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Chapter 85 – Consequence of the After Party (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2316 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1042 words
Editor(s): Fire

Nagatsuki’s back. Since he returned far later than expected, everyone’s curious about what he bought. There’s exactly zero people concerned about everyone’s lack of concern regarding his lateness.

「Then let’s see what you bought.」

Kotori, Rin, and Minadzuki didn’t ask for anything unusual, so theirs were quickly distributed. The problem, which is our orders, seemed to be in a separate bag, so we had Nagatsuki showcase them in front of us.

「Ah, I don’t eat karaage, so you can have it, Mr. Nagatsuki.」
「Then why did you ask for it!?」

As expected of Minadzuki. Casually breaking people’s spirits. Having something you bought on their request immediately refused, the rage is understandable. Still, if you ask me if I want to have it after just eating dinner, even I have to say no.

「Now then, start with mine.」
「This should be good enough.」

What he took out looked pretty good and from what I remember, it should be on the expensive side. Its taste is also well received, so it’s by no means a terrible drink.

「Thirty points.」
「Since it’s not interesting at all. I expected you to buy something that looked terrible but actually tastes great.」
「Like I’d know that!?」

Well, yeah, no one would think of buying something that clearly looks terrible. Still, there are people who try every new thing at least once. Information from people like them is pretty valuable.

「Now, show me mine next.」
「It’s this.」

He took out choco chips. So some stores still have these on stock? I don’t go there much so I don’t know what they have for sale, but I guess there’s a regular that likes it.

「Twenty points it is.」
「This one too?」
「I applaud that you bought this despite it being out of trend nowadays, but it’s not quite what I expected. I wanted something that would torment you when you taste it.」
「That’s evil!?」

Even I feel a little bad for him in that regard. Refusing is one thing, but why should the one buying something so terrible have to taste it himself. To begin with, has Nagatsuki noticed that this is already well beyond his original punishment?

「And now, can you show us my item, the finale?」

With an exhausted look, he took out a paper bag with a book inside. After confirming the content, Aya let out an exaggerated sigh so it’s clearly not what she was anticipating.

「Five points.」
「I give up.」

With his lowest score, he’s finally given up. Still, I’m curious why it’s so low. And immediately the next moment, Aya suddenly threw the book in question to the floor. She seems pretty pissed.

「Are you picking a fight with me!」

Everyone looked at the book slammed to the floor, it was a big **** collection gravure magazine. The girls were taken aback. Sure, I thought he might buy a gravure magazine, but why did he pick this one in particular?

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「It was a bodyguard’s recommendation.」

I’ll send him an email. Kyousuke, guilty. I have no idea how they got into such good terms, but this is clearly within bounds of collective responsibility. I don’t plan to do anything about this, but him getting paranoid on his own shouldn’t be an issue.

「In this group, Kotone is the only one with big breasts.」
「Um, sorry. I don’t see you as the opposite sex, so I’m sorry, Nagatsuki.」
「Why are you all reacting as if I just confessed! And you, don’t act like that!」

It’s a cliche, you know. Whether he likes big breasts or not aside, dating Nagatsuki is absolutely impossible. There’s the issue with the family and we were antagonistic with each other up until recently. There’s absolutely no way.

「Aya, it’s not like your chest is particularly small, though.」
「Well, sure. Is that arm crossing of yours a subconscious show of emphasis?」

I can’t deny that it’s become a habit, they’re really heavy, you know? At first, it felt so weird, so I was more confused than uncomfortable. I’ve gotten used to it now, though. Also, Aya, your eyes scare me.

「Your gaze is making me uncomfortable.」
「I really want to squeeze them now.」

Will you stop with such dangerous thoughts? As she steadily approaches me, I slowly retreat and ready my paper fan. Still, seeing how she’s not stopping, she’s probably serious. In that case, I’m going to be serious too. Seriously kicking her out.

「Big sis Aya, stop. If you go any further, it won’t end with just a smack. If you get kicked out, I might get kicked out too.」
「Don’t worry Rin. I’m only kicking out this dangerous individual.」
「Good then.」
「Still, stop your sister.」

Don’t just throw in the towel. If you give up there, who’s going to stop this runaway train? Still, she seems to be reacting to the word kick out, as she stopped on her tracks.

「I’ll remember this.」
「I’m seriously kicking you out.」
「I’m sorry. Anything else but that.」

She probably doesn’t want to get kicked out when we’re barely halfway through the after party. Still, she’s going to go wild again later anyways. It’s a cliche, or rather running gag at this point.

「Continuing the topic, Nagatsuki, what kind of girl is your type?」

Did we even have that topic just now? And if we’re going with that, it wouldn’t be fair if you don’t tell us your type, Hadzuki. Still, Nagatsuki doesn’t seem to realize this.

「I guess someone who can take the lead. Not the type who’s always stern, but a girl who shows some kindness too.」
「Okay, Nagatsuki, stop right there. You’re spreading collateral damage with that answer.」

I took the hint when everyone started looking at me. Loves big breasts and, personality-wise, I might just fit the bill. I could get excluded depending on his next descriptions, but that won’t resolve the current situation.

「I can’t wait for when Nagatsuki finally looks at Kotone properly.」
「I’d rather that not happen. Still, we’re never going out anyhow.」
「Never say never. Personally, I’m sad that I won’t be there to see it happen.」


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