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Commemorative Interlude: What IF Post-Coming-of-Age Drinking Party (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2522 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1267 words
Editor(s): Fire

After the coming of age ceremony, I headed out for groceries. I attended in a formal suit, so I didn’t look particularly out of place. I got to meet up with the classmates I haven’t seen in a while, so it was surprisingly fun. This is my second coming of age ceremony, though.

「A hotpot should be enough.」

Hmmm, what kind of hotpot should it be? A seafood hotpot would need a lot of preparation for more people, so I guess a meat stew? The participants are who they are, but I don’t have the money to buy expensive meat. And I’m nearly broke after buying this suit.

「Ohh, is the coming of age ceremony finished?」
「Yes, just earlier. I’m planning on drinking at home, hence the shopping.」

Hadzuki and Aya came of age first. And this time Kotori, Nagatsuki and I are now of age and we’re having a drinking party, but will this really be okay? While there’ll be less people compared to the previous one, I have no idea how having alcohol will affect things.

「Spring onion, bok choy, shiitake, and this and that please.」
「Ohh, hot pot for dinner, is it? Certainly does suit alcohol.」
「I intend to have some self-control, but I can’t really say for sure.」
「Going a bit overboard is perfectly fine for your first time drinking. Here, I added some extra.」
「Thank you for always.」

Even with just a bit overboard, there’s no telling how they’d behave and it’s giving me indescribable fear. What if their personality changes? If the calm Hadzuki is a clingy drunk and Aya gets even more active, it’ll be annoying.

「Now, all’s left is…」
「Kotone, Kotone.」
「Granny, is there something wrong?」

Just as I was about to head to the butcher’s shop, the old lady from the Japanese sweets shop called me. We’ve gotten really close since I helped out in the past, but I really feel like she’s treating me like a grandchild.

「Here, to celebrate your coming of age.」
「Wow, is this rice cake? Thank you so much.」
「Kotone has been a huge help, after all, a little gift won’t hurt. My husband has gotten better since then, as well.」
「No one could have expected his back to break at that time. I really enjoyed helping as a temporary sales girl but the media coverage, not as much.」

It’s the reason why I ended up helping them, though. Gramps strained his back on the day there was a media coverage on the shopping district and they were in no condition to even open shop, so when I passed by to witness this, I helped out. They always give me freebies, after all.

「Well then, I greatly appreciate it.」
「Come back again sometime.」

I’ve been shopping at this shopping district for a long time now. A lot of people give me freebies and, while I wasn’t always eager about it, I’ve occasionally helped the community. Sometimes I was even reluctant.

「Now then, I’ve bought what I needed, time to go home.」

The butcher shop’s shopkeeper was silent as usual, but he gave a thumbs up to my outfit. I’m just wearing a suit and coat, though. It’s practically the same as what I wear back at the academy. Ah, I forgot to buy tofu.

「Guess I’ll go back.」

As the cook, I’d be pissed if they complained that I’m cutting corners, after all. Still, I wonder what those guys will bring this time around? I’m 90% sure it’ll be mostly alcohol, but maybe they’ll bring something weird.

「The time we decided on was 6:00 pm, so I should have a lot of time.」

I headed to my room, changed clothes, and started the preparations. Thanks to Shizuru, I managed to procure cups, wine glasses, sake cups, and a sake bottle, but the price was hefty.

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「Still, how many times have we gathered at this room?」

People frequently come here, after all. During my high school days, it goes without saying. And as I became a university student, not only would the usual group come to visit, the annoying fools would also come to play.

「I’ve received quite a lot of stuff.」

In the beginning, all this room had was my starting inventory, but as people came more, there’s more weird stuff around here. Who brought this humongous teddy bear for my birthday again?

「Yeah, I’m coming!」

It’s still early time-wise, so I know who just arrived. For this time, along with the twelve family group, I invited a commoner representative. She’s been with me the longest ever since I became Kotone, so I just had to.

「Here, have these. They’re gifts from mom and dad.」
「Good work, Kaori. You guys didn’t have to be so considerate, though.」
「My share is probably included there, too. And having nothing to bring for a drinking party would be rude.」

The commoner rep is Kaori. I had her come inside, looked at what she brought, and instantly recognized whose gift was from who. The food is Saori’s and the whiskey is from the owner.

「What’s the owner thinking? Giving whiskey to a first time drinker.」
「I’ve been thinking, you’re pretty knowledgeable about alcohol.」

Well, of course, I’ve drank alcohol in my previous life, after all. I remember being drunk and causing a ruckus larger than what I caused when I’m with the group. Thanks to that, we were treated as problem children in that district. I’m amazed we haven’t been arrested by the police.

「More importantly, why did you invite me? I don’t really need any connections with the twelve families.」
「You’re going to work with Saori at the cafe, aren’t you? Then as long as I’m there, people like them will inevitably come, so you have to get accustomed.」

I’m just spouting crap. In truth, she’s a sacrifice. She’ll be a breakwater for when those guys get drunk and create a past life me-level disaster. It is true that I want her to get accustomed. After all, I’m mostly sure about my future.

「Our cafe’s gotten really popular, after all. It’s thanks to you, but there being more important people around makes me feel nervous.」

Kotone’s mother, Kotori and her parents, Hadzuki, Aya, and other folks from the twelve families also come as customers. Some celebrities have started coming as well. And if I remember, there was an interviewer from a magazine too.

「The goal is for you to understand that there’s no need to be nervous with the twelve families.」
「That’s a lie.」

I guess she can tell since we’ve been together for so long. Kaori is currently studying culinary. And when that’s finished, she’ll be training under Saori. I also plan on going all in for work after graduating university.

「I’ll have to manage the shop together with you in the future, so I’ll give it my all.」
「I know near to nothing about management, so there’s a lot I have to learn from the owner as well.」

I’ve decided to work full-time at the cafe. I’ve already told mother and the twins, but not father. I know I’ll have to tell him sometime, but there’s a chance that he’ll be against it. If that happens, I’ll persuade him whether it be by words or fists.

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「Still, since it’s a twelve family gathering, I expected the food to be extravagant, but it’s not the case.」
「You know my financial situation. I don’t want to go broke from a drinking party.」


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