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Chapter 53 – Beach Trip Stopover [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2822 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1447 words
Editor(s): Fire

As expected, despite the lunch break, I’m feeling exhausted now. I practised swimming, played with the others, and for some reason got into a sort of wrestling match with Harumi, which my bodyguards told us to stop doing.

「No more, too tired.」

Even Harumi surrendered, huh. I’ve had enough of the beach too. The exhaustion is part of it, but we just ran out of things to do.

「Then it’s time to pack up.」
「Why do we have to prepare to go home right after playing? Let’s at least for a bit.」

Kaori answered back, but I honestly want to be free from the swimsuit already. Whenever I run, it feels weird with the breast shaking and, most of all, the stares are uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. From both men and women.

「Do you perhaps dislike the swimsuit?」
「That’s irrelevant. Rather, you’re asking that knowing my answer, right?」
「Well of course.」

As usual, the teasing continues. This much isn’t a problem, but I’d really rather not have the sexual harrassment-ish stuff. Don’t think that I’ll allow it just because we’re the same sex.

「You have such a great body after all, Kotone.」
「That’s sexual harassment, Harumi. Don’t stare at me all over again.」

Covering my chest with my arms, she then looked even more. The fact that other people stare like this too is really uncomfortable.

「Kotone, you’re such a maiden.」
「Shut up, Miyako.」

What “maiden”. In the first place, I’m too old for that. And as a former man, that doesn’t even register as a praise for me. I even feel awkward when people call me beautiful.

「Kotone has serious gap moe vibes.」
「Kaori, don’t join them! To start with, what gap are you talking about.」
「There’s not that much of a gap in your usual state, but you’re pretty manly when you’re being yourself, see? Like how you talk and so.」
「Thanks for the commentary, Harumi.」

That’s an unneeded explanation though. I guess the usual polite speech makes me more womanly, huh. Still, I don’t feel like that’s a major factor. Frankly, I let myself come out a bit when dealing with the principal. I’m starting to lose my self-control, you know? When it comes to that guy.

「What about dinner?」
「Actually, what’s the time…… still three o’clock, huh.」

I took my smartphone out of my bag to check. It’s a bit too early for Harumi’s question, in my opinion. Hmmm, I really don’t feel like making anything today.

「Kotone, you can just eat at our place, you know. Since they’ve probably prepared your share.」
「Then I guess I’ll be in your care.」

They occasionally have me eat with them, so there’s no need for me to be reserved at this point. Besides, I can’t have the share they prepared wasted, can I? So I’ll gratefully indulge this time as well. I feel sorry for Akane, though.

「Then I guess Miyako and I will have to eat out somewhere.」
「Ahh, I still haven’t contacted them, so they might not have started cooking yet.」
「We can make it!」

True, if we contact them now, it should be fine. Still, thinking about it carefully, will Harumi’s parents be fine eating with me? Even now, they’re already so nervous. They might not even taste the food.

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「This is a different topic, but can I consult with you all for a bit?」
「Ohh, Kotone asking for help, that’s rare. What is it?」

Harumi asked me back, but the ones I’ll need to have the permission of are her parents. After all, there’s a place I want to stop by on our trip back.

「There’s a hot spring on the way back and I want to try going there…」
「How do you even know about that?」
「I researched.」

Actually, it’s because I’ve been there in the past. When going to the beach, we always take a bath in the hot springs. Besides, I don’t think the showers here are enough to wash away the sea water. Particularly with how long my hair is now.

「Can we stop by there?」
「Dad, mom……」

It’s nice that they immediately agreed, but Harumi’s gaze at her parents felt cold. I guess they’re weak against authority, huh. I don’t really have any intention of using my family name to cause trouble, though. I would have gracefully given up if they declined.

「By the way, Kotone. How long will the hot spring stay be?」
「About 30 mins, I guess.」
「That’s surprisingly a long soak.」
「For a full rest, I can add another thirty mins. So I guess 1 hour in total.」
「That’s too long! First of all, have you ever entered a hot spring before?」

Kaori retorted. I carelessly answered, but Kotone has obviously never been to a hot spring before. After all, she hates even the act of bathing with other people. Now then, how do I explain myself out of this?

「It’s top secret, so I exercise my right to remain silent.」
「Why is the question of whether you’ve been to one or not a top secret?」

She was absolutely taken aback. I can’t tell the truth, so please just let it fly. I feel somewhat embarrassed saying that myself.

「What about bath towels and stuff? I suppose we don’t have any choice but to rent but…」
「No problem. I’ve fully prepared for it.」
「You really planned to go from the start, eh! Rather, talk to us about that beforehand.」
「Well, you know, I didn’t really think I get this far and all.」

This is me being a bit selfish, after all. Still, I couldn’t hold back my desire to go to a hot spring. I want to go at least once a year! Also, Kaori’s the straight man this time, huh. That’s somewhat refreshing.

「By the way, what did you bring?」
「Several towels, shampoo, and, naturally, conditioner. Other than that-」
「Okay, we get it already. So practically everything in that bag was for the hot springs, right!」

I wouldn’t have brought that big of a bag if I only needed lunch and beach stuff. It’s because I had the hot spring in mind that I got an unexpectedly large luggage.

「Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get ready to go.」
「I’ve already said this earlier, but let’s have a rest for a bit.」
「But that’d mean less time for soaking in the hot spring. Time is money, you know.」
「That’s not how you use that saying! Wait, stop dragging me!」

Reverse of what happened in the morning, I dragged Kaori off. Besides, this change of plans will result in us likely going home at an even later time. I can’t let my selfishness trouble the people back at the cafe. That’s why, let’s hurry off to the hot springs!

「It’s unusual for Kotone to run wild like this.」
「Really a rare sight, isn’t it, Harumi? You don’t see this everyday.」

Well, you two have to move or else we won’t make much progress. I know you have your assessment of me, but sorry to say, even I go wild every now and then. After all, I’ve kept company with Isami and the guys. I’m aware that I’m really not the only sane man in the group. I’m just the most sane in that group.

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「Having a drink in a hot spring would be nice.」
「Again, we’re still on duty.」
「No no, wouldn’t it be fine depending on the time?」
「It wouldn’t be.」

Akira’s appeal was shot down by the supervisor. Hopefully her stress here wouldn’t overflow after work. But I’m absolutely sure she’ll drink a ton today.

And so we arrived at the hot spring establishment. Not an inn, but an establishment that targets customers that want to rest and soak in hot springs with no overnights. I came here often back when I was a guy, but it hasn’t changed since. It just looks a bit older now.

「…… I forgot.」
「We’re going into a hot spring, so it’s only natural.」

I completely forgot because of the keyword “hot spring”, but all of us naturally have to be naked since it’s a hot spring bath. I still can’t look at the girls. However, going in with my eyes closed would be too dangerous.

「Get used to it.」
「Even if you tell me that…」
「Eh, Kotone, you can’t deal with naked women?」

Miyako figured me out. Only Kaori and her family knows that and finally it’s exposed to my friends.

「What about men?」
「I’ve never even seen one naked before, so how do I even reply to that?」


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