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Chapter 10 – I Was Conferred A Weird Region

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Why, young master sure looks very happy.”

Aleya remarked with a small smile as she sat next to me inside a jolting carriage.

As for me, I was hugging a big box of money as I laughed happily.

That’s right! I, Li De, have gotten rich overnight! From now on, I’ve freed myself from the fate of being supported by a wealthy woman and have truly achieved independence!

“But it makes me pretty angry when I think about it. For these past few years, I’ve racked my brains to earn money and only gathered a bit over 500 gold coins. But yesterday, after I beat……bah! I mean, after I had an amiable conversation with my older brother, he gifted me around 2,000 gold coins. And this sum is actually his leftovers…aii, it must feel nice to have a good dad.”

Aleya conscientiously reminded:

“Young master, you currently have a ‘hating-the-wealthy face’ you once spoke about. Also, you and sir Li Yi share the same father.”

I stretched myself and imparted some knowledge to her:

“What do you understand. Sure, we might have the same father, but the treatment we receive is vastly different. With how nobody cares for me and how nobody loves me, I’m like a small cabbage on the field.”

Aleya giggled.

I shook my head, then suddenly clenched my fist and heroically stated:

“Even though my brother isn’t a good person, the money in his hands is innocent. I shouldn’t feel guilty just for spending his money. Instead, I should replace the people he’s persecuted and live even more happily for their sake. Aleya! From today onwards, we shall be nouveau riche from the big city! We’re going to enjoy life and indulge ourselves in luxury!”

Aleya repeatedly nodded:


Afterwards, she added in a whisper:

“But young master, the place we’ll be going to is said to be very poor.”

“Stop ruining the good atmosphere!!”

I retorted, then I studied at the map on the side that I had looked at for more than 10 times already.

This world’s power system really makes a person give up all hope. Regardless of whether it’s martial skills or magic, the highest level that anyone can reach is the 20th layer. But for the human race situated at the ‘Lower Nine Races’, the highest any human can reach is the 10th layer. This is also the biggest reason for why I don’t want to work hard——even if you were to struggle for your entire life, how would you feel if someone told you that your highest limit is only half of someone else’s?

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Then there’s the ‘Demon Race’, the number one race of the ‘Middle Six Races’, bordering our human race.

Mmm……Demon Race, this sounds a bit familiar. There’s a Hero that will have to fight the Demon King, right?

The answer is of course not.

The reason for this is very simple. The Demon King is the strongest in the entire Demon Race and as a race situated in the ‘Middle Six Races’, anyone in the race is able to use up to 15 layers of martial skills and magic. This means that the Demon King is around 1.5 times stronger than the King of humanity——so what’s the point of fighting when you know you’ll lose? To be honest, if it weren’t for how serious the civil strife was within the Demon Race and how their situation wasn’t particularly well, humanity would have already been massacred many times over.

After that are the strongest ‘Upper Three Races’, but humans don’t usually see them and don’t care about them because of that.

Something to be noted is that our Yunyang Territory lies at the western border and is directly next to Demon Race land.

At the border, there’s a city named ‘West-Resisting City’, and as the name implies, it’s a city that’s supposed to resist the Demon Race invading from the west.

But in reality, there simply hasn’t been a single success in resisting them.

Every time the Demon Race comes to fight in the autumn season, they effortlessly rob the hard work of the populace inside the city walls. As a result, each time it’s harvest season, the Demon Race happily come over, rob us, and run away. You’re probably wondering ‘since life is so difficult, why haven’t the people in the city run away?’

The answer to this is also very simple. North of West-Resisting City is the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s Territory. This household has always been at odds with us here in Yunyang and completely sealed off their borders as they watch us passively. To the South is the Overlord of Yun Hai’s Territory and the ruling household has a merchant background. Since there’s no profit to be made from us, they treat West-Resisting City as a bridgehead for attracting firepower from the Demon Race.

Then, shouldn’t the Yunyang Territory on their east border offer them some help?

Sorry, but to the east is my third brother’s, “Li Neng’s”, fief. He explicitly stated that those people should work for the Demon Race, that way the Demon Race wouldn’t harass his domain.

Awesome, awesome, this reasoning makes me cry upon hearing it.

Why am I crying?

Because I, Li De, was conferred this West-Resisting City.

I am now West-Resisting City’s City Lord.

At this very moment, I only feel like singing loudly in the rain, ‘Ah, my life is so miserable~’, as some Chopin plays in the background.

I didn’t expect that in the end, the older the ginger, the more spicy it is; that my dad had long prepared a plan B. The best case scenario for him would be to get rid of me, but in the case that he wasn’t able to find an opportunity to do so, he would confer this damned region onto me and still be able to release some of the anger in his heart. Aiyah, comrade Li De is merely a brick in the Yunyang Territory, wherever he’s needed is wherever he’ll go; the green hills are fortunate to bury his loyal bones, giving up his life on the battlefield is just!1

I’m screwed.

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  1. This last sentence made my head hurt. So in Chinese, the father’s meaning is something like “I don’t give a **** about you even if you die in the battlefield. There’s no need to bring back your wrapped corpse, heck, you can go die for all I care.”
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