Chapter 12 – This Place Is Too Run-Down!

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When we had just arrived at West-Resisting City, I actually couldn’t believe the scene before my eyes.

How on earth could there be such a run-down city in this world? Was this place truly not a garbage recycle station or doghouse or something like that??

What the hell.

The city walls can still be considered tall and you can see a shadow of its past glory. But now it’s full of scars and cracks and it feels as if a gentle nudge can cause it to come down collapsing. On the outskirts of the city is farmland, full of weeds, birds chirping, and filthy dogs on the road clutching their tails. What was unexpected was that when the dogs saw me, they sent me a sympathetic gaze.

Do I look like a stray dog to you??

What made me even more baffled were the people inside West-Resisting City.

Their clothes were shabby and filled with patches. On first glance, they seemed fundamentally no different from savages and many of them still held wild fruit or tree bark in their hands. In short, they were more miserable than miserable. As they say, raise your son poor and raise your daughter rich, but from what I saw, the children looked the same whether they were male or female. Even those somewhat good-looking little girls looked at me with their pitiful gazes; two steamed buns would probably be enough to kidnap a batch of them.

But even weirder was that their gazes were still bright and full of expression, and some gazes were even filled with excitement.

It gave me that type of feeling you get when celebrating the new year’s. Is there some happy occasion that’s going to happen soon in West-Resisting City or something?

After I entered the city, I was quickly met with a large quantity of nobles from the city welcoming me.

What made me angry and have a good laugh is the fact that each and every one of them wore clothes full of patches, pulled back their hands, and generally shipped out an appearance of ‘poverty’. However, each and every one of them were light-skinned, healthy, and pot-bellied. I just don’t understand it, can’t you guys use your small pig brains to carefully think? Could someone who wears these kinds of clothes eat until they’re this fat??

Do you really think my IQ is on the same level as my older brother??

Although I was very angry, I didn’t expose this matter. Since they’re cupping their hands in greeting to me, I’ll do the same back.

After a few empty pleasantries, the chubby person leading them coughed and said:

“Oh my, noble son Li De is indeed young……come, we’ve prepared some food and drinks, and invite you to attend……West-Resisting City is poor and doesn’t have many good things. Our several families had to carefully gather ingredients and were able to reluctantly put together a decent feast, but we’re not sure if it can enter your discerning eyes……”

What’s that supposed to mean??

You’re speaking as if I’m a ******* that collects taxes with force.

You’re really skilled in this set of behavior, huh?

I smiled and replied:

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“Oh? Then I’ll accept your invitation, lead the way.”

When we arrived at the restaurant, I went towards a shabby stool and sat down, sizing up the food and drinks before my eyes as I did so.

To be completely honest, the quality wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t the worst. However, my intuition told me that the dishes before me were done just for show and didn’t cost them anything at all——at least, it definitely wasn’t considered much in their eyes. But before I could open my mouth to speak, the leading fatty added:

“Noble son Li De, you are the Overlord of Yunyang’s son and have experienced the world. As for us, we are just some small-time countryside fellows without much knowledge. However, the situation in West-Resisting City is quite special and is most likely something you have never seen before. Those Demons are ruthless and frequently come to rob us of our meager profits. Us old fellows are barely keeping this city together and every night, we’re terrified and unable to relax……”

I nodded.

Since I didn’t know why this city was still able to hold on, I didn’t mind if these fellows took the credit for themselves. I’d just treat it as the truth until I discovered something.

The fatty continued illustrating:

“Oh, I still haven’t introduced myself to you; my name is Pierce. Before you came, I was the decision-maker of this place. Since you have come now, then you are of course our Lord. But West-Resisting City isn’t that good of a place. Those Demons are fierce and our personal armies are lacking in food, water, and fodder. In short, our situation is quite pathetic. What I’m about to say isn’t my own words, but I will tell it to you straight: if you are to take over these duties, you won’t be able to figure things out in a short while and those Demon fellows won’t care if you do or not, they will come per usual……if this situation happens, I’m afraid that West-Resisting City will truly be in danger.”

Pierce, you……you really are full of ****.1

I declined to comment on his words, instead shooting him a simple question:

“What do you want to say?”

Pierce coughed, raised his hands, pulled out a stack of banknotes and stuffed it into my hands.

“All of us are barely able to make a living in West-Resisting City. We just want to maintain a ‘peaceful coexistence’ with you, what do you say? This……apart from this, we’ve already arranged several maids……however you lived before, it won’t change at all over here. We guarantee that you’ll even be living a more comfortable life than before.”

I used my chopsticks to pick up a piece of chicken breast and placed it into my mouth.

The flavor isn’t bad.

After I swallowed, I looked Pierce in the eyes and smiled:

“I still have a question.”

Pierce lowered his head and shipped out the appearance of being all ears.

I slowly said:

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“West-Resisting City, how were you able to defend it?”


  1. In Chinese, his name is 皮尔斯, and the line for this was “皮尔斯是吗……你是真的皮啊。”, the latter part of which I translated to “you are really full of ****” because I think the author was using the first part of his name, 皮, as a homonym for 屁, which can be translated as nonsense(or full of ****).

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