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Chapter 103 – Reminiscing with the Past (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2521 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1128 words
Editor(s): Fire

None of us are showing any signs of forgetting those moments. Gag songs have a way of sticking in your mind, lingering far longer than they should. On one hand, it’s convenient, as I can play them without even needing to look at the score.

“You want to revive that nightmare?”
“Sorry, I’m completely in the wrong here.”

It’s unusual for Isami to apologize so frankly, but this subject is a black mark in our shared past. We once lost a bet and had to perform a concert consisting solely of gag songs. The audience was so bewildered that we couldn’t help but cringe.

“It was so dreadful that even the one who thought of it was speechless.”
“And the worst part? It was recorded and broadcast without warning.”
“That was a nightmare.”

Toshizou rarely speaks, but his sentiment echoes the feelings of all the boys. It’s a relic of our student days when our band was known as Shinsengumi. We performed in a small venue with only a few audience members, but what made it horrible was that it was broadcast at our high school.

“Then after that came our class’ civil war. That must’ve been a nightmare for the high school faculty too.”
“It all started with wanting to delete the recorded video, but it got wildly out of hand. It’s amazing we weren’t suspended.”

The confrontation was between the thrill-seekers crew and the caretakers alliance, with us on the thrill-seekers’ side. It was mayhem. From what I remember, the caretakers’ alliance even had faculty members among them. Ultimately, the guardians acted as a restraining force. Isami and I went through hell.

“This takes me back.”
“They were such troublemakers, our class.”
“We did as we pleased back then too, so we really can’t judge them.”

Hajime’s comment was met with nods from all of us. We were troublemakers ourselves. Why do the guardians always have to intervene when we get wild? The faculty gives up too easily. They could’ve tried harder.

“That reminds me, have there been any messages about who’s coming tonight?”

If only the thrill-seekers show up, it’ll be a disaster. If the thrill-seekers and caretakers aren’t balanced, there’s a high chance things will get out of control. I’m expecting Ayaka, Ran, Ruru, and Nako to be there. The others are the wild cards.

“Those guys never contact us in advance. They love surprises, those thrill-seekers.”
“There’s even a good chance that the caretakers will have a bad feeling about this and just won’t show up. What do we do if all of the thrill-seekers come?”

Shinpachi’s worry and fear underline a grim reality: things likely won’t end well. Hajime knows our class, understanding that predicting their actions is impossible. Had we been able to, many problems could’ve been avoided during our school days.

“Who leaked the information at rogue’s den?”
“It was Shinpachi.”
“Go to hell.”
“That’s awful.”

The gravity of the offense is clear. Had Shinpachi not spread the information, this could have remained a small private concert. Though that notion wouldn’t carry much weight since Ayaka organized the event, I choose to keep that thought to myself.

“But what if we have Empress Nako? Couldn’t she suppress them by force?”
“She’s different now. If it serves as reference material for Ruru, she’ll just let it happen.”
“Curse her for being such an effective manager.”

Stop that tear wiping gesture, Shinpachi. It ticked me off, so I threw the ballpen at him, pointy end first. He skillfully dodged it. I did it for old time’s sake, and as always, he has a keen sense for this kind of thing.

“Also, Hajime, just to ask, why is Yui setting up a camera?”
“Probably to film and edit some material for limited edition releases? She’s been quite industrious lately.”
“And what about asking my permission?”
“She’ll probably head to your house to ask for permission afterward. She’s really matured.”

Stop staring at the empty horizon. It’s because she had to deal with your rampages that she got mentally strong. In the first place, people don’t think about dealing directly with the twelve families. Now, she’s got the same energy as us. Who will take responsibility for this development?

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“Hajime, take responsibility and marry her.”
“Why me? There’s Shinpachi too, isn’t there?”
“I just don’t feel like that would end well.”
“Again, why am I the only one you’re harsh on!”

It felt like our usual banter, but I was actually quite serious. For some reason, I can’t even picture Shinpachi getting married. Conversely, it feels natural to imagine Hajime by Yui’s side.

“Why can I easily imagine her asking for permission to recruit me into EXIST while asking for the video permission?”
“I’m on board with that! If that happens, I’ll go ask permission too!”
“You’ll only cause unnecessary confusion, so don’t! Maybe I should issue a warning.”

After the concert, that is. If Yui goes to the Kisaragi mansion, my mother might give her the okay, and that frightens me. She’s been quite indulgent lately, even ready to stand up to my father if needed. While I’m grateful for that, I’m also worried it might lead to some shenanigans.

“The songs, we’re not making any progress.”
“Never thought I’d see the day Toshizou would speak up. Though, actually, that happens frequently.”

Toshizou always speaks up when necessary. Glancing at the time, we don’t have much left. We’ve spent too much time reminiscing, but it’s been enjoyable. Now, it’s time to get serious.

“What about ‘For Whomst’s Sake?'”
“My throat’s going to give out!”

Everyone agreed. That song shouldn’t be performed if we lack energy. At worst, Isami’s voice wouldn’t last. Shirose was devilish for writing that one. Everyone felt like they should have considered the performers.

“Instead of just choosing from our high school days, let’s perform EXIST songs for the first half.”
“There are just too many gag songs. The proper ones should be doable for us now.”

Given our circumstances, those songs can only be played by five people. Since I passed, Hajime had been playing the bass in my stead, so they can’t perform without another member. But the four of them probably never considered getting someone else just to play.

“Okay, let’s seriously choose our songs now. At least make this concert a success, will ya.”
“ “ “ “Roger that!” ” ” ”

With a sharp glare, I gave the order, and they replied with enthusiasm. I can’t tell if they’re merely playing around, but they need to show their professionalism now. This will be my first and last concert, after all. At least, I hope so.


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