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Chapter 75 – Right Before the Battle (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2155 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1043 words
Editor(s): Fire

In the end, it was decided that both Nagatsuki and Minadzuki would be participating. And when I told miss supervisor that, she actually fainted. I’ve never heard the sound of someone collapsing behind the phone before.

“Lady Kotone, could you please slightly lift your hair up?”
“It’s such a chore to put on a dress.”

It’s already the day of the party. While there were twists and turns, the time has finally come. I’d rather it didn’t though. Ever since I’ve taken Kotone’s place, I expected that I would never wear a dress.

“You would probably look great wearing men’s clothing.”
“Could you stop raising flags?”

I already have, though. The military uniform during the student council photoshoot, if I remember right. Though I’m not sure if it was actually men’s clothes. And even my everyday clothes are pretty boyish depending on how you look at it.

“Still, wearing a dress like this feels weird.”
“It looks strange from my end too. Previously, you were so over the top, it was hard for me to watch.”

The makeup was beyond over the top, after all. I understand the feeling. In the It’s so pitiful kind of way. Honestly, I’m even curious on how her makeup reached that point.

” Now then Lady Kotone, I will be in charge of your makeup today.”
“Is it really necessary?”
“It won’t be good if you don’t have makeup on. While it’s true that your untouched face might be enough, it’s still important to keep appearances.”

It’s seriously bothersome. After being guided to the mirror, my face was tampered with. I could only close my eyes and wait for it to end. Since I can’t do makeup, I can only leave it to Misaki.

“All done. As I thought, you look best with thin makeup.”
“That ended pretty quick.”

Checking my face in the mirror, it didn’t really have much of a change. I guess I can barely see that I have something on my face. Not good, I can’t stop myself from remembering the old Kotone.

“I just can’t help but recall the past me.”
“It’s unavoidable. After all, it is your own past.”

Well, yeah, but still. Well, no point dwelling on it. Time to put on the long gloves and leave. Considering the travel time to the venue, we’ll have to leave my apartment soon.

“Still, you were quite unreasonable, Lady Kotone. To say that you don’t want to prepare at home.”
“Father was there, I couldn’t help it. Though if it’s alright that I were to punch him on sight, then I wouldn’t mind going.”
“Please don’t.”

When I said the same thing to mother, she brought my clothes and a makeup kit. She probably doesn’t want the twins to see a father-daughter fistfight break out.

“Just a thought, but isn’t your boiling point a bit too low when it comes to certain matters?”
“Not when it doesn’t involve an enemy, you know?”
“Punching people immediately on sight isn’t right.”

Thinking about it normally, it’s basically a crime. Punching people immediately as you see them and all. When this ever happens, I wonder how father will react? It’ll be interesting if he tries to punch back, though.

“Akane, I’ve finished changing.”
“Uooh! As expected of my wife! You look so gorgeous!”

When I told Akane that I needed to dress up for a party, she came crashing in. “I absolutely have to see my wife in a dress,” she said. What would she have done if she didn’t have a day off from work today?

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“I appreciate it even if it’s just favouritism speaking.”
“Ehh, but I mean it though. Still, to have a party in the middle of a holiday, I don’t get how rich people think.”
“You know, you might land yourself in the same situation I’m in, Akane.”
“No way, nuh-uh. I mean, you know my personality. I definitely can’t fit in with that world.”

Well, I get that. Even I don’t think I can blend it. Being in a place where I can’t say what I want to is frankly painful. In that sense, it’s impressive that Aya can endure it.

“I should be back home on time. If not, please give up on dinner.”

I’m preparing curry so that we can eat immediately even if more people show up. And for those feeling a bit peckish, I guess there’s tea on rice too. I should prepare fried salmon slices too.

“I’m really excited to see Aya and Rin.”
“It sounds like you three get along well.”

Personality-wise, I can imagine Akane getting along with Aya. Also, this is the first time I’ve heard the name of Aya’s little sister. I’m the after-party host and yet I don’t know everyone participating, but it’s no use worrying about it. After all, I didn’t even think this whole thing through.

“Rin always has a heavy sigh every time Aya and I cause a racket.”

It’s obvious to see that she’s the caretaker-type. That’s victim number two for today. I’ll teach her something good later. about how easy it’ll be to just leave everything to Nagatsuki. Gotta make victims myself every once in a while.

“Well then, we need to leave soon, so Akane please go back to your room.”
“Before that, let me take a picture. I want something to commemorate this.”

I feel like pictures of me in a dress just keep getting taken. There shouldn’t be anyone taking pictures during the party, though. But Kotori will probably ask for a picture of me. When that happens, I’ll just give her the one I took with Kaori.

“For some reason, I didn’t have any pictures of my wife. Now I can be proud as your wife!”

I really had the urge to comment “Why not husband when you’re already calling me wife?” but I don’t think I can keep up with her energy, so I’ll stop here. Rather, if she’s already this excitable when it’s still noon, how will she be this evening?

“Well, we’ll be heading out now.”
“Make sure to come home safely~”


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