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Chapter 104 – Residents of the Rogues’ Den (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2439 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1058 words
Editor(s): Fire

As the scheduled starting time drew near, the crowd at the venue began to swell. It was an exciting sight, but why were there more people than anticipated? I could understand the presence of numerous bodyguards; after all, many had been mobilized for the hide-and-seek game.

“And I can still comprehend my classmates being here. And the teachers, they likely got caught in the excitement.”

It seems the information had leaked to my other classmates through Harumi or others, and they joined in. As they were moving as a large group, the teachers discovered them and required an explanation, after which they accompanied the students. That was still within my expectations. However, there was one group I didn’t recognize.

“Why are there people in black suits here?”

Could those be Hadzuki’s black-suited personnel? I’m not certain, but the way they wear sunglasses even at night leaves a distinctive impression. They were dressed the same at our after-party. What could they be planning with that recording equipment they’re carrying?

“Excuse me, may I inquire who you are?”
“We are people who have received orders from Sir Hadzuki to relay a video of tonight’s concert.”

What is he up to, that guy? I hadn’t told Hadzuki anything about the concert. I did tell Kotori, though. Regardless, his information network is uncanny. How did these black-suited individuals arrive here so conveniently?

“And if I object?”
“We will continue regardless. This is part of our job, after all.”

I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for them. They were unable to refuse Hadzuki’s outrageous requests, and the pitiable aura they gave off made it hard for me to turn them away.

“Please do your best.”
“Thank you very much.”

I decided to contact Hadzuki, particularly about his plans for the video relay. If it were to be posted publicly on a video streaming site, it could cause issues for Isami and the band. It would be better if he kept it private.

“Hadzuki, about the video relay—”
“More importantly, Kotone, what’s going on? I’m quite troubled that you didn’t inform me about your event beforehand.”
“Are you acting as my manager now? Given the distance between our locations, attending would be challenging for you.”
“Difficulties are meant to be overcome, aren’t they?”

Please, don’t. If I had contacted you earlier, you would’ve skipped class just to come here. It’s problematic enough that people from the rogue’s den might show up; I don’t want to invite any further chaos. Besides, it could set off a chain reaction of issues.

“Don’t come.”
“Now you’re being direct. But I won’t back down. Didn’t you have a great time with the security team this afternoon?”
“Where did you get that information?”
“Obviously, it’s a trade secret.”

Am I being constantly monitored? Or perhaps the security personnel have instructed him to contact them if I stir up trouble. In this case, it seems I contacted him before they could inform him.

“More importantly, regarding the video relay, please ensure it doesn’t go public.”
“Don’t fret, I’ll only share it with those close to us. Just me, Aya, and Kaoru. Aside from them, I have no intention of showing it to anyone else.”

That’s fine then. I can already imagine how chaotic it’ll be when I get back from the field trip. Kishita isn’t a concern. The issue lies with Aya, who might voice her displeasure at not being invited, just like Hadzuki.

“That sounds acceptable. And please, don’t overburden your black-suited staff.”
“We compensate them fairly, so a bit more work shouldn’t be an issue.”

A bit more work? This seems like strenuous labor to me. An abrupt assignment to a venue, plus the handling and transportation of video recording and relay equipment. All this effort hardly seems worthwhile without some special bonus.

“I must go; we’re about to begin, so I’m ending this call.”
“I’m eagerly awaiting your entertaining tales.”

He says that, but he likely already knows everything. The only ruckus I’ve had a direct hand with is the bodyguard tag and this concert. I don’t think there’s anything else. It’s not like I can tell him about my encounter with the other Kotone.

“It seems we can never start without some problem cropping up, huh.”
“Perfection is unattainable in life. Embracing and enjoying those unforeseen events is what it’s all about, don’t you think?”

As I ended the call and whispered to myself, I instinctively reacted to the familiar voice. It’s the voice of the one person we least wanted to see here. The other thrillseekers, we can still handle. But this guy, no can do.

“This is the worst.”
“You greet someone with those words? Isn’t that awful?”

I merely spoke my mind. The man before me is an ex-classmate and the main thrill-seeker. It’s no exaggeration to say he’s been at the heart of many troubles in the past. I recall minor issues escalating into significant problems, thanks to him.

“Ugh, Satoru’s here.”
“Someone, bring salt! Salt!”
“We’re doomed.”
“Don’t appear on such a special day!”

Even Shinpachi, Hajime, Toushizou, and Isami feel the same. Still, it’s not that he’s hated. It’s just that we consider him to be a big pain in the ***. He exacerbates problems, but he also makes sure to see them properly resolved, so he is reliable. However, the number of victims increase.

“You’re all being cruel. If you carry on like this, I might get so upset that I’ll forget to restrain myself.”
“You’ll cause endless troubles for many, so please, don’t.”

I’m genuinely begging here. If he goes all out and dominates the venue, he’ll cause a much larger ruckus than I can. Satoru’s a better commander than I am, knowing precisely how to achieve optimal results. But his idea of optimal results is pure disorder. Chaos.

“I’m only joking. Even I know when to behave.”

I almost retorted that I couldn’t trust his words but held back, knowing Satoru would thrive on that reaction. Still, if it’s only Satoru, we can still handle him. His abilities alone aren’t that great, after all.

“Kotochan, it’s wonderful to see you doing well!”]


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