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Commemorative Extra: Rowdy and Weird Day

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3764 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1811 words
Editor(s): Fire

It was unexpected that Ruru came, but it was expected how quickly she left. It is quite in character for her to search for writing materials when her deadline was cutting close. It must be troublesome for Nako to keep up with her.

“So, did I help resolve your worries?”
“The fact that you can just return to our previous topic after what happened really shows how much you’ve adapted.”
“I got used to it after being with you for more than a year.”

At first, I was constantly surprised by the rogue’s den people’s antics, but now that I’ve built up some immunity, I’m able to think of how to deal with them. According to mister, I’m apparently the tactician type.

“I’m fine as long as no damage goes towards me.”
“Isn’t it our role to make countermeasures for everything?”
“You are really involving me with no questions asked?”
“There’s no helping it, the rogue’s den people really like interacting with you.”

As for who leaked the information, it’s likely Isami. Because she leaked the information about it, the rogue’s den people got interested in me. I got their attention for being one of the rare few people who don’t treat them as weirdos.

“There was that one time when they got into a fight with my security team, wasn’t there?”
“The clean-up after that was a real pain. It got so big that even master and step-mom got involved.”

It was then when I first met his family and I even stayed overnight. They didn’t treat me differently after knowing that I’m a member of the twelve families, which was in character for what you’d expect from his family.

“Ever since that incident, my security team has started looking at me weirdly.”
“Congratulations, now you’re one of us.”
“That doesn’t make me happy at all.”

I suppose what he means is that I’ve become a weirdo, too. That’s absolutely not the case. Unlike them, I’m actually a model student at the academy. I have been told that I let out a hard-to-approach aura, but I’m otherwise proper.

“I don’t know anything about your school life, you see.”
“Then why don’t you ask Kaori about it? I don’t cause any happenings at school.”
“You do occasionally get captured by Shimotsuki, though.”

Kaori came by at the perfect timing and immediately left after saying that. There was a part I would prefer she didn’t include, but that should prove that I don’t cause any trouble.

“Shimotsuki, meaning someone from the twelve families, huh.”
“I really don’t want to touch on that topic, though.”
“Now you’ve got me more curious about it. I don’t really hear much talks about the twelve families being close with one another.”

It simply doesn’t get talked about much. However, her family is quite crazy. I tend to get entangled with them, but they’re so aggressive and don’t allow me enough time to come up with countermeasures.

“She just happened to take a liking to me when we chatted during a social gathering.”
“Hmm, to the usual ‘normal’ Kotone? Be honest, what happened?”

I wasn’t lying, but I did omit the important part, which he noticed. Besides, he knows my temperament well. I’m unsociable with strangers and people I’m not close with. The rogue’s den people managed to get through my walled-off heart in an instant, though.

“I’m not lying about the chat. We also interact at school. And then she kidnapped me.”
“Well, that took a quick turn.”

If I hadn’t informed my security team that I was alright, it would’ve been reported as a kidnapping incident. I was at fault as well. She did just lead me by the hand into a car, after all. I should’ve been cautious and resisted more.

“What happened next?”
“I was taken to a karaoke establishment.”
“Well, that took a pretty wild turn. This would’ve been confusing if it wasn’t me.”

I’m sure that if not for my experience with the rogue’s den, I wouldn’t have any idea of how to react that time either. I’ve learned that there are times where I should just turn my brain off and simply ride the flow. As a result, the Shimotsuki family took a liking to me.

“It was all because I accidentally mentioned that I’ve gone to a karaoke during the social gathering. She was overjoyed about meeting someone similar to her.”
“True, I can’t imagine a daughter of the twelve families going to a karaoke.”
“I’m also one of them, you know?”
“I’m really sorry about that. It was my fault and Isami’s as well.”

Mister isn’t the only one I’ve gone to the karaoke with. Actually, I’ve gone to the karaoke with Isami more times. It’s partially serious and partially for fun. Isami would sing and I’d share my thoughts about it. And when I was the one who sang, Isami would tell me points I can improve on.

“Thanks to that, I now have a problem.”
“If you’re fine with me, I can hear you out.”
“No need. It’s not something I even need time to consider.”

As I have accepted my fate as the next head of the Kisaragi family, providing me another future path is all but meaningless. Though the main problem is whether my father would willingly pass on the family headship to me. Moreover, I have yet to inform my family about the Shimotsuki issue.

