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Chapter 89 – A X̲X̲X̲ Called Field Trip (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2197 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1050 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Why are the security people in low spirits?」
「Because it’s awfully hard to protect while hiding from their protectee. Moreover, this time the destination is decided by the whims of their protectee. They can’t make any prior preparations, so they’re a step behind in everything.」
「Couldn’t they just ask? Like with yours.」
「I’m an exception. Besides, they are well aware that they’re out of place on this field trip. Which is precisely why they feel like they have to stay as hidden as possible.」
「Hearing that, it seems like your assigned bodyguards are pretty unique.」

They absolutely are. They even tell me where they want to go. And they’re permitted to interact with me even during this field trip. We’re going to tourist attractions, after all. It’d be a problem if we lost each other in the crowds.

「It’s nothing special once you’re used to it.」
「Is it really something you can get used to, though.」

You do. If you think of something as normal, even the abnormal feels normal. In other words, it’s about your mindset. Otherwise, you’ll get affected mentally. Those in caretaker duty like me, the Empress, and the class rep all survived with that mindset.

『The Fumidzuki security is asking for aid from you, what do I say?』
「Tell them to do their job.」
「Kotone, you really let yourself show when messaging, huh.」
「It varies depending on the recipient. I just think that it’s fine to be like this with Akira and her group.」

After all, in terms of time together, they’ve been with me the longest. They’ve watched over me ever since I became Kotone. It really wouldn’t change much if I act normally around them and we’ve built a great relationship as well.

「Kotone. Personally, what do you think of Kyousuke, the person who’s always with Akira?」
「A babysitter.」
「No, as the opposite sex.」
「Nothing, really. I can’t really answer any questions relating to love life. I already have my hands full with other people’s romance rather than mine.」
「Wait, what, you’re giving someone love advice?」

Ah, I said too much. It seems like they really love the romance talk, I can see the other girls perking their ears. However, I can’t afford to disclose this. Otherwise the principal and I are going to see hell.

「I exercise my right to remain silent.」
「Are you helping with out him or her?」
「I exercise my right to remain silent.」
「Well this seems pretty tough to crack.」

Like I could reveal it, the principal and Shizuru’s love situation. It’s plain bothersome to even just explain how I got involved. He’s been pretty silent lately, but maybe I should at least hear the progress. It’ll be troublesome if I get thrown a bombshell again, after all.

「Still, asking the current Kotone for love advice, what exactly is our anonymous character thinking?」
「Please don’t suddenly join in the instant we shift to love talk, Miyako.」
「It’s my favourite, see.」

More importantly, pay more attention to your childhood friend. He’s obviously got a thing for you. Maybe there could be some progress during this field trip? Probably not. I can’t imagine Miyako going to him, after all.

「I personally have zero interest in love.」
「I thought so, after seeing the confessions you rejected. I wonder if there’s anyone who can win you over?」
「Unlikely. Perhaps I’ll be single for the rest of my life.」

The male part of me is still strongly persisting in my mind. It’s my personal feeling of it, so it might not be the actual case. And being also influenced by Kotone, I honestly don’t know what to think of myself right now.

「Isn’t that pretty lonely, though?」
「Who’s to say?」

I can only reply with a question myself. Just thinking of romancing a man gives me goosebumps. However, I don’t see love with a woman either. I’m mentally half-baked, I can’t tell anything for sure.

「How about Nagatsuki? You seem to be getting along lately.」
「Out of the question. I’ve rejected him before he can confess.」
「When did that happen?」

It didn’t happen on campus, so it’s natural that they don’t know. The only ones who know about this are the twelve family students that attended the after party. Incidentally, I also have Nagatsuki’s preferences, so is there anyone interested about it?

「Nagatsuki seems quite moody, but he’s surprisingly interesting. It was fun to see him being teased.」
「By you?」
「No, by me, Hadzuki, and Aya.」

All my classmates had a complicated look on their faces. They probably think that it was mainly by me and Hadzuki while Aya just joined in for a bit, but actually all of us were equally on board.

「You really get along with Hadzuki, Kotone. You two caught everyone’s attention the other day too.」
「Generally, he’s simply using me. The situation only gets out of hand since I know of it and ride the wave.」
「If you do, then stop it. Everyone’s starting to get the impression that all the recent troubles are centered on the twelve families.」

Well, that’s technically not wrong. The one who causes trouble is Hadzuki, while I’m either the victim or an accomplice. Meanwhile the others practically get dragged in. This will probably end by next year, though.

「It should all end when Hadzuki is gone.」
「Who’s to say?」

You really don’t trust me. I barely cause trouble by myself, though. Still, there might be some seeds of trouble to be spread. Mostly by the twins. I really hope those two will behave.

「Thinking about next year is making me feel depressed.」
「What’s that about?」

There’s the issue of the twins and the possibility of having to babysit Nagatsuki, among all other things. Just thinking about it is giving me a headache. Why do I have to be in caretaker duty even after becoming Kotone?

「Well, let’s just enjoy the present.」
「You move on quick as usual.」

Because I wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise. There’s still some time until we arrive, but talking with Harumi, Miyako, and the others makes time fly quickly. When we arrived at our Japanese-style lodging, it was already night time.


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