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Chapter 85 – Consequence of the After Party (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2328 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1010 words
Editor(s): Fire

So it’s definitely going to happen next year, huh. Whenever Hadzuki speaks like this, it’s generally a done deal. Still, there’s no conceivable way that I’d like Nagatsuki as the opposite sex. Absolutely no.

「Now then, let’s get back to it and start the second game.」
「55 pointer Nagatsuki, will you need an explanation?」
「What’s with that disgraceful nickname? To begin with, it’s not like there’s someone out there that can get the perfect score.」
「Beyond the perfect 300 score, there’s also 360 points in total, but no one’s actually gotten that far.」

The perfect score is for complete satisfaction, meanwhile the extra is for when it’s far beyond what was expected. The one who scored perfect was Toshizou1, if I remember. He’s so tacit yet so knowledgeable with these kinds of stuff.

「Now then, round 2, start!」

This time, since they aren’t working with each other, I initially thought anyone could land last place, but they’re only targeting me, which is just bullying.

「Can’t do it!」
「I thought so.」

In the end, it was an overwhelming defeat. I practically lost from the get go and yet why the heck was everyone kicking me while I’m down.

「Aya being the winner feels like the game was rigged.」
「I won by pure skill. Now, for the most anticipated punishment.」
「Sure, sure, I graciously accept my defeat, so give me that.」

If I get uncooperative here, Aya might forcefully change me into it. I begrudgingly took the animal pajama and moved to my bedroom. To think that I’d be wearing this again by choice. I convinced myself that it can’t be helped since I lost the game.

「Are you happy now?」

Changing into it, I went back and everyone was staring at me absentmindedly. C’mon, you’re making things awkward. Tease me, make fun of me, or just give any sort of reaction. It’s making me feel embarrassed.

「That’s the first thing you say!?」

I couldn’t help but quip to Aya’s reaction. I was trying to keep my embarrassment from showing, how does that relate to lewd? Asking for help, I turned to Hadzuki but he awkwardly turned away. Eh? What’s with that reaction?

「Kotone, Kotone. Please hug me tight!」
「That’s not related to the punishment!?」

Kotori’s excitement is making her act strange. Why do I have to hug Kotori in this attire? Kotori slowly approached and leapt at me, but I couldn’t bring myself to avoid her.

「Ahhh~, I’m so happy~」
「Hey, where are you burying your face in!」

I’m probably bright red right now. Not knowing how to handle Kotori rubbing her cheeks in between breasts, I look around and see the boys looking away with red faces. That makes me feel really awkward, so please stop.

「Shutter time!」

Aya has her smartphone at hand, so I try my best to stop her but I couldn’t push Kotori away from me. Where does her small body get so much power?

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「Big sis Aya.」

The stopper Rin appeared next to Aya, so I’m finally going to be freed from this. It’s important to have hope in your heart, yup.

「The pictures, send them to me later.」
「As expected of my little sister!」

I thought so! I already noticed that there’s no one in this room acting as a stopper. And now I just realized that my first plan failed right from the beginning.

「Somehow, I just don’t care anymore.」

Since there’s nothing I can do, I decided to just pat Kotori, who’s still rubbing against me, on the head. She seems to be on awfully high spirits, but she’ll probably be like this for a while. No one’s stopping her, after all.

「Hadzuki. We’re seriously going nowhere, do something about this.」
「I can’t go against the girls on my own, you know. It’d be wiser to wait for things to calm down.」

Currently, all of the girls are running wild. If handled carelessly, you might be the next target if you interfere. Everyone wants to avoid the punishment. Especially after seeing me and Nagatsuki.

「Next, let’s have you take a pose.」
「That’s not part of the punishment, so no.」

I reflexively reacted to Aya. I threw rock and Aya had paper. I’ll probably never forget that evil smile she had upon winning. She’s a demon.

「I invoke the winner’s authority. Move as I tell you, okay?」
「Why the heck did I go with it!」

Had I not reacted, there would’ve been no winner nor loser. I hate my own hand for reacting on instinct. Still, if I had won, I could’ve demanded something.

「First, Kotori, could you move aside? And Kotone, go on all fours for now.」

Wondering why Kotori followed obediently, I posed as she asked. It’s probably that she’ll have me mimicking animal poses. Next would probably be doing animal cries.

「Keeping your pose, turn your face upwards.」

Looking up as instructed, Aya, Kotori, and Rin readied their phones. Wait, they’re taking a picture of me posing like this? Isn’t that pretty bad?

「Very nice. Kotone welling with tears of humiliation and shame. Even being of the same sex, it’s quite rousing.」
「Such a rare expression. I’ll never get another chance to see this again.」
「Something’s coming out.」

That’s a nosebleed, Kotori. I completely forgot, but my clothes are disheveled from the embrace with Kotori. When they turned their screens towards me, I looked mighty immodest in the pictures.

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「Delete it, delete it immediately!」
「「「We’re saving it for eternity!」」」

Why are you girls only in sync for these kinds of stuff? And boys, don’t be peeking with great interest. I’m definitely not going to let you see the pictures. Anyhow, I need to fix my clothes.

「Somehow, I feel so defiled.」
「Kotone… Don’t mind it.」

Hearing Hadzuki’s words, I hung my head. At this point, I have no idea how this after-party will end. I sure hope the next punishment game ends well.


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