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Chapter 68 – A Complete 180 from the School Festival (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2220 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1125 words
Editor(s): Fire

My mind stopped for a moment from the sudden development. To begin with, why am I personally getting an invitation letter? Normally, it’d be addressed to the family. The family is free to choose whether to attend or not and the head of the house decides who should attend.

「W-why did that happen?」
「Shizuru and I are now in a relationship and which was then discovered by my family.」
「Ah, congratulations. However, how does that relate to this matter?」

There’s a lot of obstacles for workplace romances, but I wish for the best. Otherwise, all my effort until now will end up in vain. Rather, I haven’t heard any progress from him recently, but it’s going pretty well.

「I was questioned as to how I managed to connect with Shizuru and I ended up answering honestly.」
「From the very beginning?」

That makes it sound like he only got in touch with her through me. And that’s how the family understood it. Still, isn’t that too little to warrant sending me an invitation? Since I only mediated between them once.

「My family has a thorough knowledge of my disposition. Due to that, they did not believe that I could ever get into a relationship with a woman on my own. Meaning, there is sure to be an intermediary.」
「But I’m not the only one that collaborated with you, am I?」
「The barkeep is another. So in essence, that makes two collaborators.」

I hit him with a leading question and he just answered. As I thought, Akane’s husband also poked his head into the president’s romance. It’s likely because it’s amusing and it’ll raise his sales for sure.

「I can’t invite him. It’s unfortunate, but he is treated as a maverick by many.」
「Well, true enough. But then why me? Aren’t I also quite the maverick myself?」

Mr. Shizuo who left his house and Kotone who was kicked out, there’s not much difference between us. The only significant difference is that I’m still legally tied to my family. Then I guess they sent the letter knowing this fact…

「It’s because you’re still a member of the Kisaragi family. That and because I’m hoping that you would continue collaborating with me in the future.」
「Then let’s stop this cooperative partnership we have right now. Shouldn’t that solve this issue?」
「But that’d be a problem for me. Besides, the invitation has already been sent. It’ll contribute nothing to the current issue.」

That’s right. The only reason I haven’t been contacted yet, is because the letter still hasn’t reached my family, It’ll still arrive sooner or later. Stopping our cooperation at this point won’t change anything in the end.

「Can’t we still stop it somehow?」
「That’s impossible. With my family being enthusiastic about it, there’s nothing I can do. Rather, it’ll just worsen the situation.」

What else can they do beyond inviting me to a party? Summoning me to their family’s mansion? That seems less worse but, right, if word gets out about it, it’ll be much more worse than the current situation.

「I had no intention of going back to high society, though.」
「I’m genuinely sorry about this. My family seems to have failed to understand your character. 」
「Did you properly explain to them?」
「I told them that you had no interest in going back to both your family and high society. They then responded “then it shouldn’t be an issue in inviting her”.」

They don’t seem to consider other people’s problems at all. They likely interpreted it as “not interested, but not particularly against it”. But in reality, I don’t like to attend either.

「Your family seems to be the type to march onward without letting anyone block their path.」
「It’s also a great flaw, though.」

Now I don’t get why the principal gets cold feet at the most important stuff. Anyways, nothing I say will be able to solve the current issue. Besides, it’s not like I can decline an invitation from the Satsuki family.

「When will it be held?」
「Roughly a month from now. Actually, they even wanted to invite Shizuru-kun, but I somehow managed to hold them back there.」
「And so now the spotlight is aimed solely at me. No, you really couldn’t risk inviting Shizuru-san, so I suppose that can’t be helped. 」

Inviting a regular person, moreover a teacher, like Shizuru-san at a party with so many big shots would be a problem. I have Kotone’s knowledge, so I’m familiar with manners and etiquette, though Kotone behaved awfully regardless of this.

「Is declining…」
「An option? Unlikely. Even if my mother would allow it, my father most certainly will not. Principal, you should know full well how influential the twelve families are.」

Kisaragi is one of the twelve families all the same, but on the credibility side, Satsuki ranks higher.

「Still, would have it hurt to tell me after the school festival?」

It really put a damper on my good mood. No, it’s even worse. After hearing this, I have full confidence that I can’t enjoy the school festival anymore. After all, I can’t help but think about next month.

「I was thinking that the sooner you were informed, the better. However, I suppose it just shows that I’m not in a good headspace right now.」
「I’m glad you at least think that way. Had you been excited about instead, I would have walloped you.」

I’m relatively serious.

「Forgive me for putting you at such an unpleasant spot.」
「Enough with the apologies already. More importantly, please help cover for me during the party. Not that I want to talk to anyone there.」
「That won’t be any different from your previous attendance. No, I suppose they’ll think you’ve gone docile as long as you don’t start anything.」
「I’ll simply be a stain on the wall.」

Having to give and take flattery is annoying. In that case, I’d be better off quietly keeping to myself. Then I’ll just absentmindedly wait until the time comes.

「If that’s how you want to behave, then feel free. However, I don’t expect that to help.」
「Why so?」
「The other twelve families have been invited as well. It’s clear as day that they’ll be gathering around you.」

I didn’t consider that possibility. Still, people like Kotori will definitely come to my side. And yet I can’t tell her to stay away. After all, it’ll be no different from what Kotone previously did. And in regards to the president and Aya-senpai, I can’t do anything against them

「You’re most likely going to gather attention.」
「Please, give me a break.」

I’m starting to get depressed now.


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