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Chapter 52 – Beachside Girl Talk [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2339 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1280 words
Editor(s): Fire

Though being an extreme daddy’s girl, there’s no way Kotone would hold any romantic feelings in that case. Still, the family probably would have wanted to have her just marry out or have a guy marry in. That’s why families like ours focus on the future even from childhood.

「So that means you don’t have a fiance right now?」
「If I had one, I don’t think could live the way I’m living now.」
「Good point.」

I would have been in my fiance’s house instead. And then I’ll just be kept there ‘til I die. I can’t see anything other than a dark future. It might seem like paradise for some since I can get everything I need without having to work, but I’d hate that.

「Why are you talking about love while we weren’t around?」
「It just ended that way, somehow. Congrats on your safe return.」
「Honestly, I can’t call the return safe. Though thanks to the bodyguard people, things turned out alright.」

So someone did try to pick them up. They probably got help after people already called for them. After all, just having the bodyguard beside them is intimidating enough. With that face and all.

「Back to the topic, girls’ talk is supposed to be done when everyone’s around, right Miyako?」
「That’s right. How mean of you to leave us out.」
「That isn’t really our intention, though. For some reason, we just drifted to that topic.」
「Besides, it wasn’t really “girls’ talk”-ish anyway. We didn’t even have any romance to talk about.」

If I had to say, it felt more like I was just explaining my situation. It’s not like we have anyone we’re interested in, so our discussion didn’t go anywhere from there. It’s just the usual idle talk.

「What about you, Harumi? Don’t you have special someone?」
「If I had, I wouldn’t be here at the beach with just us girls. I would have invited the guy too.」

Well that’s a good point. Like, she could get our permission first and maybe even invite the guy’s friends. And so the ring of romance expands. Still, that kind of mindset isn’t really like us.

「At our academy, finding someone with money isn’t a problem, but as for the guys themselves…」
「Just disappointing?」
「Well, that’s partly true, but there are other reasons too.」

So you’re not denying that, Harumi? I don’t plan on walking back on my statement though. It’s just true. Still, I wonder what she means by other reasons? Like it’s tiresome becoming a high-class lady?

「Excluding the disappointing personalities, the guys just run away like herbivores from the aggressive girls.1
「Well that makes me feel bad for the guys.」

It’s their once in a lifetime chance to marry into money after all. I can understand the girls’ desperation. Moreover, they only have until their target graduates to form a relationship, giving them a time limit. Of course they’ll be aggressive.

「I hear that some of the boys even developed gynophobia.」
「I feel so bad for them……」

Why do the girls get scary when we all just want a normal school life? Don’t tell me the teachers haven’t done anything to deal with this? I imagine the principal would notice and take measures against it, though.

「They’re so wary that they’ll run away with the slightest approach. I was just going to tell him that I had something to do…」
「Just a guess, but that guy might have had a really bad experience with his chastity on the line. It’s not like everyone’s like that, you know?」
「That’s a good point. Maybe he was just on the extreme end. There are some terrible guys that put up a good face in front of everyone too.」
「He’d probably get smack talk from everyone.」
「From the shadows. As expected, there aren’t that many fools who’d talk down the son of a rich family upfront.」

By “aren’t that many”, it implies that there have been those kinds of fools, huh. Whether this was done due to a sense of justice or plain jealousy, you have to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. After all, doing this against a son of a wealthy family opens you to the possibility of getting a narrower choice of potential employment after graduation. Well, they’re mostly also fools to begin with, though.

「Also, an idiot who got cocky from all the praise he got from girls once confessed to me.」
「This is my first time hearing that, though.」
「Me too.」
「I didn’t know that either. I don’t think our classmates know this too.」

I guess so many people get confessions that this just didn’t catch public attention. Well, as for the result, it’s a pretty guess considering our current situation.

「”Would you like to join my harem too?” He said, with his idiocy on full blast.」
「That’s awful.」

Can you even call that a confession? I honestly can’t interpret it as anything other than him looking down on women.

「Praise me for not hitting the fool.」
「If it was me, I probably would’ve hit him on reflex.」

Next to me, Kaori is nodding her head. Miyako has a troubled look on her face, so she’s probably not the type to do it. It’s the difference in assertiveness. I’m impressed that Harumi held herself back, honestly.

「Still, to think that this kind of rare idiot attends the academy…」
「Since you’re being excessively protected, isn’t it possible that someone lead him away from you?」

I can’t deny that. There was the situation with the theatre club after all. Though mostly, it’s the student council who acts in the backdrop. Still, even if I do encounter someone like that, it’ll probably be fine. Mother’s likely going to be more pissed than I am.

「Somehow, I feel like I might encounter him after summer break.」
「Smack him in my place. I know you can do it, Kotone!」

Even considering the pedigree and so, there should be no issue with me throwing hands. Though there’s a high chance that my reputation will worsen again. Still, since the guy’s reputation is terrible too, it shouldn’t lead to the worst results.

「I’ll try something when given the chance.」

Only if the guy starts something. I can’t really go alone in places where there aren’t many people around anyways. Due to what happened last time and that. Still, I have no idea who’ll be accompanying me.

「Now then, about time we go back to the sea.」
「Ehh~ Let’s rest a bit more~」

Miyako reacted negatively to Harumi’s words. Time has barely passed since we finished eating lunch, so I do want to have a bit more rest. Still, I’d hate to be dragged to the sea again, so I guess I should go with Harumi.

「Give up. You’ll just get dragged away like I was.」
「I-I’d rather that not happen.」

While I have gotten used to the ocean by now, my swimming hasn’t improved much. I’ll have to make sure that I don’t get swept off by the waves. Though even if that happens, the bodyguards will probably come to the rescue. They likely have lifeguard qualifications too.

「Let’s play ‘til we’re dead tired!」
「Kids really have a lot of energy.」

I’d really rather you don’t say something old people say, Miss Supervisor. Still, I won’t say that out loud. Instead, I’ll just look at Akira paying the price for commenting on that. RIP.



  1. Lyly: Originally the girls are “carnivorous” to contrast with the “herbivorous” boys. Carnivorous because they like the me-
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