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Chapter 46 – Preparations for the Fireworks Display [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2338 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1300 words
Editor(s): Fire

Since then, I’ve become normal email friends with members of EXIST. Their emails are mostly either about what happened that day or just plain idle talk. I asked Kaori about their concert, but it was just a normal concert. Since it was them, I was really expecting some sort of thing to happen though.

「She said a lot, but how much do I buy?」

Today, I took the day off after consulting with the owner prior. The reason, fireworks display. We’ve entered August, and it’s gotten even hotter, so it must be pretty rough for the people watching outdoors. It’ll probably be cooler in the evening though.

「Let’s see. It’s Akane, Teacher Saeki, Kishita, and me, so good for four. But I’m not so sure with the adults.」

Those two will likely just drink. So they should be satisfied as long as there’s edamame served. Still, they’d probably complain if it’s only that. Moreover, Kishita wouldn’t be satisfied.

「Just a few people’s worth of edamame might not be enough. Then what about the homecooked stuff? I guess I should focus on the food cart type stuff.」

Takoyaki, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, fried peppers… they’re all fried stuff. Still, shaved ice and stuff like those are impossible, since I don’t have the equipment.

「Actually, I don’t have a takoyaki cooking plate.」

Scratch that out. Despite me planning things myself, with how things are I barely have an actual plan. Anyways, I’ve decided on the general concept, so I’ll be satisfied with that. Still, as expected of a fireworks day. There’s a ton of people.

「How’s business going?」
「It’s not really the season for greengrocers. Everybody’s just passing through.」

After all, practically everyone going through the shopping district are people reserving places to watch fireworks. Other than the reserved seats, it’s a battlefield. Just like with the flower viewing. Company workers, thanks for your efforts.1

「Do you have a lot of edamame in stock?」
「What, drinking so much at your age? You got to make sure to drink somewhere private, okay?」

Auntie, no matter how you say it, that’s not something to say to a highschool girl. Don’t encourage minors to drink. It might have been fine during your generation, but these days it’s absolutely bad.

「I won’t be drinking. The adults just asked me to buy it for them.」
「Is what you youngsters say, but many still drink anyways.」

That’s something I can’t deny. Sometimes, it’s just someone offers them a drink and they take it, but I won’t drink. I’ve had alcohol before, so I can tell if it’s juice or actually alcohol.

「Three strainers worth, please.」
「Sure. Quite the splurge there.」

Like last time, the adults are footing the bill after all. Well, most of this is probably going to vanish into their stomachs. Kisita and I might get full just from the taste testing.

「Are the people here in the shopping district not going to watch the fireworks?」
「We have our own secret spot, you see. Everyone at the shopping district drinks there.」

It’s their home court advantage. I imagine they have a whole hall set up. If their whole families are joining, then there’d be quite a lot of them. If I remember, the cafe should be a part of them.

「What else do I need?」
「Why don’t you visit the other shops? Everyone’s probably bored anyways.」
「Business-wise, how is it really?」
「Limited for this day, it’s really not a good time to do business. Everyone’s restless and excited for the night.」

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Excited about the fireworks or about the drinking? I wonder which. It’s a once a year event, so I guess it can’t be helped. I’m looking forward to it myself. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve watched the fireworks here before I died.

After that, I went to see the usual shops but since it’d be rude to just chat without buying anything, I used a lot of money. It’s not like it’s my money though.

「Now then, I guess that’s it.」

The bag I’m holding with both hands is heavy now. I can’t deny the feeling that I might have bought too much, but I can just use the leftovers for another day. Many thanks to the adult pair.

「Ah, Kotone.」
「Kishita. Is it already that late?」

As I was on the way back, I met up with Kishita. This is much better than having her waiting for me in front of the room, but I didn’t really expect to meet her here. I guess I talked with the shopping district people for too long.

「Let me help with a bag.」
「No, you’ve brought things too, it would be too light for me.」

As I thought, she didn’t come empty handed. You don’t really need to be that considerate though. Besides, while I am using two hands, the stuff I have isn’t really that burdensome. Part of it is because I work out, but it’s also because I’m used to it.

「The whole district is quite excited about the fireworks.」
「It’s like this every year. There aren’t many large-scale events here after all.」

I see. I wasn’t born here, so I didn’t know and Kotone didn’t pay heed to most things, so she doesn’t know. That’s why it feels so new.

「This year is already halfway done now.」
「That’s right. But for me, it has been a really surprising half of a year.」

After all, just from the change of attitude and personality, Kotone’s whole world changed. She now has friends, which she didn’t have before, and she got to meet kind adults. Though she’s also met with some troublesome people.

「Even for us, it was surprising. Just what happened in spring break that changed Kotone so much. It was quite the clamour in the academy for a while.」

Even though it caused a clamour, none of them came to talk to me. The kinder folks were being considerate and didn’t say anything either. Kishita revealed the situation to me though.

「Speaking of surprising, it’s a mystery that Aya didn’t have anything to say regarding this. For these sorts of events, she tends to take the initiative to act…」
「Regarding that, I know why. She can’t really do anything by the nature of her position.」

It’s not known to most people, but we also have an annual event. That’s why the president and Aya can’t come here.

「There’s a fireworks viewing party to be held today. People from known families are invited to gather, so I don’t think she can turn it down.」

The twelve families generally always attend, I think. That’s why the others also have high attendance rates. The venue itself, being chosen for the sake of viewing, is a great viewpoint.

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「But as for whether you can enjoy the fireworks there or not, it would be the latter.」
「It’s a viewing party, isn’t it?」
「That isn’t what the attendees are there for, you see. They’re there to talk about work, brag, or to butter up to people. Even if you just want to watch the fireworks, if someone talks to you, you’d have to respond. Does it sound enjoyable?」
「I wouldn’t want to go at a place like that.」


  1. Lyly: So context, in most cases companies will have a viewing party together, same as how they drink out after work. This is part of the Japanese work culture, probably for developing friendships and ties? in the workplace. So, in this case where reserving a spot is needed, they’d get someone to reserve in advance, hence this line. Just like how a family volunteers the youngest sibling to find a table in advance or the like.
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