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Commemorative Extra: Peaceful and Weird Day

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3156 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1563 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mister arrived about twenty minutes later than the promised time. From how he’s sweaty and out of breath, I’m sure he made a grand and dramatic escape. While it is a meaningless struggle, it’s become a routine game for the den.

“Sorry, I’m late,” he said.
“No worries, it’s just how things always are.”

According to him, it’s been getting even more difficult to escape. They’ve been observing his behavioral trends and planning around it, and they’re able to corner him now. Being able to avoid this and reach this place despite that honestly makes him a weirdo as well.

“Can I take your order?”
“Thank you, I’ll have an iced coffee.”

He drained the glass of water Kaori offered in an instant. It’s summer, who knows how much he ran around under the blazing sun. The image of several people knocked down from the heat ran through my mind.

“Enjoy your time.”

I don’t need that wink. I suppose Kaori still has that misunderstanding in her head. I’ll have to thoroughly explain it to her later. Even if it takes hours to make her understand.

“It seems like so much trouble every time,” I sighed.
“At first, it was only Isami chasing me. Now that they’ve got a strategist on their side, it’s getting increasingly harder.”
“I honestly don’t mind if there are other people along, though,” I added.
“Give me some peace,” he muttered under his breath.

It must be because they mess around day after day. It’s a once-a-month chat and we haven’t run out of things to talk about yet, so maybe he values this for the calm. I’m glad to see him having an enjoyable daily life as usual.

“I’ve gotten entangled with them a few times, and I’d rather not have that experience every day.”
“Right? We’re all working adults now, so it isn’t even as bad as it used to be.”

I can’t even imagine their school days. The teachers must be amazing to be able to wrangle those people. No, there’s a possibility that they just ignored them. I don’t think it’s actually possible to control those monsters.

“Well, about today’s topic. Actually, there’s something on my mind.”
“So we’re having a counseling session this time. What happened?”

The type of conversation varies whenever we chat. Sometimes it’s about recent happenings, sometimes it’s just complaints, and sometimes it’s about how to deal with the rogue’s den people. This time, I’ll listen to his worries and think of a solution for it. It’s more like a game where we seriously contemplate stupid problems.

“The truth is, the band I’m in as a hobby is being scouted by a major label.”
“Gngh!? So you actually need serious advice.”

I was absolutely not ready for serious life counseling and ended up lightly choking on my drink. You can’t bring things like this up suddenly. As usual, he goes well beyond my expectations. I should’ve already known that I can’t let my guard down against him.

“It’s unusual to see you mulling over something. You were always quick to decide.”
“This concerns the future, after all. Besides, this isn’t my problem alone.”

Their band has five members. And he can’t go ahead and make a decision without hearing the other members’ opinions first. I agree with him on this. However, those people are also considerably weird, so I can’t quite guess their answers.

“What about the others?”
“Two are on board, the other two neutral. You already know which is which, right Kotone?”
“And so they told me that they’ll decide based on my choice and put the whole damn responsibility on me. Those fools, they never contemplated it seriously in the first place.”

I think it’s the opposite. It’s because they have so much trust in you that they’re willing to leave this serious life-changing decision on your shoulders. I don’t have anyone like that in my life, so I envy that. My future is already set in stone. I want freedom, but in the end, the people of the twelve families are duty-bound.

“Then it all depends on you. In the end, isn’t that how it has always gone?”
“It’s a completely different burden this time, though. Geez, aren’t you pretty strict? I would’ve liked some helpful advice.”
“Would you like to receive the undivided help of the Kisaragi family?”
“Stop it. Also, you’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”

Their band making a major debut honestly makes me happy. Maybe I should secretly support them after I become the family head. Still, it’s unusual to see him this stumped. It’s so out of character for him, if you ask me.

“Do you want to do it or not, those are your only two choices.”
“How harsh. I guess I should consider it a chance to make memorable moments.”
“I can only pray that those memories don’t end up being a dark blot in your history.”
“Stop it, stop digging up my old wounds.”

This is the only thing he doesn’t talk about in relation to his past. Even though he told me about that time he crossdressed. I don’t really understand what his standards for what’s embarrassing are. Actually, does the concept of embarrassment even apply to the rogue’s den people?

“Mister. I’m sorry to punch you while you’re down, but…”
“What is it?”
“Ruru is right behind you.”
“No way!?”

I wonder what he’s surprised about? He should know that finding this place would be easy for Ruru. Or did they perhaps make some kind of agreement? Something like “Don’t be anywhere near this place” or “Don’t be meddlesome on this day”? He should know that it’s meaningless.

“That’s a surprise. To think I’d get found out.”
“I’m shocked too. I can’t believe there’s a human other than Nako who can find Ruru that easily.”
“That’s what you’re shocked about?”

I just somehow noticed her. I’ve been told that finding Ruru takes either a certain talent or long years of knowing her. Ruru and I met when I was alone by myself. The first thing she did was ask if I was mister’s girlfriend, but I seem to remember immediately denying.

“What are you here for, Ruru? Come all this way from the next town.”
“I’m searching for love story material. I’m pretty disappointed at what I’m seeing.”
“We’re not like that.”

So they also see it that way with him. That kinda makes me happy. No, stop. You can’t have thoughts like that. Isami already warned me against it.

‘Koto-chan, you and I are sharing Sou-chan, alright!’

Now that I think back on it, that’s a bit different from a warning. Her thought process is unhinged, so I can’t read what’s on her mind. Actually, why do I easily get acquainted with older people when I can’t even make many close friends at school?

“I was expecting some sweetness in the air.”
“Ruru, how do we look in your eyes?”
“Like two close siblings.”

That’s quite apt, in my opinion. We don’t look similar though, so maybe we seem more like cousins instead. He doesn’t really see me as one of the opposite sex, so he treats me like a little sister. That’s probably the reason why I still refer to him as ‘mister’ even now.

“Let’s go with a forbidden love between brother and sister angle then. Feel free to flirt as you please.”
“Is your brain fried?”

Mister’s cold gaze pierces Ruru. And as usual, Ruru brazenly brushes it off. Is there even anyone not brazen among the rogue’s den?

“Where is your caretaker, Ruru?”
“I left Nako behind. Since the deadline is getting close and all.”
“I’m telling her you’re here, brace yourself.”
“Like I’d let myself get caught so easily.”
“Unfortunately, it’s too late.”

And just as he said that, Nako entered the cafe. This is my first time seeing Ruru with a face of despair, but it’s also my first time seeing Nako with such a wide grin. It’s hard to imagine how angry she must be underneath that smile, though.

“I’m throwing you in the jail.”
“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Ruru desperately apologized, but I don’t think that’s enough to satisfy her wrath. I’ve heard before that the so-called jail is a windowless room with nothing but a lamplight and a laptop. Even Ruru is incapable of escaping from there.

“Sorry for the bother. I’ll take responsibility for this and keep this idiot imprisoned.”
“Nooo! I hate being in that bland and lifeless room!”
“If you hate it so much, then finish your damn drafts.”

Nako left carrying Ruru under one arm, and I honestly don’t know how to react to the sudden intrusion. I genuinely didn’t expect for her to immediately leave after collecting Ruru. Taking a short break wouldn’t have been a problem.

“I see the rogue’s den people are behaving just as always.”
“It’s a gathering of free-spirited people, after all.”

The worst part is how they don’t consider the trouble they could cause other people. Still, I can’t help but be fond of the memories when they come back to me later on. It’s a mysterious thing. In a lot of ways, these memories end up being unforgettable.


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