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Chapter 72 – Pre-shopping Chat (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2236 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1094 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s so she doesn’t get encouraged to ask again. To begin with, if she gets a taste, she’ll definitely ask for more. And I’ve decided to give her snacks only for certain situations.

「Misaki, are you alone? Where’s mother?」
「The invitation arrived, and was reported to the master. And then by the master’s orders, the Satsuki family is currently being asked whether it’s a mistake or not.」
「Now it’s really getting out of hand.」

I guess it’s not going to be that easy. There’s no way mother alone could keep it hidden after all. Still, confirming with the Satsukis, father’s definitely having some suspicions. No one needs your overactive imagination.

「As such, my father and I will be accompanying Lady Kotone.」
「Misaki’s been to the shop before, so I guess it should be fine. Then I guess it’s time to finish the snacks.」

With a bite, I finish my share and Misaki engulfed in an air of despair, I think. It’s because her face doesn’t really change at all, so I’m only guessing. Kaori can’t seem to distinguish it, at all.

「Then I’ll finish mine and report to mom too.」

Koari finished her share as well and Misaki fell face first to the table. Yup, she looks so pitiful now. I’m the one that said not to feed her, but now that I did that, I feel bad.

「Promise me this and I’ll allow you to buy a snack of your choosing.」
「Whatever you may ask!」
「Promise me that you won’t choose a weird dress for me.」

It’ll be annoying if she bursts from piled up stress and chooses some weird stuff for stress relief, And I do have some kindness in me too. Misaki’s the type to get cocky if you show too much kindness, after all.

「Now hurry and choose. If you waste too much time like before, I’ll just make the choice for you.」
「Then the classic shortcake please!」

Now that Misaki’s savoring her cake, Kaori and I left to tell Saori our assessment. Whether it’s good enough to serve at the shop. And our comments on the taste.

「You’re savoring it for too long.」
「I can’t remember the last time I ever ate cake.」

Hearing that makes me feel bad for her, but it’s the consequence of her own actions. It’s past Misaki’s fault for eating enough to rebound immediately after dieting.

「Right. Miss Kaori, would you like to come along for Lady Kotone’s dress choosing?」
「Is it alright for me to come?」
「Oi, what are you doing getting her involved?」

There’s no need to bring Kaori along. All that’s needed is me, the wearer, and Misaki, the chooser. Bringing her along is absolutely unnecessary. You’re not plotting revenge, are you now?

「No, I merely thought that perhaps Miss Kaori would like to know more about Lady Kotone.」
「Come to think of it, I don’t know much about that side of you. Also, could you stop calling me miss? It makes me feel really awkward.」
「Then I shall stop.」

Kaori normally isn’t called by that, after all. Misaki is flexible in this regard. While I can’t call her diligent, she’s easy to get along with.

「Still, is it really okay for me to join? The place Kotone’s going to isn’t for regular people, right?」
「It shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe not when you’re by yourself, but it’ll be fine with Misaki and I.」
「That’s right. With familiar faces such as us along, it shouldn’t be any problem.」
「Then I guess I’ll go along. I am curious about it.」

I guess dresses must be interesting for a girl. Personally, it’s on the top end of the clothes I never want to wear. I have inherited Kotone’s sensibilities, so I understand my likes and hates.

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「About the dresses?」
「I don’t encounter those kinds of dresses in regular life, you see. The only time I’d probably get to wear one is on a wedding ceremony.」

Don’t react to that, owner. It’s not like Kaori’s going to get married here and then. She doesn’t even have a partner yet. Though I wouldn’t know if she’s keeping it a secret.

「Owner, are you the type that won’t accept Kaori to wed someone?」
「It’s still too early for weddings!」

Well, yeah, but still. Sure, we’re highschoolers so it’s still early. Actually, I don’t think we’re having a proper dialogue.

「If you’re ever to get married, it’s probably going to cause a ruckus.」
「…… I try keeping that out of my mind.」
「Perhaps beyond a ruckus. It’s going to cause a dispute, maybe even a war, in the family.」
「Also, Kotori’s going to go crazy, the president’s going to run wild…… Oh man, I don’t want to think about it anymore either.」

It’s something so dangerous that just imagining it causes self-inflicted damage. Moreover, it’s definitely going to end up even worse than whatever I can imagine. Like hell I can predict those fools’ moves.

「For the president, rather than get in the way, he’ll probably give his blessings in an annoyingly grand way.」
「It’s that president after all. There’s no telling what he might do, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that it’ll inflict a lot of damage to Kotone.」

Personally, that and whatever Aya might do scares me. And more scary is mother and the twins’ reactions. Also, I have no idea how Isami and step-mom will react.

「All that aside, how long are you going to eat, Misaki?」
「I don’t know when I will ever be able to eat this again, so I’m thoroughly savoring it.」

Too thoroughly, in fact. Seeing how she still hasn’t finished half of it yet, you can tell how long this is going to take. However, we can’t take too much time right now.

「If you don’t finish it soon enough, I’ll eat it.」
「That’s too cruel.」

We have to leave soon and yet who knows how long we have to wait. And I don’t know how much time it takes to choose a dress either. So I really want to finish this quickly.

「Okay, ten minutes left.」
「That’s so like you to still give enough time for her to savor it though.」

A ten minute loss doesn’t really amount to much, after all. Besides, savoring your food is an important thing. Stuffing your cheeks like a squirrel doesn’t feel that right. Now then, what to do about the dress thing.


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