Pierce brought over a group of fatties wearing coarse cotton clothes. As expected. He humbly cupped his hands in greeting and straightforwardly revealed that he wasn’t able to acquire any good food and drinks for tonight, so he was inviting me to eat at a restaurant inside the city; this could be considered a welcoming party. He would arrange for two cooks to come to the City Lord’s mansion tomorrow, so in the future I would have to be in charge of my own meals.

I naturally didn’t care since, in any case, Aleya could cook and I wasn’t that picky with my food either.

However, this made me a bit uncomfortable.

The restaurants within the city naturally weren’t that good; the wine was too sour, the dishes didn’t have any flavor, and the amount of meat and fish was too lacking. I used my chopsticks and clamped several times to fill my stomach. It goes without saying that Aleya didn’t leave any of her food behind.

What made me nearly burst out laughing were the several fatties in front of me eating a tiny mote before pushing their dishes away. It was clear that they had already eaten a hearty meal before coming here.

I didn’t bring the matter up since I still wanted to know what tricks they had up their sleeves.

After the meal, Pierce wore a smiling expression as he informed me:

“Noble son Li De, good news, we have some great news. Our city will soon be peaceful and the Demon Race won’t ever invade again!”

Not bad, you’ve succeeded in attracting my interest.

I raised my eyebrow and inquired:

“How can this be? Isn’t this the perfect place for them to rob resources?”

Pierce wet his lips and replied:

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“It was a misunderstanding, all a misunderstanding.”

What damn misunderstanding is there??

It’s like you cuckolded someone else and still said “Big brother, it’s all a misunderstanding, it was sister-in-law who started it”. The evidence is undeniable yet you’re saying it’s some misunderstanding, could it be that those Demon Race that came to raid were all fakes? Or better yet, they mistakenly attacked our West-Resisting City?

It would’ve been better if you didn’t speak, yet Pierce’s words were exactly as such.

He explained:

“I’ve done an extensive investigation……the reason why the Demon Race has been attacking us in the past is because there is a Demon Race rebel hiding within our West-Resisting City.”

“Demon Race rebel??”

My face was like a big black question mark, as it was hard to understand what he was saying.

Pierce sipped on some water, then earnestly answered:

“Yes, that’s right, noble son Li De. Many years ago, the Demon Race army occupied West-Resisting City. At that time, many women were fortunate…, they were forced to fornicate with the Demon Race army. By chance, one of these women became pregnant, but didn’t report it to the authorities and stealthily gave birth to her daughter. Her daughter, a half-Demon, has repeatedly stood on the side of humanity as she slaughtered her own compatriots. She’s simply wicked beyond redemption and her sins are unforgivable! The Demon Race army’s Leader was so furious that he unceasingly sent troops to harass West-Resisting City……After we knew about this matter, we were also extraordinarily angry. We’ve already punished her according to law and plan to return her back to the Demon Race. From now on, the Demon Race won’t ever come back and harass us again!”

I was genuinely dumbstruck upon hearing his words.

Probably because he saw my shocked appearance, Pierce lowered his voice and continued:

“Furthermore, this woman isn’t any good person; she simply has no sentiments towards humanity. Think about it, if she had left West-Resisting City a long time ago, the Demon Race wouldn’t have damaged this place to this level. She must have thought to tie her and the city together forcefully, wanting to bring all the innocent people within these city walls with her to death!! What’s the point of keeping such a person? Those of a different race will certainly have dissenting intentions, it’s best if we root them out early on. Now that we’ve returned her to the Demon Race, we will be able to return peace to West-Resisting City! Noble son Li De needs not do anything about this matter, we will handle it all and guarantee you a peaceful West-Resisting City!”

I slowly tapped on the table.

After a long time, I looked him in the eyes.

“I want this West-Resisting City to be peaceful and I want to be able to act as an arms-flinging shopkeeper1. As for all the other affairs, I don’t care about them.”

Pierce bent his head and respectfully replied:

“I guarantee it. I am willing to present my own head as the guarantee.”

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I nodded and called:


Aleya stood up.

I unhurriedly said:

“Let’s return.”

Aleya looked at me with a bit of astonishment, but nevertheless still followed me out.

After we walked very far away, I heard Pierce softly whisper to the person by his side:

“No wonder the Overlord of Yunyang drove him out like a dog, his IQ is really ‘unbeatable’.”

The person by his side snickered and commented:

“The trap has already been completed. He’s nothing more than a little tortoise inside a jar, the best he can do is create some splashes.”

They probably didn’t know that I could hear them. Or perhaps they did know, but didn’t care about it.

I smirked and shook my head towards Aleya’s inquisitive gaze.

Aleya removed her hand from the hilt of the sword.


  1. Arms-flinging shopkeeper = figurehead

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