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Chapter 68 – A Complete 180 from the School Festival (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2144 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1006 words
Editor(s): Fire

With my break finished, I parted with Kaori and returned to my class. I don’t know why, but it seems like we’re decently thriving, it seems pretty hectic now. I honestly expected it to be a bit vacant at noon, since we don’t serve light meals here.

「Huh? Harumi, you still haven’t gone on your break?」
「With how crowded it is, I really can’t. I’ll be passing my baton to you.」
「Understood. I’ll be changing then.」
「It’s a different outfit this time, okay~」

I’m already in the mindset of resignation. Resisting is futile anyways, so let’s just go all in. That should result in less teasing too. Besides, I’m sure they didn’t prepare outfits that are too suggestive. I think.

「Do you want the Alice in Wonderland outfit or the orthodox maid one?」

And waiting for me was Miyako. Both outfits she showed me had practically no exposure. However, I have something to say about both of them.

「First of all, the Alice costume is clearly not my size. Also, it surely won’t suit me.」
「That’s a bit of a blunder. The clothes are borrowed from the theatre club, so the sizes weren’t taken into consideration. As for whether it suits you, you won’t know until you try.」
「I’ll pick the safer maid outfit. Additionally, isn’t that maid outfit from the Kisaragi abode?」
「Regarding that, the president provided these, so I have no idea.」

It looks awfully familiar, you see. Maybe the people at the president’s mansion also wear the same uniform. There are some families that have theirs made to order, though.

「Still, I’m honestly grateful that you picked clothes that don’t expose much skin.」
「Even we want to keep a line of safety. After all, if it was just you, you’d likely say something like “how about you try wearing these yourselves,” right? 」
「I’ll definitely do so. Like, getting humiliated all by myself, isn’t that just the worst?」

We continued chatting as I changed, but I would’ve absolutely involved the others should that happen. I intend to have my first target be Harumi. And since it’s the president we’re talking about, he likely accommodated for that. Probably imagining themselves wearing those, my classmates prevented it.

「By the way, how terrible was the worst one?」
「A maid outfit that had a cleavage window and a skirt so short it’s a mystery how it manages to keep your underwear unexposed.」
「So I can smack the person that brought it in, no problem.」

Since it was the president who brought it, we can chalk it up as a joke. If either Kishita or I were present, we would have undoubtedly scolded him. He really never learns.

「Outfit changed. Well then, I’ll be switching with Harumi now.」
「I’m going in too~」

As we eagerly opened the door to start working, we bumped into Teacher Kondou. Actually, it seems like he was waiting outside the door. Does he have some business with someone here?

「Perfect timing. Kisaragi, the principal called for you.」
「He really made you an errand boy.」
「And who’s fault is it? Tell me.」

It’s completely my fault. Ever since the drinking party, I’ve observed that they’ve gotten closer and Teacher Kondou seems to have noticed the principal’s romantic attraction. The principal could just ask Teacher Kondou for advice instead, though.

「Were you informed why?」
「Not at all. Still, he seemed unusually gloomy. Maybe it’s something really troublesome? 」
「And why would he summon me then?」
「Isn’t it because he can count on you? Sorry, forget what I just said. 」

The principal counting on a student isn’t really a good look, after all. If it’s regarding school matters, then it’s still understandable, but he tends to rely on me regarding non-academic stuff. Teacher Kondou likely also noticed that.

「Miyako. I’m really sorry, but I got an errand I need to do.」
「It’s fine. I’ll handle Harumi’s shift.」
「I’m sorry and thank you.」

As you’d expect, I can’t really ignore the principal’s call. Let’s finish this up and return quickly. I’ll have to walk around in the maid uniform, but it’s alright now. After all, with it being the school festival, practically everyone looks like they’re cosplaying.

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「Still, going out with the haunted house uniform normally is a big no no.」

A fallen warrior kind of guy went out to have his break and he surprised the reception table person out of her seat. They really pulled no punches with the make up, it’s just plain scary. Without being mentally prepared, it’s absolutely scary.

「They’re looking at me.」

I shouldn’t be the only one walking around wearing a maid uniform though. Do they find mine weird and too cosplay-ish? I’m wearing the authentic one, though.

「Pardon the intrusion.」
「You came…… Why are you wearing such an outfit?」
「I was trapped. Please go ahead and ignore it.」
「I-I see.」

They told me it’s fine to come in casual clothes, then forced me to cosplay, that’s the definition of a trap. I honestly thought that I’d just be serving tables in my casual clothes. After sitting down at my usual position, I checked on the principal and certainly he does look pretty gloomy.

「So, what’s our business today? Going around the campus with Shizuru–…」
「Forgive me!」

Suddenly interrupting me with an apology, really, what happened? I expected it to be another love advice thing, but it seems like I was wrong.

「Umm, would you please explain the whole situation? Also, I wouldn’t mind if you raised your head.」

He’s practically bowing at a right angle, so I understand that it’s a really bad situation but if other people saw us, it wouldn’t be a good look for either of us. First I’ll need to hear the situation to prepare countermeasures. Since it’s likely a matter relating to me.

「My family has sent invitation to a party addressed to you.」
「Ha? …… HaaAH!?」


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