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Commemorative Interlude: What IF Post-Coming-of-Age Drinking Party (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2540 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1213 words
Editor(s): Fire

If I bought ingredients by twelve family standards, my money would vanish in an instant. In the first place, we’ve been gathering a lot and they didn’t complain about the market-grade stuff at all. They don’t even complain about anything except for food that’s clearly bad.

「I guess my image of them is a bit skewed.」
「Generally, it’s fine to think of them the way you do with me.」
「Not believing that.」

You didn’t have to give such a serious refusal. While everyone does have differing personalities, they’re all similar in that they have bothersome idiosyncrasies. Mine is pretty light in comparison. Everyone’s just too weird.

And so as Kaori and I continued reminiscing, we were drawing close to the gathering time. There’s also a lot of security personnel this time, but to my surprise, the on-site commander is Akira. Did she get ahead in life or was she just given the troublesome job? I can’t decide for sure.

「Who do you think will come first?」
「Probably Hadzuki? For no particular reason.」

Likely from her self-image of him. My choice is Aya. Her wild recklessness has been unchanging over the years and I have no idea how much alcohol will power her up. The same goes for the others, though.

「Repeated bell pressing, she’s the only one who does that, isn’t she?」
「It’s like this every time, you know?」

The wild doorbell pressing already shows that person’s idiosyncrasy. Aya has visited the cafe several times before, so she’s already shown her true colours to Kaori. Even Kaori, who’s used to me, was dumbfounded.

「I’ve told you every time to stop it since it’s annoying.」
「A cliche is a cliche when it happens repeatedly, doesn’t it?」

I really can’t understand her thought process. As usual, she doesn’t think much about how she’s bothering people. Unlike the first time, her sister Rin isn’t with her, so she’s carrying plastic bags on both her arms, which seems pretty heavy.

「What did you bring this time?」
「Some rice white and canned spirit highball. It’s heavy, so could you let me in already?」

Aya has never drank alcohol inside my room, but she probably already drank outside. Nothing with too high of a percentage, huh. I guess she’s too strong with alcohol.

「Making mistakes with alcohol is scary.」
「What the heck have you been doing?」
「I can’t talk about it. Let me just say that I got Kaoru involved with my trouble.」
「「Ah, it was on that day.」」

Kaori and I harmonised. I can’t remember when exactly, but Kishita came to the cafe with a pale face before. That time, she asked for something that works against hangovers. She looked pretty exhausted as well, so there’s no mistaking it.

「She didn’t talk much about it, but she seemed to have a look of regret.」
「I could tell that she got entangled with you, but I couldn’t imagine the details. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything good, though.」
「I really can’t talk about it. For my sake and for Kaoru’s too.」

Seriously, what happened? Being a member of the twelve families, I don’t think it involves something with the opposite sex, but I suspect that she caused a whole lot of trouble. Even when it’s not large-scale, she can escalate things quickly.

「The next one’s here.」
「Naturally, it’s me.」

Opening the door, I see Hadzuki with his black suit guys. As usual, the sunglasses clad black suits seem quite exhausted. Moreover, they’ve got some cardboard boxes. He brings a lot of stuff, as usual.

「What did you bring so much of?」
「Wine and Japanese sake. Also, vodka for some fun.」
「We’re absolutely not opening those.」
「It’s not spirytus, so don’t worry about it.」
「Don’t you dare bring something like that!」

I don’t want such troublesome things. I don’t even want to touch regular vodka. Maybe I can use it for cooking? It might catch on fire, so I don’t want to use it, it’s scary. I guess I’ll research later.

「As I thought, Aya was the first to arrive. Even I can’t match your drive and enthusiasm for these kinds of events.」
「Ahaha, praise me, worship me!」
「She’s such a fool.」

Certainly, Aya’s drive and enthusiasm when she’s focused on a goal is something to learn from. How she doesn’t realize when she’s going overboard is a flaw of hers, though. I’d appreciate it if you paid more attention to others.

「Such a mean thing to say.」
「I’d appreciate it if you don’t ask me unreasonable demands, though. Why do you want to meet those guys anyways?」
「Well, that’s because I want to hear the experiences of active artists.」

Thanks to that, I was presented with a troublesome exchange. Since they discovered that I can play the bass, they want to play with me. I don’t really mind that much, but please stop calling me for a recording.

「I heard your performance with them. Damn you, making a major debut before me.」
「And who’s fault was that? Like I could’ve anticipated that they were recording me after tricking me to play with them.」

When Yui contacted me sometime afterwards to ask if they could post it in public, I was scared s̲h̲i̲t̲l̲e̲s̲s̲. And when I was about to say no, the damned fools used it as a bargaining chip. I agreed as long as my name and face were kept hidden, though.

「It was a big thing for a while. It was on the news, “The mysterious fifth member appeared” or so. Seeing that and you with your hands on your temples, I put the two and two together.」
「I smacked everyone afterwards, though.」

The big fight that happened then was left in many people’s memories. The fools didn’t hold back even though I’m from the twelve families, they haven’t changed one bit. I was the last man standing, though.

「Looks like the next one’s here. Who do you think it is?」
「Definitely Kotori. Nagatsuki always arrives last, doesn’t he?」

While Nagatsuki was awfully well-dressed the first time, now he comes wearing rough looking casual clothes. Even so, for some reason he always arrives last. As for Kotori, she might even overtake Aya in terms of enthusiasm.

「Pardon the intrusion!」
「Pardon the intrusion.」

To my surprise, the two of them arrived together. Both Nagatsuki’s hands are occupied, meanwhile Kotori only has one hand occupied, so I guess Nagatsuki offered to help her with her things. And yet he never does that with me, what’s with the difference in treatment?

「Now with this, everyone’s here. Kaori, help me out.」
「The hotpot, right? Not a problem at all.」

As long as there’s no mistake in the order of ingredients, it should never end horribly. Besides, with how many people we have, the ingredients will run out fast and there won’t be any time to worry about the ordering anymore. Kaori and I are on hotpot duty.

「Well then, congratulations for coming of age. Cheers!」

It’s our first ruckus with alcohol involved. No one has any idea what will happen from here on out. However, everyone probably knows that things will definitely go wild.


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