“My, Kotone. What a coincidence.”
“Why did you have to appear at a time like this, Aya.”

Why do the people we talk about just appear at the worst of times? Aya then headed straight towards our table. Don’t tell me she intends to bring it up now? It’s a bombshell of a topic, so I’d really rather she doesn’t.

“This won’t do, Kotone. Planting a seed of scandal before even making a debut.”
“We don’t have that kind of relationship. Besides, I’ve already refused you numerous times before.”
“And we’ll always be willing to wait and ask as many times as needed until you decide to accept.”
“It’s like one of those annoying high-pressure salesmen.”

That’s exactly the case. Even though I’ve already said many times that I don’t have any intention to do it, she won’t give up at all. Moreover, it isn’t only Aya who’s trying to invite me. Her mother is working hard to capture me as well.

“So, what is she trying to sell you?”
“She wants me to debut as a singer.”
“Hmm, mn?”

It’s the rare sight of mister getting confused. Perhaps the information was too much for him to process? He must have no idea why one of the twelve families, who shouldn’t have any relation to the music industry, is pushing me to debut as a singer. There’s a reason for that.

“Mister, you know Sherry, right?”
“It’d be weirder if I don’t.”
“She’s her mother.”

Resting my chin on one hand, I point at Aya with the other. He stares at Aya, meanwhile her cheek is twitching. It’s probably because I was so blunt about it. After all, I practically just revealed a Shimotsuki family secret.

“So you’re being enticed by Sherry to debut?”
“They won’t give up at all, it’s a real bother.”
“My condolences.”

With that, this topic is over. One thing we have in common is that we look for a different topic if we notice that the other party isn’t interested in the current discussion. Watching that, Aya seemed somewhat disappointed. You can reveal your true self, you know?

“That’s a quite modest reaction. Also, Kotone. Aren’t you sharing a bit too much?”
“He’s one of the people I trust the most, you see.”
“Pardon me, but may I ask for your name?”
“It’s Okita Souji.”
“Doesn’t sound familiar.”

He’s an average person who doesn’t come from a famous family, so it’s natural that Aya doesn’t know. She probably thought that he was from a renowned family line like us. Those who the twelve families can trust are only limited, after all. If mister and Aya ever get along, it’ll be a grave threat for me.

“I’m just an ordinary plebeian, after all. By the way, I’m the one who taught Kotone how to have fun.”
“I see, I get it. Nice one!”

Now she suddenly showed her true nature. Throwing away her prim and proper mask, she shows her fun-loving and overly cheery personality. I’m more familiar with this one. And even after witnessing this, mister didn’t show any major reaction. That can’t be helped.

“Now I understand how you got led around.”
“Oh? Your reactions really are minimal. Most people would get surprised when I show my true self.”
“He’s had some very special training, you see.”
“Anyone raised in that kind of environment would turn out like this if you ask me.”

I’d consider running away from that environment above everything else. Those that chose to face it head-on are either reckless or stupid. Mister is part of the latter in my opinion, but he’s also the type to strategize and scheme to avoid losing.

“He’ll apparently debut in a band, you know?”
“Oi, Kotone. What are you trying to drag me into?”

You’ll be fine. Aya having this much excitement in her eyes is a quite rare sight, you know? I don’t have any idea what’s running through her mind, though. I don’t think reading her mind is possible for anyone outside the Shimotsuki family.

“I was just thinking that you might want to get to know other twelve family people, you know?”
“You lie. It’s a plan to control damage going towards you, isn’t it?”
“Well didn’t you sell me out to the den yourself?”
“It was a bitter decision. Please understand.”
“I see. The person you trust, huh. I suppose I should leave before I become a third wheel here.”
“”It’s not like that!””

What a blunder. I completely forgot that she’s the number one person I should avoid giving the wrong idea to. If this ever comes up during the social gatherings, the other twelve family people might get interested. It’s the same case at the academy. I’m already having a tough time with the Shimotsukis; I wouldn’t even think about interacting with the other members of the twelve.

“Aya, I’m begging you. Please keep this a secret.”
“I’ll do it if you officially debut.”
“Then, I will.”
“I don’t understand your standards for judgment.”
“No hesitation on that decision at all.”

If it will serve to protect this precious time, then debuting is the least I can do. I’m going this route, then I’ll do everything to drag mister down with me. While it’s absolutely unreasonable, I don’t care.


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