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Chapter 75 – Right Before the Battle (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2189 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1170 words
Editor(s): Fire

Parting with Akane, we headed to the parking lot and mother was waiting for us there. She contacted me beforehand, so I already know. Also, a lot of security people are on standby around the place. Just how much of a VIP treatment are we getting?

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“Well then, let’s go. It’s best not to be pressed on time.”
“Did father say anything?”
“All he said was to behave with prudence. Not that it matters to us as we are now.”

I don’t plan on causing any sort of problem, after all. I don’t even plan on talking to anyone. Mother will probably only talk to Kotori’s mother and no one else. In other words, basically the same as my plan.

“I heard about the after-party, you’ve gathered quite the outrageous lineup of people.”
“It was Hadzuki who planned it, though. Before I could realize it, we just got more people.”

I’ll admit that I’m one of the main culprits. But even if I wasn’t there, Hazuki and Aya would probably have done something to invite more people anyway. And I imagine that if they just tell me after the fact, I’ll probably only reply with a strained smile.

“I didn’t think that you’d do this on your own initiative, though.”
“I was just going with the flow. If I was more proactive, it likely would’ve been even worse.”

I believe myself to be someone with initiative. Since otherwise, I wouldn’t be capable of dealing with Isami and the others. And adaptability, I guess. It’s important to act quickly even against unforeseen circumstances.

“Try not to cause trouble for the others, alright.”
“Honestly, the others are probably the ones that’ll be causing trouble.”

The main suspects are Hazuki and Aya, that’s for sure. I don’t see those two just having a nice normal chat for the remainder of the after-party, not one bit. They asked for permission to bring stuff, so they definitely have things with them.

“Still, Kotone, I don’t quite understand your interpersonal relationships.”
“The security people told me the same thing. Still, it’s mostly from Hadzuki’s connections rather than my own. Like with Nagatsuki, there’s no way he would come if I invited him.”
“Well, I suppose that’s the case. Thinking about it, perhaps it was fortunate that you got acquainted with Hadzuki.”

Hmmm, there’s both merits and demerits, I guess. It’s true that I’ve gotten to know many people thanks to Hadzuki. But I also got pulled into a lot of tiresome stuff. So I honestly can’t feel much gratitude.

“I’ve also heard that you’re easy to get along with.”
“Well, I’m generally on board with most things as long as they don’t negatively affect me.”

Like this after-party, for example. At first I thought it would be just the four of us making merry, but then suddenly there’s more people. As for Aya, I’m thinking that it should be alright as long as I just leave her to Akane. And there’s also her little sister acting as a stopper too.

“However, the previous student council seems to have the opinion that Hadzuki, Aya, and the me that goes with the flow shouldn’t be left together in the same room.”
“In that combination, even Hadzuki alone is already difficult to stop.”

Mother said with a wry smile. Us no longer being a part of the student council seems to have only given Hadzuki and I more momentum. And it seems like it’s impossible to predict to whom chaos will befall now. Don’t worry, as long as Nagatsuki is present, the target is set.

“I feel extremely guilty to cause such a great amount of trouble for the bodyguards this time around~”
“I don’t know how to react with that monotonous tone of yours. And don’t tell them that. You’ll only receive their grievances instead.”

I’ve already received complaints, so it’s fine. As far as Akira is concerned, she probably doesn’t see me as just a client anymore. We’ve gotten so close, we’re basically friends. Not that I don’t like it.

“I wonder if the supervisor is doing well? This incident must have done a number to her stomach.”

I asked Akira for confirmation, but it seems like the chief is taking over for the supervisor for on-site supervision. The scale of the situation has grown too big and it’s become necessary to team up with other security companies, so it was decided that this was too heavy of a responsibility to be handled by the supervisor alone. Isami’s old man couldn’t escape, huh.

“It’s been so long since I’ve dragged others into trouble.”
“Did something similar happen before?”

Not with Kotone. As Souji, how many times have I caused trouble for Isami and the fools? I’ve lost count. It’s this whim of mine that’s relapsed lately after such a long time.

“Now then, Kotone, back to our main topic. Do you know what you shouldn’t do during the party?”
“Don’t pick fights with people and don’t get taunted into a fight.”
“That’s not wrong, but there’s something not quite right about it either.”

Picking a fight with people was something the old Kotone constantly did. Most people wouldn’t fight back if someone from the twelve families picked a fight with them. After all, it’s clear that there’s no merit in doing so.

“What do I do if someone is blatantly trying to start something, though?”
“I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do anything no matter what. People will take us lightly if you do that.”

That’ll definitely happen. I guess if someone throws their drink at me, I can take that as a sign to throw down. Not that I think there’s a fool who’d blatantly harass me like that. But there’ll probably be some fools who’d do it while acting like it’s an accident.

“I’ll try to settle things peacefully. But I’ll say this in advance, if someone I deem to be a bigger enemy than father is there, I don’t know if I can control myself.”
“Even more than that man?”

I pray that this doesn’t happen. If that rotten old hag is there, I’m definitely going to lose my sense of reason. I’m confident that, no matter the place, my hands are going straight for her. I have no idea which family she married into, but I’m sure as hell that it’s a rich one.

“I can see the venue now.”
“So that’s our decisive battlefield?”
“I have a feeling that you’re not too wrong in calling it that.”

It’s a famous hotel, I think. It’s commonly used for these sorts of events, so I have a good grasp of the interior. I should have no issues even if I’m led to some weird place. I’ll likely crush them before that happens, though. Now then, time to clear my head and head out.


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