Chapter 11 – Just Ignore The Side Missions, Alright?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Aleya anxiously gazed at me.

“Young master, how about we……escape?”

I bitterly chuckled:

“Escape where? It’s a felony to escape from conferment in Eternal Heaven State. The moment we run, my dad will definitely send out an order for arrest and make my life a living hell. For good or for bad, I am now West-Resisting City’s City Lord and have a bit of foundation. If by any case the two of us really do flee, then we’ll really become poor without any money left over.”

Aleya lowered her head in contemplation.

Sigh, this is probably still too difficult for her smol brain to comprehend.

I patted her shoulder and reassured:

“Relax, West-Resisting City is in fact the best choice that I can choose right now. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t expect this.”

Aleya doubtfully inquired:


I shook my head, changed my posture to lie down on carriage as I held my money box, and lazily clarified:

“If he and I were to switch positions, I would definitely confer him a slightly obvious wealthy city in the center of Yunyang Territory. On one hand, I would wear down his fighting spirit by exposing him to a life of wealth, while on the other hand, I would be able to set up layer upon layer of informers inside the city. On the outside of the city, I would set up a barrier made up of lower class peasants and use the innumerable surrounding cities to block him inside his own city, cutting off all possibilities for him to revolt and trapping him in this cage for the rest of his life. Doing so can be regarded as taking revenge on him and this is also the safest road to success.”

Aleya shuddered at the thought of it.

I detected that I had possibly spoken a bit too much, thus I smiled and said:

“In short, West-Resisting City isn’t a bad choice. Think about it positively, the powers that surround us in all 4 directions aren’t uniform, maybe we’ll come across an opportunity. In the case that there isn’t a damn opportunity and the Demon Race invades us, we can just escape and say that the Demon City seized control of the conferred city. It’s something that happens all the time to humanity, so when the time comes, my dad and the King won’t be able to say a word about it. If anything, I’ll be given a beating and a scolding about how I’ve caused them to lose a lot of face, then be told to get the hell out of Yunyang. Sadly, they haven’t been keen on doing this for these past few years.”

I yawned:

“But now I still have something I don’t understand.”

Aleya quizzed:

“What is it?”

I switched my gaze to the scenery passing by and pondered as I spoke:

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“The reaction of the masses. According to principle, if a person lives in fear of being robbed every day, his enthusiasm for work will drastically decrease. But West-Resisting City shouldn’t be capable of giving the masses some kind of ‘guarantee’. So does that mean there is someone capable of resisting the Demon Race living in West-Resisting City? Impossible……while it is possible for one person to resist the Demon Race, it’s only possible against the lower class Demons. However, the kind of people who are able to accomplish this feat all have outstanding power and there should be any reason for someone with this kind of power to guard West-Resisting City…… After all, my old man isn’t exactly a wise lord who’s able to win over the undying loyalty of others.”

“Is this very important?”

Aleya asked.

I nodded.

“Yes. Because if we look at the situation based on the description, West Resisting City is already on the verge of collapse. Before I think up a way to make the city ample and bountiful, the most important thing for me to do is preserve the city. If there’s a guardian inside the city and I’m able to recruit him as my subordinate, much of my future work will become much easier.”

Since I don’t want to personally enter the battle, also it’s a pain in the ***.


The inside of the carriage is very comfortable.

I felt myself getting a little drowsy.

As I was dazed, I heard the sound of water from the outside.

When I pushed aside the window curtains to take a look, I discovered that the carriage was passing by a lake. Several black-gowned women encircled the lake while a white-haired woman was completely submerged in the clear and limipid lake, with not even her hair floating on the lake surface. Because we were too far away, I couldn’t clearly see what she looked like.

Look, the sky’s already dark.

Why would you come over here to bathe this late instead of sleeping??

How willful.

I felt that I shouldn’t look any longer. I felt that there was a large faint yellow exclamation mark over the land and that if I looked any longer, a super inconvenient side mission would be forced onto me. My primary purpose right now was still to go to West-Resisting City to take a look at the situation, so if I could avoid these troublesome matters, then I’d avoid these troublesome matters.

Thinking up to here, I yawned again and hugged Aleya——

****, hugged the wrong one.

Taking advantage of the fact that she hadn’t discovered my actions due to being asleep, I hastily turned over, hugged my money box, and closed my eyes.

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The heavy gold coins issued a ‘k-k-klink’ sound, which made me happy just by listening.

Listen, this is the most reassuring sound a person can hear.

Feels like I’m in a beautiful dream~


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